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Are you feeling the wind in your hair but noticing a few warning signs from your trusty motorcycle? It’s time to take a closer look and determine if it’s time to sell your motorcycle. Tag along with us on the journey of finding “Five Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Motorcycle: A Guide to Knowing When to Let Go.”


With every mile ridden, there’s a story to tell. But, as much as we love our motorcycles, it’s important to know when it’s time to pass the torch to a new rider. This guide will be your companion, taking you on a journey to uncover the signs that it’s time to sell your motorcycle and make the most out of your sale.


So, rev up your engines, hold on tight, and join us on this exciting ride to determine if it’s time to sell your bike.


What’s the Best Time to Sell Your Motorcycle?


You can sell your motorcycle anytime; there’s no wrong or right time. You can do so when you can part ways, replace it, or switch vehicles. However, there is a common trend of buying motorcycles in the spring or summer. These seasons are usually when great weather comes around, inspiring people to try motorcycle riding. If you sell your motorcycle during warmer months, it can be your best bet in selling quickly and for a good amount.


Signs that It’s the Time to Sell Your Motorcycle 


Selling your motorcycle is a difficult decision. Several memories and experiences are tied to your motorcycle, especially the emotional attachment you may have with your bike. However, there comes the point where we must sell our motorcycle and either buy a new one or get a new vehicle. Let’s discuss how you should know when to sell your motorcycle.


Your Motorcycle is Old and Requires Frequent Repairs


Old Motorcycles


When your motorcycle becomes old, it starts having more and more problems. Around the ten-year mark of owning a bike is usually when maintenance becomes difficult and problematic.


If your bike has been with you for that long, it may be time that you might be thinking that it’s time to sell your motorcycle. It doesn’t matter how many good memories and experiences it holds; sometimes, we must let go!


If you are making frequent mechanic trips or have outdated features on your bike, the time has come to sell your motorcycle. After selling your old motorcycle, you can buy a new motorcycle to make new memories!


You Want to Ride a Different Type of Motorcycle

There’s a chance that the motorcycle you currently ride is one you bought when you had different interests. You might have bought a standard motorcycle if it was your first bike. But as time passes, you realize you need a touring bike for long-distance motorcycle rides.

You Are No Longer Comfortable with Your Motorcycle Speed


If your current motorcycle was your first and you’ve had it for years, it may become uncomfortable. After many years with your first bike, you may realize it is no longer fast enough. That’s your sign that it is time for a change.


There are chances that you can feel just the opposite. You might have a high-speed bike and have enjoyed its speed but want to go down a little for safety reasons or just general preference. It is all up to you! If your motorcycle isn’t giving you the desired speed, it’s time to sell it.


Consider Selling Your Motorcycle If You Don’t Ride Often


If your motorcycle spends more time in the garage than hitting the road, it might be time to sell your motorcycle. If you aren’t riding your motorcycle often, selling your motorcycle might be a good idea. Unless you have specific plans for your bike or are just taking a temporary break from riding, selling might be a good choice.


Selling your bike also eliminates some common costs of owning a motorcycle, which include motorcycle insurance, repairs, etc. If your motorcycle is seeing less of the road, consider selling it.


Selling Your Motorcycle in Financial Difficulty


Financial difficulties can come in many shapes and forms, but they all have one thing in common – they can cause stress and uncertainty. Financial difficulties can take a toll on individuals and their families, whether unexpected medical bills, job loss, or an accumulation of debt.


In such situations, selling your motorcycle can provide a source of much-needed cash to help ease the financial burden. This reality check can be a tough pill to swallow, but letting go of your motorcycle in financial distress is a practical and responsible decision. By selling your motorcycle, you can gain financial stability and free up space and resources for other investments to help secure your future.


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Old Motorcycle


Are you thinking about selling your motorcycle? Keep in mind that the value of your bike is likely to decrease the longer you noodle overselling it. Most motorcycles will reduce by up to 30% in as little as five years, so the longer you wait, the more you can lose.


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The motorcycle market is increasing daily; many people want to sell their bikes for an upgrade or a different model. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure you get the best price on selling your motorcycle. Here is your guide on how to sell a motorcycle for cash in 2022. 

