Where to Sell My Motorcycle for Cash


When you have an old junk motorcycle in your garage, all you can think of is how to get rid of it. The longer you leave it in your garage, the lesser value you will get for it. Therefore, when you have made up your mind to not use it, then it is better to sell it off as soon as possible. There are number of places where one can sell their motorcycles. You should always know where to go and where not to go to sell your motorcycle.

Your friends, relatives and neighbours should be your first priority. You are familiar with these people. You know that they will not cheat you. So if they are in need of a motorcycle and you want to sell yours, what can be a better option? If you price you motorcycle correctly, they will definitely buy it.

Secondly, you can try the junk motorcycle companies. They rule the market, so you will get the best price for your motorcycle. They are very quick in making deals. You just have to give them a call regarding your motorcycle and they will send a representative to check your motorcycle in about a day. They will offer you a quote of your motorcycle depending on its condition. If you accept the quote, they will pay you in cash and will tow away your motorcycle without charging you for it. This is the most hassle free way of selling a motorcycle. Practically you can sell your motorcycle in only 2 days.

You could also try the junk yards. Go there, if the condition of your motorcycle is really bad. They will pay you according to the weight of the motorcycle. They have a fixed amount for each kg.

You also think of donating your motorcycle. This is also a very good option as the government gives tax relief to the people who donate their motorcycles. A no. of people does this to reduce their taxes. You can choose the charity house where you want to make your donation. They will take any motorcycle in any condition. Remember that the organisation you are donating your motorcycle is a non-profitable and a 501(c) (3) organisation. Only then will you be able to get tax deductions.

Never go to the motorcycle dealers (the actual brick-n-morter dealerships). They will give you the least amount of money for your motorcycle. These dealers make money by selling motorcycles. If they buy a motorcycle at a moderate amount and also sell it at a moderate amount, then he will never make any profit. Therefore, he has to buy a motorcycle at a cheaper price and sell it at a higher price. In case you are thinking of selling your motorcycle here, think twice.

Where should I sell my motorcycle – WHERE TO AND WHERE NOT TO SELL MY MOTORCYCLE?