what is my motorcycle worth

If you feel that your old motorcycle needs to be replaced by a new one, you must consider selling it to a potential buyer who will pay you top dollar for it. For selling your motorcycle you must adhere to the following steps:

Appraising the cost of your motorcycle

  1. Cleaning the motorcycle properly:

    A well-maintained motorcycle gives an everlasting impression on the buyer and may help the owner better negotiate on the selling price.

  2. Inspect your motorcycle and make necessary changes:

    Before the buyer comes to inspect the condition of the motorcycle, it is recommended that you get your motorcycle checked for any anomalies and get them repaired. It will help you to sell your motorcycle for top dollar.

  3. Explore prices of similar motorcycles:

    Before you enter into the negotiation with the potential buyers, you must thoroughly explore the price of your motorcycle. This would help you evaluate whether you are providing a genuine offer by the buyers.

  4. Finalize a selling price for your motorcycle:

    You must be confident enough regarding the selling price of your motorcycle which will further reflect in your negotiating process with buyers.

  5. Listing your motorcycle slightly above the actual selling price:

    Most of the buyers tend to ask for a certain discount from the owner. Since they will negotiate at a lower price, it is recommended that the owner sets the selling price slightly higher than the actual selling price needed.

Some simple steps to sell a motorcycle

Advertising your motorcycle

  1. Compile the information in the form of advertisements:

    One of the best ways to approach a large number of potential buyers when selling a motorcycle is to put up an advertisement listing a detailed description of your motorcycle. It will help the buyers know about the condition of the motorcycle even before they communicate with you.

  2. Take multiple pictures of your motorcycle:

    Pictures speak more than words. If you have a good camera and basic photography skills, it is recommended that you upload good quality pictures of your motorcycle capturing all the angles. Good pictures always attract potential buyers as they can easily understand the condition of the motorcycle.

  3. Listing your motorcycle online for selling it on your own:

    If you want to get top dollar for your motorcycle, you will have to bypass middlemen who will charge their fees for helping you sell your motorcycle. In such a scenario, the best way to list your motorcycle online and reach out to potential buyers. Most of the buyers have their profile listed online and as soon you upload the advertisement of your motorcycle; they will directly communicate with you without any haste.

Finalizing the deal

  1. Scrutinizing potential buyers:

    When you would be putting up an advertisement, you must ensure that you scan them before you finalize the deal with them. Along with potential and genuine buyers, you will be communicated with scammers as well who will try to dupe you with money. For better understanding the buyer, you can visit their website and read their descriptions.

  2. Take out time to meet potential buyers:

    Even if you have a busy schedule, you will have to take your time out for a meeting with the buyers. The buyers are interested in seeing the condition of your motorcycle and are willing to finalize the deal only after they are convinced regarding its condition. 

  3. Arrange for a test drive:

    Most of the buyers are interested in driving your motorcycle just to make sure that the critical parts are running properly. For this, you must arrange for a proper test drive for the buyer. You must make sure that the location for the test drive is not very crowded and is not accident-prone. You must also ask your friends to accompany you to the test drive to avoid any danger posed by the scammers.

  4. Accept the best offer:

    Once you have received multiple offers from various buyers, you must then evaluate them properly to get top dollars for your motorcycle.

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