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It’s a common question posed by the majority of motorcycle owners. They feel that it’s not worth putting up the effort to sell a motorcycle. Instead, they opt for keeping it and getting it repaired. However, it only adds to their never-ending woes. First, the old motorcycle creates a mess in the garage. Its body develops rust which falls on the surface.

Also, the rusted pipes develop cracks and start leaking, spreading toxic gases and fluids in the surrounding which can be fatal for the health of the owner. The repair and maintenance work, which has to be carried out regularly consumes the hard-earned money of the owner. However, if the owner decides to sell a motorcycle, then he is relieved of all the stress. Moreover, he can extract a good amount from the sale in the form of cash which can be further invested in buying a new one. 

Tips to earn top dollar by selling a motorcycle

There is no one rule of attaining top dollar by selling a motorcycle. However, there are few guidelines recommended by experts which will guide the owner in the entire process. 

Conduct online research

Selling a motorcycle can be a hell of a ride for a first-time seller if he is not prepared in advance. Not only would he have trouble in identifying the right buyer, but he will also have to deal with the experienced negotiators. However, if the owner takes out some time to research on the market for a used motorcycle then he would be equipped with enough information which will help in cracking a profitable deal. 

Prior preparations

Besides gathering relevant information, the owner must also be prepared with all the important documents before he starts the negotiation to sell a motorcycle. Also, he must make sure that the motorcycle is presentable and if needed a wash can be given to remove the dust from the surface. Some wax can also be rubbed to add some shine. 

Repairing the motorcycle

If the condition of the motorcycle is not too bad, and it needs some repair work, then it is advisable to spend some money to do the needful. This way, it will be easier to pursue the buyer to pay top dollar for the motorcycle. 

Ask the buyer to pay the amount in cash

Once the deal has been finalized, the owner must make sure that the buyer pays the entire amount at the time of delivery and in cash. Usually, the owners are in a rush to sell a motorcycle, and they agree to any offers presented by the buyers. So much so, that they even accept partial payments. However, buyers who promise to pay the remaining amount in instalments, seldom show up in future leaving the owner dejected and frustrated. 

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