This blog post will outline some of the most effective ways to sell your chopper and what you can do to make sure your motorcycle sells quickly. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your ride or want a quick and easy sale, read on to discover tips for fetching a top-dollar price while selling your motorcycle for cash in 2022. 

Tips to Sell a Motorcycle for cash in 2022 

Tips to Sell a Motorcycle in 2022

Here’s a list of steps to sell a motorcycle in 2022 for a fair, legal, and hassle-free deal.

1. Research Current Motorcycle Values and Set a Fair Price: 

The best way to ensure no one takes you for a ride while selling a motorcycle is to do extensive research. You need to check your bike model’s current market price and look at several online and offline listings to see how much other sellers are asking for similar models. 

After completing your research, it’s time to contrast and compare prices to reach a fair valuation for your bike. This step is necessary as, without proper industry research, you may sell your bike at a loss or quote too high a price that turns genuine buyers off. 

2. Prepare Your Motorcycle for Sale:

Sprucing up your old bike can help fetch a higher price for it on the market. After all, potential buyers are likely to pay more for a bike that looks well-maintained and in good condition than something that looks like an old piece of junk. 

Your bike needs to look its best when viewed by buyers, so more than a simple wipe-down is required. You need to go in for a deep clean and remove all the dirt from your bike’s surface while also attending to these overlooked areas:

  • Grime under your seat
  • Rust clinging to the metal or chrome surfaces
  • You can also touch up your bike’s paint job to improve its appearance.
  • Alternatively, you can make your bike’s faded paint job shine by rubbing compound on it to bring out its original finish.
  • If your bike is still running, try capturing its performance in a sales video you can share with prospective customers.  

3. Get Your Paperwork in Order:

Selling a motorcycle

Another crucial step to ensure that you get a fair price while trying to sell a motorcycle is ensuring that the bike’s papers are in order. 

Here’s a list of the essential documents you need to secure:

  • Title:

The bike title is the most vital piece of paper during a sale as it determines your motorcycle ownership. Each bike sold through the official channels has a VIN and title document. These two details are essential for a bike to be issued a legal license plate. 

The title also contains details like the bike’s model’s year, make, model, and VIN. Last but not least, it includes the details of the name and address of the bike owner. 

A title document is easy for buyers to verify details about the bike before purchase and bolsters your credibility. 

If you, as the seller, are on the bike without any lien on the title, you are then selling your ride becomes a piece of cake. You and the buyer need to sign the title in the specified areas, and it’s done.

  • Bill of Sale: 

A properly-filled bill of sale protects both the seller and the buyer. 

It legally transfers the bike ownership for the time between the sale and its registration under the new owner’s name at the DMV.

Please ensure that you have two copies of the bill of sale and that both the seller and the buyer sign them. Keep one copy with yourself and give one to the buyer for their peace of mind. 

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):

Every street-legal bike has a VIN. You can also mention it in your ad or listing, as it makes it easy for interested buyers to verify your motorcycle’s details and get an insurance quote. You can find your VIN in your insurance paperwork or title document. 

4. Advertise Your Motorcycle Across Avenues:

Sell a motorcycle

The best way to ensure you reach plenty of potential buyers is to post an advertisement for your bike. You can go ahead and explore placing an ad in traditional avenues like the local newspaper or classifieds section if you like. 

However, the best way to ensure that your ad reaches the maximum no. of customers possible is to post it online on relevant platforms. While it may take some time to research the best online portals for selling your bike, a digital ad will cost you less while providing access to a more extensive network of buyers.  

5. Meet Potential Buyers:

It would be best if you met with potential buyers to show them the bike and answer their questions. 

For some sellers, it’s essential to know that the person buying their bike will treat it with care and do their utmost to maintain it in its pristine condition or restore it to its former glory. 

I want to point out that meeting potential buyers will help you verify their credibility and intentions regarding your bike. 

6. Negotiate the Final Sale Price: 

You can never strike a good deal without a rousing negotiation. So be prepared for a bit of back and forth between you and potential buyers during the early stages. 

While it’s always polite to accommodate your buyer’s requests, you also need to stand firm on not negotiating beyond a particular standpoint. 

An ideal negotiation is where you, as a seller, make small concessions that mean little to you while the buyer gets something that means a lot to them. 

