Junk Motorcycle


If you are having a junk or old motorcycle the best you can do is to sell it to get some cash. There are few ways to sell a motorcycle.

  • Research is required for finding the buyers. A motorcycle of newer model can be sold more easily than an old one. Even an old motorcycle can be sold. But buyers can be little difficult to find.
  • If the motorcycle is not in a position to sold completly then you can try to sold its parts separately. The metal body and other usable parts can be sold easily.
  • Write all the details on your motorcycle. Like its make, year of purchase, no. of kilometre run, condition of your motorcycle etc.
  • Call or visit all the junkyards near your house. Enquire about the money they are willing to offer for your motorcycle. They will only give an approximate value. They will tell you the exact value once they see the motorcycle.
  • The more details you give them about your motorcycle, the better idea they will get and they will be more accurate regarding their offer. You may still be shocked when they reduce their offer after seeing the motorcycle. Be prepared for it.
  • You will have to take your motorcycle yourself to the junkyard. If it is in running condition then drive it to the junkyards else call for towing it.
  • The junkyard people are generally interested in the metal body of the motorcycle and the other usable parts. They pay according to the weight of the metal. The junkyard dealers sometimes may take the entire motorcycle only. You will have to dismantle your motorcycle. So you make a profit this way too.
  • The business of the junkyard companies are thriving day by day. They also have online websites that will give you all the details. Some have 24 hours helpline services too. Its is very easy to deal with them.

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