sell your motorcycle

You may have wondered how painstaking it would be to sell a motorcycle which is no longer working properly and convincing a new person to buy it. But the truth is, that it is not a difficult task to find potential buyers who are interested in buying used motorcycles. All you need to do is research a bit about prices of used motorcycles, contact a few buyers, post an online ad and evaluate potential offers. For an online ad, you will be required to upload decent pictures of your motorcycle so that the buyers have a better idea regarding its condition. Be sure that you have covered all the necessary angles and spots. It does not require a very vast knowledge or experience, but following few important steps and guidelines.

selling a bike

Documents needed to sell used motorcycle

If you intend to sell a used motorcycle, you must be prepared in advance with all the necessary documents. These documents are listed below:

Title of the vehicle

This document is required to provide evidence of the ownership of the vehicle making it the most important of all.

Sale agreement

It helps in establishing the sale condition of the vehicle.

Sale holding deposit agreement

It is always better to ask the buyer to leave some amount of deposit as it will lock the deal for the future. The agreement is used for fulfilling the formalities.

Test drive agreement

Before you allow potential buyers to test drive your vehicle, make sure to have them sign a document of agreement in order to protect yourself. Also, make sure that they have a genuine driving license.

Test drive envelope

For handling over the money, it is always better to put it in an envelope to avoid any kind of confusion. You can either buy an envelope from your nearest stationary shop or get it printed from a shop. You must also ensure that both you and the buyer have signed on the top of the sealed envelope.

Issues to be solved before you sell a motorcycle

Minor maintenance jobs

Even though if your motorcycle is in bad condition, it is still worth getting minor parts repaired. These maintenance jobs include wheel and tire alignment, adjustment of brakes and clutch, replacement of faulty bulbs, screws and bolts, repairing cheap broken parts, changing brake fluid, testing the battery, cleaning the air filter, flushing the radiator, inspecting tire condition and lubrication coils. Forgetting these jobs done, you will have to contact a professional repair person who will first inspect your motorcycle and inform you about the necessary repair work.

Changing engine oil

Small things that cost less, matters a lot. Even though the buyers usually change the engine oil after they have bought a used motorcycle, still if you get it done beforehand, it can please them and fetch you a good amount of money.

Check for running installed parts

If there are still some of the parts in your used motorcycle that are still in working condition, you can get them to dismantle and sell them separately for more amount of money or use them in your new car.

Getting your motorcycle clean

If you spend some amount of cash on giving a finishing look to your used motorcycle, it will help you better negotiate with the buyer. All you need to do is a little bit of washing, cleaning the dust and applying some wax to get some shine.

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