If you want to buy a new motorcycle or you just want to get rid of your old motorcycle for cash then you can sell your motorcycle.  Selling a motorcycle is quite an easy and hassle-free task if you follow the right process for it. The seller should examine the buyers very carefully before finalizing the deal.  One can easily sell a motorcycle following some simple steps which come under these three phases of selling a motorcycle:

  1. Calculating the selling price for the motorcycle:

    It is the first and the most crucial phase of selling a motorcycle. Since keeping the motorcycle on sale for the genuine price keeps the seller confident and safe from scams therefore, it is a quite crucial phase. To accomplish this phase the seller needs to follow the following steps:

  • Making the bike presentable and clean:
  • Assessing all the damages in the bike and noting them down:
  • Setting the selling price for the motorcycle:


  1. Advertising the motorcycle for sale:

    Now that the seller has taken a step forward towards selling the bike, it is time to advertise the bike for sale to get potential buyers. So, for doing so, the seller needs to do the following:

  • Keep all the documents related to the bike and its detailed description ready
  • Capture good photos of the bike from different angles
  • Post the ad for the bike online
  • Get the ad published in the newspaper
  • Contact a motorcycle dealer who is into a bike buying business


  1. Finalizing the deal:

    The final phase is where the seller decides to whom they want to sell their motorcycle and moves forward with the selling process. The systematic approach to complete the final task requires the following steps:

  • Carefully examine the buyer
  • Do not complete the deal if you have a doubt or noticed something odd
  • Accept the best deal and wave goodbye to your motorcycle


Documents the seller would need to sell their motorcycle

Paperwork is very important in every area. This keeps us away from future troubles. When we decide to sell our bike it is very necessary that all our documents are in place. Let us see what are the major documents required for selling a motorcycle:


1.Vehicle ownership document or title:

This document is proof that the vehicle belongs to the person trying to sell it.

2.Contract or agreement of sale:

This document prevents any future problems from the buyer as well as from the seller’s side. The agreement of sale also proves that the bike no longer belongs to the sellers and they are not liable for anything that happens with the bike.

3.Sale holding agreement:

This document is mainly required when you are selling your bike to an individual buyer. In case the buyer wants the bike but does not have the whole amount to pay the seller for the bike then the buyer can ask for holding the sale by depositing some amount and signing the agreement.

4.Test drive agreement:

In case the seller is offering a test drive to the potential buyers then test drive agreement is a must. Getting this agreement signed by the buyer before giving them your vehicle for a test drive will protect the seller in case any accident happens during the test drive or if the buyer gets caught by traffic police for not following the rules etc.

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