If you plan to give up bike riding, you can add a few accessories at a bargain price to sweeten the deal. 

7. Celebrate a Successful Sale:

After the negotiations have ended and the necessary papers have been signed, all that is left is celebrating a successful sale! Just make sure that your payment has come through first!

However, so that you know, you need to keep the registration and number plate with you to avoid future liability whenever you sell a motorcycle. It’s up to the new owners to register the bike under their name at the DMV and get a unique license number and registration. 

Why and when would you need to get your old motorcycle for cash?

sell a motorcycle

Is your bike gathering dust in the corner of your garage or yard, collecting cobwebs and bugs on its headlights? If so, you can exchange your rusty old vehicle for cash in your hand. 

It doesn’t matter if your bike hasn’t been cleaned, isn’t working, or it’s lying there broken. We’re happy to take it off your hands and help you make a profit. 

  • We buy bikes from across America, offering same-day pickup and payment. 
  • Our offers are straightforward and guaranteed for up to 3 days. We provide free towing services, too. 
  • We stay in touch with the latest industry trends to offer you a competitive price for your damaged or used cruiser, sports bike, dual sport, etc.

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We’ve listed 7 tips to help you sell a motorcycle for cash in 2022. However, if you do not have the time or wish to avoid the hassle of preparing the paperwork, posting ads, etc., all you have to do is call The Bike Buyers. We’ll happily take your bike off you in return for a good cash amount!

sell a motorcycle

If you wish to sell a motorcycle that is still under a loan, then this blog will provide you with all the relevant information on how to do it! Don’t worry if you still need to pay the installments, and there is still a provision for selling your motorcycle. If you still owe your bike to the original sellers or the dealer, they have the hold of your title. In other words, they will have a lien over it. It allows them to repossess your motorcycle if you cannot repay the loan.

The first step will be to remove the lien. For that, you will have to inquire about how much you need to pay for the party. The amount to be paid can be calculated from the balance of the loan statement. The other way is to call your lender directly. They will let you know exactly how much you need to pay them and all the additional related information about the loan. However, it’s essential to note how much you have paid.

What is a motorcycle lien?

sell a motorcycle

When a third party still owns your motorcycle title, there is said to be a lien on it. The party with the lien has the authority to control your motorcycle if you cannot pay the loan.

Paying the loan

It’s always better to pay the amount from your pocket. Therefore, it’s essential to know how much balance you have in your bank before you start the process of selling your motorcycle. You may opt for a loan to pay the lien, but you will be tied with another liability. Once you pay the amount to the lender, the lien will be removed, and you will be able to sell your motorcycle to another buyer.

What to do if I don’t have funds to pay for the lien?

But you may not always be in a position to collect the entire amount. In that scenario, you can have a co-signer to pay on your behalf. The other option is to ask the buyer to pay off your loan and deduct the amount from the final selling price. You can also contact dealerships who will take care of all the paperwork and help you sell your car. However, with dealers, you may not get the same price as you would get from a private buyer. Another option is to look out for online buyers. You can either fill in the form or contact them directly via phone or email provided on the website. The experts will review your information and provide you with their offers.

How do you privately sell a motorcycle if you still owe the money?

selling a motorcycle

The truth is, nobody would readily agree to buy a motorcycle that is still under a loan. They may feel that the bike may be stolen or the seller is not entitled to sell it. There are many cases where people sell a motorcycle under someone else’s name without informing them. The experts also usually don’t recommend buying a bike with a lien. The question then arises, how would I sell my motorcycle to a buyer then?

Firstly, you need to be very honest with the buyer and provide them with all the information regarding your loan. If they feel that they are being informed about everything, there is a chance that they may agree, considering your credibility. Also, gather all your documents, loan agreements, etc., and present them before the buyer. They can check the paperwork themselves.

How to Sell a Motorcycle with Negative Equity

what is my motorcycle worth

Negative equity means a net loss to your assets. It happens when the loan remaining on your motorcycle exceeds its present market value. The value of a bike depreciates with time, and the more you drive it, the lower will be its market value. This usually happens when the down payment is lower, and you have to pay multiple installments over the years.

