Awesome Tips for Off-road Riding

Riding off-road is super cool and fun. You don’t have to worry about speed limits, cops, or hitting pedestrians!  Take a light bike, preferably not a new one; and if you damage it very badly after a few off-road adventures, you can always sell it to dealers who will pay you good cash for junk motorcycles.

 Of course you need to be careful still, and we’re going to help you do just that:

  • Adjust your clutch lever so that you can operate it while standing, using just your middle and index finger, so that you need not change your grip on the bars. This lets you respond quicker and more smoothly, facilitating better control. It is particularly useful when you face challenging obstacles and at lower speed.
  • Off the road on a light bike, you will have more stability when you go faster. Thanks to the gyroscopic force of the wheels, you will remain upright, and the momentum will ensure you go through tricky terrain – like deep sand – easily. When you push your weight back, it adds grip to the rear wheel, taking the pressure off the front wheel; this lets it repel and ride over whatever the wheel hits.
  • Off-road also means no service stations or AAA; so pack some extra gas, and some common tools and parts you may need. After all you’re going to be riding through rock, sand and trees. Be prepared!
  • To turn your bike, you need to push the bike down as much as you can, and keep yourself upright. This will help you utilize the dirt tire knobs to the max, and control the slides – off-road driving at its best! You would also do good to stay off the front brake when you turn.
  • Focus on where you want to take the bike, and not what you DON’T want to hit! Your body will instinctively follow your head, and the bike will follow suit.
  • When you’re going around corners, try and get as much of your weight as you can over the front wheel, so lean forward to the max.
  • Stand up in tricky terrain, because this lowers your centre of gravity. When you straddle the tank with your lower legs and bend your knees – and voila! You have your very own shock absorbers.

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