What We Buy


Has your motorcycle been wrecked or damaged from a crash? Whether or not you have insurance, we can buy your Motorcycle without you having to go through the hassle of getting it fixed and waiting for the body shop to have it ready for you. And, if you do have insurance, you can keep your check from them and then get a check from us!

Samples of bikes with collision damage we buy…

  • Light, Moderate and Severe Crash Damage
  • Uninsured Wrecked Motorcycles
  • Insured Repairable Bikes
  • Insurance Total Loss Bikes
  • Flood Damage and Storm Damage
  • Some Junk or Parts Motorcycles for cash
  • Motorcycles with Salvage Titles


We buy all motorcycles with mechanical problems, even if your vehicle does not run. It is quick and easy to get cash for Motorcycles with our free online form anywhere in the United States. TheBikeBuyers.com purchases all bikes of all makes and models at all levels of damage. We offer cash payment for your vehicle in “as is” condition.

We will buy your bike and you don’t have to spend a penny. Whether your bike is running or not, whether it has major problems or just needs a lot of little repairs you can sell your Motorcycle to TheBikebuyers.com. No repair bills, no guesswork. It is quick and easy.

Samples of vehicles with mechanical damage we buy…

  • All Major Repairs
  • Replace or Rebuild Motor
  • Engine Knocking or Seized
  • Transmission Slipping / Transmission Failure
  • Cylinder Head Replacement
  • Smog Check Problems
  • Running or Not Running
  • High Mileage Motorcycles
  • Bikes Requiring Multiple Repairs
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