Selling a motorcycle with negative equity

The process remains the same as selling a motorcycle you own. In case of a lien, you will first have to pay the loan and then proceed with the sale. There is also an option of trading your motorcycle to a dealer. The profits you will earn in selling the bike will be negated by the amount you would pay for the loan.

How to pay the loan before selling a bike?

Sell a motorcycle

The easiest option is to pay in cash. However, not everyone has money in hand to pay off their liabilities. You can also opt for a personal loan and immediately get rid of your motorcycle. However, you will then be liable to pay for the personal loan. However, it’s still a better option than to keep paying for a motorcycle that you no longer intend to own.

You can also ask your buyer to pay your loan in advance. The loan amount will then be deducted from the final price of your car. If the loan amount exceeds the value, you can pay the buyer the remaining money. This way, you will be able to get rid of your motorcycle without worrying about your bank balance.

Sell your motorcycle with The Bike Buyers

selling a motorcycle

Classic old motorcycle on a dirt road.

If you are looking to sell your junk motorcycle for cash, then The Bike Buyers who buy junk motorcycles is the right place to get the actual worth of your bike. We buy junk motorcycles for money and provide a same-day motorcycle removal service.

The bike buyers have been buying old wrecked motorcycles for decades. We work professionally and believe in doing business honestly, making us different from other motorcycle removal companies. We pay more cash than virtually anyone else in this business does. We certainly do not value the motorcycle for scrap steel; instead, we put efforts to get you more money from it. You can also inform the buyers about the loan office and tell them that they can get all the information, including the title.

Read commonly asked queries on selling my motorcycle

sell my motorcycle

The Sell my motorcycle guide in this blog will help you understand all the details you may have to follow to get a good deal! Expecting good cash for motorcycles is not a distant dream. There are buyers such as motorbike dealers who are ready to pay you a good amount. Even if your bike is not in running condition, you can still expect to get a reasonable deal for it. In case some of the motorcycle parts are still working, you can get an even higher amount! And that too, in a short time. You don’t have to wait for months for the deal to be closed. You will only need a few documents and you are done. However, if you wish to get the best deal, you need to be prepared in advance. Let’s read about the process in detail:

How to Sell My Motorcycle in 2021

selling a motorcycle

If you have a used car sitting in your garage, then it’s probably the right time to sell it off! Used cars sales have shot amidst COVID 19 spread as most people resorted to personal vehicles over public transport. With aggravated demand, the prices of used cars are increasing substantially, and you can expect to get a great deal. Besides, since the economy is down, consumers are not buying brand new cars, benefiting the used car business.

Sell My Motorcycle Online: All steps explained

Selling a motorcycle has never been easier like it is today with online portals at your disposal. You can access them anytime and anywhere from your mobile or laptop. The conventional way of visiting junkyard shops has become outdated. Besides, people don’t have enough time to spare in exploring the market. Instead, they leave it to dedicated websites that do the job for them. The online portals connect the buyers with sellers in no time.

How to sell my motorcycle online

what is my motorcycle worth

Start with market research

Knowing how the market operates is essential if you wish to get a profitable deal from the sale. You need to be aware of the market prices of used cars. Since the prices of used vehicles vary depending on the condition, it’s difficult to predict the exact value.

Get your car valued

Before you move forward and start communicating with the motorbike dealers, get your car valued. The buyers will first ask you what price you are expecting. If you don’t have any idea about the worth of your vehicle, the buyers will then put forward their price, which may be lower than the market value. Therefore, it’s better to get an approximated price for your car. For that, you can visit websites that provide free offers. You will find a form on the page where you will have to fill in the details, including the model, make, mileage, and year of your car. Besides, you will have to mention your details, including your location and contact number.

Set a selling price

Negotiating with the buyers can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any prior experience. The buyers will try to bring down the price of the sale. It’s therefore advisable to set a selling price in advance. Also, put the price slightly higher than what you are expecting from the sale. This way, you will have a margin to negotiate with the buyers.

Evaluate the offers

Don’t be carried away when you receive multiple offers. You don’t need to hurry to sell your motorcycle. Instead, you need to see if the offers you are receiving are genuine or not. Make a list of all the offers that are falling within the market value range. Discard the proposals that don’t seem to be correct. Start communicating with the buyers and try to get more information about them. Go through their profile and read client reviews. Once you have finalized the right buyer, you can proceed forward with the negotiation process.

