Best 8 ways to Sell a Motorcycle is not to sell my bike to CarMax


8 Tips On the Best Way to Sell a Motorcycle
What’s the best way to sell a motorcycle? Most riders develop an affection for their motorcycles, and they start to remember all the fun they’ve had riding it whenever they think about selling it. That can make you put too high a value on it that strangers won’t understand. On the flip side, after you finally decide to sell your motorcycle, and then it sits outside for months without a bite, you start to wonder if there is some way to sell my motorcycle to Carmax just to get rid of it. That can make you end up selling it for much less than it’s worth. Neither way is the correct way to sell your bike.

Carmax doesn’t buy motorcycles, and other riders don’t care how much fun you had riding your motorcycle. If you want to sell your motorcycle for what it’s really worth, you’re going to need to use smart strategies to put it in front of the right people, at the right price.Here are ten smart tips to help you get it sold!

1. Know More Than the Buyer
Knowledge is power. Whoever knows the most about the motorcycle will have a big advantage when you’re negotiating a sale. It’s true that the owner of the motorcycle will always have more first-hand knowledge of the condition of the motorcycle, how hard it’s been ridden, and how well it’s been maintained. It’s a mistake to think that puts you in a superior position. All the buyer has to do is ask you questions to find out all the information you have in your head. If you can’t answer questions about how often the motorcycle was serviced, and what kinds of repairs have been done, the buyer will become suspicious of everything you tell them. It doesn’t matter if you honestly can’t remember when maintenance was performed, it give the same impression as if you were hiding something.

You need to know about the performance specifications, engine size, model year, NADA book value, and any other information that a buyer might want to know. You’re no longer the owner of the motorcycle when you’re selling your bike. You’re a salesman, and people expect salesmen to be able to answer questions about the product they’re selling. Study up when you’re selling your motorcycle, and your chances of completing a sale will go way up.

2. Be The Buyer
Walk a mile in the buyer’s shoes. That means that you need to prepare to sell your motorcycle in the same way a buyer will be preparing to purchase it. Ask yourself what the buyer would need to know in order to close the deal, and be prepared to supply them with it. If you think they’ll check online to compare prices, you should too. If you think they’ll find out what a brand new version of the motorcycle would cost, you should find out too. Think like the buyer, and you’ll be able to convince them that buying your motorcycle for the price you’re asking is the right thing to do. If you don’t understand what the buyer needs to hear to make a sale, you’ll be back to wondering, “Can I sell my motorcycle to CarMax?”

3. Get the Paperwork in Order
There’s a lot of necessary documentation to close a motorcycle sale, and if you’re not prepared, a deal could fall through. If you attract a willing buyer, and they’re prepared to close the deal, you should have everything you need to make the deal right then and there. Here’s a list of paperwork and information to have on hand:

  • The motorcycle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The title to the motorcycle with your name on it
  • Salvage paperwork if you motorcycle was assembled from parts
  • Blank bill of sale. Fill in the VIN, the date, the buyer and seller’s names and addresses, the selling price, and signatures when the deal is struck
  • Proof of inspection. Laws vary, but be ready to produce whatever you need to put the motorcycle on the road legally
  • Maintenance log. If you can prove that you’ve maintained the motorcycle with receipts from a parts store or a dealer that made the repairs, be prepared to show them
  • Everything else. If you have extra key, owner’s manuals, and other paperwork or accessories, have them ready to go

4. Be Careful Who Rides Your Motorcycle
It’s unwise to let strangers ride your motorcycle. Even if you trust them not to steal it, there’s no way to know whether they’re skilled riders, and if they wreck the motorcycle, they’re under no obligation to buy it. You’ll be left to make a claim on your insurance policy, and explaining that you weren’t riding the bike when collecting insurance is always tricky. Offer to ride the motorcycle yourself while the buyer stands by the side of the road, or at the very least, get a deposit in hand before letting anyone ride.

5. Take a Lot of Pictures
You’re unlikely to attract many buyers without photographs of the motorcycle. Don’t settle for one blurry camera phone photo. Take lots of pictures, including close-ups. Don’t try to hide anything from the buyer. Sooner or later they’ll come to inspect the motorcycle, and they’ll find out about anything that’s wrong. Be honest. It saves time, and makes the buyer trust you.

6. Why Not a Video, Too?
It’s really easy to make a video, and uploading it to YouTube is free. Video advertising is a great way to prove that the motorcycle is in great working order, and you can narrate it with interesting facts about the bike.

7. Remember Modifications Are Personal
Buyers can’t be expected to pay very much for modifications you’ve made to your motorcycle. Unless the items you’ve added are extremely popular, they’re not likely to add much to the value of the bike. Elaborate paint jobs are almost worthless, for instance, because they’re based on personal taste. GPS units, radios, saddlebags, and other common aftermarket parts are worth money, but not much else.

8. Be Realistic, and Expect It in Return
You shouldn’t start out asking for twice what your motorcycle is worth, and potential buyers shouldn’t offer you peanuts for your motorcycle. The best way to sell a motorcycle is to deal honestly and realistically with buyers, and demand that they behave the same way towards you, you’ll waste less time fielding wild offers, and you won’t scare away potential buyers with a crazy opening bid.

There’s an Easier Way to Sell Your Motorcycle
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