Damaged Motorcycle for Cash

What is a damaged motorcycle? Damaged motorcycles are the motorcycles that are damaged or destroyed in accidents, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or hail etc. The motorcycles those are damaged by flood or weather damaged motorcycles are often written off “totaled” by insurance companies as complete losses. Which in effect, voids the titles since the vehicles don’t legally exist any longer. While most of these motorcycles can never be used again, but few of them can be repaired and put back to life to rebuilt salvage motorcycles.

As per the insurance companies guidelines a vehicle that is damaged by more than 75% of its original price define a salvage title. if a Damaged motorcycles repaired it can be sold at pretty good prices and seller can make good profit and the buyer also gets a motorcycle at a much less price than what he pay for buying a brand a new motorcycle. The damaged old motorcycles are generally put on auctions for bidding. Auctions seem to be very interesting. Here people commonly tend to over pay in auctions.

While buying a damaged motorcycle one must know the reason for how the motorcycle is damaged. All the damaged motorcycles cannot be repaired. One must always get it inspected from an expert or a motorcycle mechanic who will evaluate the level the damage and expected cost you will incur for repairing it. On doing this you will also get to know whether you are doing a right choice or not. When looking for damaged motorcycles, one can get number of options.

While buying damaged old motorcycles directly from the garages, one must definitely get it checked from an expert before buying it. Because you may just be looking at its looks but there may be a serious problem inside.

When someone wants to buy a motorcycle in less money, repairing an old damaged motorcycle can be a good option. This is because you pay much less than what you pay elsewhere i.e. in an auction or when you buy a second hand motorcycle. Hence you would always want to look into buying an old damaged motorcycle which you can turn into a super vehicle at a great price. People generally consider damaged motorcycles as crap and might give it away to junk motorcycle companies for free or for the price of junk iron weight. But think wisely. A damaged motorcycle could also be a motorcycle the owner sold because he wanted a new motorcycle. Hence the motorcycle might just look old but may run properly. With just a small repair, the motorcycle will be good to run on the road as new. While repairing a damaged motorcycle, going to the yard of junks may be good option. You will definitely get the part you’re looking in the lowest possible price. Or you also have the option to go online and purchase the motorcycle part. But don’t forget to check the online rating of the motorcycle shop.

So, what I have been trying to say is that be wise, make your best choice, do some research and in very less money ( than what you would pay for a brand new motorcycle) you will get an absolutely new motorcycle.

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