Communicate with the motorcycle dealer

Start with mentioning your expectations from the sale. The buyer will then put forward the offered price. Try to set a value below which you won’t accept the deal. Once you agree on a price, you will have to share your documents, including the title, warranty papers, service records, etc. The buyer will share the operating license.

Arrange a meeting with the motorcycle dealer

You need to meet in person with the buyer to discuss the details of the sale. Though you may have discussed it on the phone, face-to-face meetings are always better. It’s easier to know each other and clarify your doubts. Besides, you can also arrange for a test drive. This way, the buyer will have a better idea of your car’s condition. However, make sure that you select a safe place for the drive. Besides, since the site will be far away from the central city, ask someone to accompany you for support.

Ask the buyer to pay in cash

Before you hand over your motorcycle to the buyer, ensure that you have received the entire payment. Ask the buyer to pay in cash as it is the safest mode of payment. You don’t have to worry much about the credentials of the buyer. Besides, you can spend the amount the moment you receive it!

Inform your insurance company

Once you hand over the bike, there is no point in paying yearly premiums to the insurance company. You will therefore have to ask the company to cancel your policy. However, when you cancel the policy, you have to pay the penalty for it. In case you are planning to purchase a new car, you can get your policy transferred.

Get your registration canceled

Even after handing over your motorcycle to the buyer, you will still be considered its owner. To relieve yourself from any future liabilities, you need to get your registration canceled. For that, you will have to contact the local department of the motor vehicle and inform them about the sale. You will have to submit the bill of sale as evidence of the transaction.

Earning top dollar from selling a motorcycle is not a big deal if you contact the right company. A professional company will offer you the best value for your car. thebikebuyers.com is one such company that offers high-quality services to its clients.

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sell my motorcycle

The question, “How to sell my motorcycle,” needs special attention as selling anything can be a hassle, especially if it’s mechanical in nature. You need to persuade the buyer that the condition of your motorcycle is acceptable and it will be of worth to them. It’s challenging to bring a buyer on board without providing a significant value. However, proper market research, bike valuation, and good negotiation skills can help you attain the price you expect from the sale. Prior preparations will help you better understand the process and equip you with enough knowledge to persuade the buyer to pay you the desired amount.

Let’s have a look at some of the strategies that will help you get the best deal.

get best deal

Steps to sell my motorcycle:

Start with market research

An average person does not have much knowledge about the process of selling a motorcycle. As such, it’s not advisable to enter into a negotiation without a proper understanding of the market. For that, you need to explore the prices for junk motorcycles. You also need to know the locations where the demand is higher. That way, you will be able to target the right buyers.

Get quotations for your motorcycle

To know the approximate value of your motorcycle, you need to reach out to websites that provide free quotations. You have to fill an online form mentioning the details of your bike. Once you submit your record, the experts will contact you with the offer.

Prepare your motorcycle

The first impression is the last, and it holds true in the case of selling a motorcycle. The buyers can refuse the offer on the spot if they find a dirty bike. All you have to do is give your bike a quick wash to remove the dirt from the body. You can also add some wax to the surface to give it a nice shine.

Prepare your documents

Besides getting your bike ready, you need to gather all your essential documents, including the title,warranty papers, service records, etc. The title is a must as it is required to transfer the ownership to the buyer. If you have all the documents with you beforehand, your transaction will be quick and hassle-free.

Get payment in cash

Cash payments are the safest option. You don’t have to cross-check the credibility of the buyers. The worst-case scenario would be that the buyer provides you fake notes. However, if you are vigilant, the buyer can never fool you. Also, make sure that you receive the entire payment on the spot. Don’ accept any offer of partial payment. There is no point in sending reminders to the buyers in the future.

Inform your insurance company

Get in touch with your insurance company and inform them about the sale. You need to do that before your next installment is due. Ask them to remove your subscription so that you don’t have any liabilities in the future. Also, contact the local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. Remember, unless your registration is canceled, you will be regarded as the owner of your motorcycle and will be responsible for any mishap that happens after the sale.

