selling a motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle might not be something exciting for the seller. Many of us get attached to the vehicles we use and it is difficult to part away from them easily. Apart from this, it requires effort to make a motorcycle marketable. To accomplish any process in the most efficient way there are phases that need to be covered one by one. In the same way, selling a motorcycle also involves some phases. Every phase has its own importance and following these phases systematically helps us to get to the best way to sell a motorcycle.

Various phases involved in the process of selling a motorcycle

These phases are as follows:


good research before proceeding with the actual process always yields better results. It makes our minds clear about the track we need to move on. So, when motorcycle owners decide to sell their motorcycles they should do the market research in the first place. This will help them in calculating their motorcycle valuation. Moreover, they will know which kind of buyer they should approach to get the value they desire for their bike. The sellers should also investigate the laws followed in their state to sell a motorcycle. Following a legal way to sell the motorcycle will keep the seller from future troubles.

Getting the bike ready for sale:

Now the seller knows how to get started with the selling process. In this phase, the seller prepares the bike for selling, not just by getting the bike washed and cleaned but also by organizing the necessary documents of the motorcycle required for the selling process. The motorcycle title and registration are the two very important documents and without these documents selling a motorcycle is quite difficult. In case the sellers lose any of these documents then they should contact the DMV and get a duplicate of these documents issued.

Taking photographs of the motorcycle from different angles:

In case the seller decides to sell the motorcycle online then it is quite necessary to upload clear and good pictures of the motorcycle from different angles.

Negotiating and finalizing the deal:

When the seller finds the buyer of their choice then the last step is to negotiate the price with them. If both the seller and the buyer reach an agreement then the deal is finalized and the motorcycle is sold.

What is the difference between selling to a motorcycle buying company and selling it to a motorcycle junkyard?

The main difference between selling a motorcycle to a dealership or to a motorcycle junkyard lies in the value of the motorcycle these places offer. When we sell our motorcycle to a motorcycle junkyard then we get paid for only the metal present in the bike. The junkyards will not pay the seller extra for any technologically sound part in the bike or for any modification done on the bike to improve its efficiency. Every vehicle that is brought to a junkyard is stripped and the raw material taken out is used to make products. On the other hand, a company that is into motorcycle buying a business will consider everything good that exists in the motorcycle you are selling and provide you with the quote accordingly.

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