Obtaining maximum cash for a motorcycle when it comes time to sell it is everyone’s top priority. There are many things that can affect the cash you get for your wrecked motorcycle. The regular maintenance of your bike can turn out to be profitable in the future. If you have a well-maintained motorcycle, you can receive a decent amount for that.

Get license junkyards

To get top dollar for your motorcycle, you should search for licensed motorcycle junkyards. These motorcycle junkyards operate professionally by maintaining the laws established by the government. If you want to sell your motorcycle in a legit and quick way, search for authorized bike buyers. The motorcycle buyers estimate the bikes worth based on its exact condition. You are free from stress related to whether or not you are getting an accurate amount for your used motorcycle.

Winter is around the corner and so it’s vacation time for motorcycles of all sorts. Not riding your bike throughout the winter is good from your safety’s perspective. While on the other hand, the cold weather conditions can affect your motorcycle functioning due to not being used.

Maintenance of your motorcycle ensures it’s safe and secure and ready to ride again after the winter. In the meantime, if the thought of selling your motorcycle strikes, you can sell it.

Let’s discuss some of the easy winter maintenance tips that you can follow

Cleaning and washing your motorcycle assures that no contaminants will get onto it. Make sure you put wax on the painted surfaces and polish all the metal surfaces of your motorcycle.

Changing the oil and filters of your motorcycle is a health maintenance tip to be followed this winter. This would assure that you will start off with new oil next season.

You can either fill or completely drain the motorcycle’s tank according to your need. It is easier to fill the tank as your motorcycle will be kept indoors throughout the winter. Fuller tanks prevent the inside from getting rust as it leaves little air space for oxidation.

Add the fuel stabilizer to your motorcycle tank to keep the gas protected against stalling and separating.

The next thing to do is to drain the carburetor from your motorcycle so that the fuel doesn’t evaporate. You can follow the manual’s directions to disconnect the fuel line and drain the carburetor.   

Get your motorcycle tires inspected and inflated for the winter. The tires that are in good condition and properly inflated will help them remain healthy. Winter is also a great time to replace your motorcycle tires in case they are worn out.

Cover your bike with a breathable cover which will protect it from dents and dings.

You should make sure your motorcycle’s battery is conditioned and charged. To do so, you can use a battery charger to keep the bike’s battery charged.

Maintenance of your motorcycle can help you a lot in getting maximum cash at the time of selling.

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