Learn how to get the maximum value for your motorcycle from our blog “How to sell my motorcycle for the best value?”

How long does it take to sell a motorcycle?

what is my motorcycle worth

There is no set timeline for selling junk motorcycles. It depends on various factors. For instance, if your bike is in good condition, you may be able to find buyers quickly. The other aspect is your location. Demand for used motorcycles varies from place to place. You need to find out which sites have a high demand and try pitching your offer. That way, you will be able to close the deal in a lesser time. Also, you need to gather all your documents before you contact the buyers. Prior preparations will eliminate any delay during the process. For instance, if you have lost the title, ask the DMV to issue a duplicate one.

How do you protect yourself when selling a motorcycle?

salvaging a motorcycle

It’s not advisable to rush to sell motorcycles for cash when you receive an offer. You may never know who you are dealing with. Many fake buyers present themselves as professionals and then manipulate with low-priced offers. It’s better to take some time to evaluate the buyers by going through their profiles and reading the client reviews.

Do people buy motorcycles online?

sell a motorcycle

Online selling is the easiest and quickest way to reach out to a large number of buyers. Many buyers, including regular ones, junkyard shops, and professional dealers, put their profiles online and search for sellers. Some websites help connect the sellers and buyers in no time. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to place an advertisement providing all the details of your motorcycle, including its make, model, mileage, and expected offer.

Who can pay me cash for junk motorcycles?

Buy Junk bike

There are plenty of options to choose from while selling junk motorcycles. The buyer’s choice will depend on the time you wish to spend and the money you expect to earn from the sale. There are majorly four kinds of buyers:

The regular buyers

These buyers require a bike but can’t afford a new one. They are willing to spend on a second-hand motorcycle at a lower price.

Junkyard shops

If your motorcycle is no longer suitable to drive on the road, but some of its parts are still working, then you can sell it to junkyard shops. These shops do not fret much over the documentation. All they need is the title to ensure that you are the sole owner.

Salvage yards

If your motorcycle is damaged to the extent that none of its parts are working, then it’s better to scrap it to salvage yards. These buyers are only interested in the metal part and dispose of the remaining components in the trash.


If you are too busy to spare time finding out the buyers and negotiating with them, you can reach out to professional dealers. These dealers help you connect with potential buyers and carry out the formalities for you.


Earning top dollar from selling a motorcycle is not a big deal if you contact the right company. A professional company will offer you the best value for your car. thebikebuyers.com is one such company that offers high-quality services to its clients.

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sell a motorcycle

With so many junkyard buyers available online and offline, the process to sell a motorcycle is not at all difficult today but getting top dollar for it requires a little bit of effort. There is a systematic approach to sell a motorcycle for top dollar. This approach has various steps. If all the steps are carried out by the motorcycle owner systematically then nothing can stop them from getting good cash for motorcycles. Here is the way through which motorcycle owners can get top dollar for selling their motorcycles:

  1. Tune-up your motorcycle:

    It is really important to clean and fix small damages on your bike. Sometimes small touch-ups can bring a lot of difference in the looks of your bike. If the bike repair cost is not very high then go for it, as it will help a lot in demanding a better price from the seller while selling it. You can also wash your motorcycle with water and polish it to add some shine. This will further enhance the overall appearance of your motorcycle.

  2. File up your motorcycle servicing records:

    The servicing records are proof that you have taken timely care of your motorcycle. Moreover, these records also tell about the types of services and repairs that are done on the bike. The seller need to show these records to the buyer when meeting in person; in case sellers use online means, then they can upload their servicing documents. 

  3. Put efforts towards marketing part:

    Just putting an ad online or keeping a “for sale” board against your motorcycle is not enough to get to the junkyard buyer of your choice. Do everything that can make more junkyard buyers approach you. Be genuine and descriptive when posting an ad for your bike. Do your research about the type of salvage yard buyer you want to sell your bike to. In case you choose to sell your motorcycle through an ad posting website then give honest details about:

  • How long you have owned the motorcycle 
  • Type of title the bike has
  • Details about any modifications done on the motorcycle 

sell a motorcycle

  1. Advertise about the customization you had done on your motorcycle which improved its performance:

    Never forget to mention anything that can fetch you some more money from the salvage yard buyer. If you have spent a good chunk of money to get your bike customized and work more efficiently then there is no point in leaving it when providing a description of the bike.

