Tips About Selling a Used Motorcycle


Have you decided about selling your used motorcycle but not sure how to go about doing so? Here are some steps to help you get the cash for your used bike:

Clean and polish your bike. Show real beauty
Nobody would like to buy a dirty unkempt motorcycle. You have to Show off your motorcycle true beauty. Make whatever required cosmetic repairs. Be sure your motorcycle is repaired and inspected by an expert. Spend some time on cleaning, washing, waxing and shining it to make it look as good as possible. Make sure that chains are oiled and all other essential parts are greased.

Take some good quality detailed photographs of your motorcycle. Try your best to take good pictures on a sunny day with the minimum amount of glare or shadows. Keep distractions away and click pictures of all angles. This will attract the buyers and speed up the selling process in the competitive market.

List a price
The cost at which you would like to sell your motorcycle is also the most significant factor in selling your motorcycle. Be sure your list price has to be accurate and reasonable.You might want to use the various resources available for know the pricing of your bike so that you can get the most accurate price of your used motorcycle.

You have to use different methods or strategies for the advertisement. Some of the advertisement methods are: placing an advertisement online, local newspaper, send out fliers to co-workers and send out emails to your personal contacts. Make sure to include photos, your contact information and also clarify that you have all the necessary paperwork.

Gather all your old receipts.
You should also gather all your repair, general maintenance receipts and whatever other documents stating when newer motorcycle parts were purchased and put on. Be prepared to show these recipes to prospective buyers. When It’ll illustrate how well you’ve cared for the bike and give them a good idea of the shape it’s in.

Be Truthful.
Almost every used motorcycle will have some performance quirk. Be honest about performance issues or maintenance problems of the bike.

Have the title ready to transfer.
If a potential buyer shows up with the money, you want to be able to transfer the title on the spot.

If you follow the tips stated above your chances of selling your motorcycle will increase and you might sell your bike much faster than you had anticipated.

If you want to sell your used bike and want good money for it then here are some useful tips provided by the bikebuyers. – Tips on selling a motorcycle