Disadvantages of keeping a wrecked motorcycle

A wrecked motorcycle is one which is in quite a bad condition due to the accidents it has faced or due to its ill maintenance. Whatever reason made your bike a piece of junk it is always a good option to sell it rather than keeping it. If you do not sell your wrecked bike then you are inviting unnecessary troubles for yourself. Remember that the condition of the wrecked motorcycle which is just standing in your house will become even worse with the passage of time. It is always good to get rid of your wrecked bikes sooner than later to avoid further depreciation value of the bike when you sell it. Moreover, the money spent on insurance premiums can be saved. Here are the disadvantages of keeping wrecked bikes:

Wrecked Motorcycle

  1. Value of motorcycle depreciates with time:

    The condition of wrecked bikes which are just standing in one place even become worse with time. Moreover, with time new bikes are introduced by the company with better features and looks. Both of these factors are responsible for the value depreciation of motorcycles with time.

  2. Payment of insurance premiums:

    Till the time the owners own the bike, they have to pay the insurance premiums of their vehicles. It is useless to pay insurance premiums if the vehicle you have is of no use. It is always better to unload a wrecked motorcycle as soon as possible.

  3. Loan payoffs:

    If a motorcycle is bought on loan and in several years it now in the wrecked bike category and there is still time to pay back the loan amount, then the owner comes under financial pressure. The value of the bike starts decreasing but still the owner has to pay the promised loan amount.

How to get rid of wrecked motorcycle? 

A wrecked motorcycle is of no use to the owner as it is not safe to drive it also it might stop anywhere in the middle of the road.  So, if the owner wants to get rid of a wrecked motorcycle and also wants to earn some money in return, then they should put their wrecked motorcycles for sale. Once it is decided to sell the motorcycle, the owners should start contacting the wrecked bike buyers. There are far more options than just selling the wrecked bikes to a local junkyard. The bike owners can look for motorcycle dealers who can offer the best deals for their bikes. To get a more clear idea about the whole selling process the owners can also consult someone who has experience in this field or can do online research also.

How to sell used motorcycles easily?

How to sell Bike Fast-Tips For Selling Motorcycles | The Bike Buyers

You want to sell your motorcycle but you are afraid about the hassles it involves. The thought of fixing and cleaning the bike before putting it for sale can make you feel tired.  The owners probably delay in selling their used bikes because of this reason. Sometimes it is quite difficult for the owner to part with the bike as lots of memories and emotions are associated with it. But sometimes to get something, we have to let go of another thing. In the same way sometimes in order to earn good cash for a used motorcycle, the owner needs to sell it. If we work smartly then it is possible to easily sell a used motorcycle without any hassles.  The seller should follow a proper selling process to earn good cash for their used motorcycle. Although, this systematic process requires effort and time it is worth putting effort in it as the final result is quite profitable for the seller. Here is the way to easily sell a used motorcycle,

Market research: The first and the foremost step to sell a used motorcycle is to do a little research about the demand and value of the motorcycle you are trying to sell. It is not necessary that the seller needs to roam about in the market to know about the valuation of the bike, as they can do this work sitting in their house through online applications which tell the valuation of the bike they are trying to sell. The seller, after getting the idea about the current value of the bike they are selling, can reduce some amount from it in lieu of the minor or major ill-functioning or damage their bikes have. This will help the seller to get to the best genuine price they should ask to sell their used motorcycle.

  1. Getting the motorcycle ready for sale:

    To make the motorcycle ready for sale we need to clean it and make it look presentable and also keep all its documents ready in one place. Whenever we sell any vehicle it is quite important that we have all the details about it noted in a contract and also all the documents ready with us. This helps both the seller as well as the buyer as the seller has the proof of what they are selling and the buyer knows what they are going to get. Moreover, this technique helps the seller to keep themselves away from scams. If in the future the buyer tries to make false statements about the condition of the bike to grab more money out of the sellers pocket then the seller can protect themselves through the written detailed contract they have with them. Sellers should always get the contract signed by the buyer.

  2. Contacting the buyers:

    The seller should first decide whether they want to sell their bikes to an individual buyer or to a bike buying dealership. This will help them focus on one stream. When you sell your motorcycle to an individual buyer then you have to be very careful as it is difficult to know the authenticity of an individual buyer as compared to a big firm. When one of the potential buyers is decided by the seller then they can contact them and know about their protocols of buying a used bike.

  3. Finalizing the deal:

    Finally, the seller has to negotiate the selling price and finalize the deal which suits them the best.

 How to sell used motorcycles easily?

Some important tips about dealing with potential buyers

When selling a used motorcycle, the seller should think about earning a good amount from it but should also remain genuine about the condition of the price and the price they ask for. There are certain common things which a buyer might ask about so here are some tips for the seller which will help them in dealing with the buyers:

  1. Be confident and polite when a buyer asks you to lower the selling price of your bike. Make them understand that the price you kept is quite genuine.
  2. Be very clear about the whole selling process and even if you trust the buyer do not hesitate to follow the legal formalities.
  3. Do provide every detail about the condition of the bike to the buyer.

If you do have time to look for buyers, shortlist them, check their authenticity and then finalize the deal. Do not worry at all as thebikebuyers.com is a platform through which you can sell a used motorcycle easily without performing the above-mentioned tasks. The Bike Buyers will buy your used bike in any condition from anywhere in US and the best part is that you are paid instantly.