  2. Carefully inspect your bike and see if there are any accessories that you can sell separately:

    The sellers should inspect their bikes and see if there are any accessories on the motorcycle which they can sell separately for more money. Otherwise, it is totally the seller’s choice. 

  3. Instead of asking for a pick-up from junkyard buyers, offer free motorcycle transport:

    When you sell a motorcycle through online means then you might receive offers from the salvage yard buyers who are not from your state. In such cases, the seller can act smartly by offering free transport to the salvage yard buyer and including that charge in the selling price of the bike. 

How to approach a junkyard buyer online to sell a motorcycle?

There are certain things that will help the seller in approaching the best bike buying company online. These things are as follows:

  1. Junkyard buyer that has a good reputation
  2. A company that has a good amount of experience in this field.
  3. Great customer reviews.
  4. Companies whose office you can physically approach and verify things. 
  5. A salvage yard that offers a simple, easy and secure way to sell a motorcycle

If you are still finding it hard to find the best place to sell a motorcycle then visit thebikebuyers.com today. Here you will definitely get the deal you thought to sell your bike for. “The Bike Buyers” is one of the most trustable names in the motorcycle buying business in the US.

Earning top dollar from selling a motorcycle is not a big deal if you contact the right company. A professional company will offer you the best value for your car. thebikebuyers.com is one such company that offers high-quality services to its clients.

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sell a motorcycle

How to sell my motorcycle for the same price? A common question of all the bike owners. Getting the same price for a new motorcycle after a few months is near impossible. Even if you haven’t driven your motorcycle much, no one would be willing to buy it at the price of a new model. When people can buy a new model, why would they risk buying from you? Only in special circumstances when the model you purchased is out of stock and the buyer desperately wants it, you may be able to sell it at the same price.

However, if you buy a second-hand motorcycle, then there is a chance that you may be able to sell it at the same price. The value of a used motorcycle does not depreciate quickly.

Should I keep or sell my damaged motorcycle?

sell a motorcycle

If you have a junk motorcycle lying in your garage, you may be aware of the trouble it causes. Time and again, you have to spend on its useless repairs. Also, leaking oils and gases leaves your garage in a mess. In such a situation, it’s always better to get rid of all your troubles by selling your motorcycle to a junkyard shop! It’s always a win-win situation for you as along with parting with your old motorcycle, you will get some cash in return.

How can I sell my motorcycle if it’s damaged?

selling a motorcycle

Selling a damaged car won’t be difficult if you can find the right buyer. If you are considering selling it to an individual buyer, then you have to be very sure about its condition. Your motorcycle should be in running condition with all its parts working properly.

The buyer may even want to test drive your motorcycle. In that case, you need to clean it to remove the dust and put some oil on its parts. You will also have to find a clear place for the test drive.

When your motorcycle is fully damaged, and there is no chance of it getting better, scrapping it is the best option. Junkyards will readily pay you cash for it.

Go online and search for the best site to sell motorcycles. See if the website is offering free quotes or not? Also, check out the models they are accepting. Make sure that they are serving your area. Once you have identified such sites, go through their profile and read their reviews. If you find them genuine, call them or fill out a query form to get their response.

Where can I sell my motorcycle?

selling a motorcycle

There are various options including individual buyers, junkyard shops and bike dealers. It all depends on how much time you want to spare and what value you are expecting from the deal. If you want to sell your motorcycle to individual buyers, you may have to spare some time identifying the potential options and then put some effort into negotiating with them over your desired price. On the other hand, if you wish to scrap your car, you can find plenty of junkyard shops either in your neighborhood or by visiting websites that provide relevant information. Car dealers are for those who are too busy to even spare a day to explore potential buyers. The professional dealers have strong networks with the buyers and help you connect with them in no time. However, they charge some fees for their service. In terms of value, selling to individual buyers is the best option. Looking at convenience, junkyard shops and professional dealers are a better choice.

How can I get the maximum value for my damaged motorcycle?

sell my motorcycle

Getting a good value for a used motorcycle is not difficult if you follow what the experts recommend:

Start with market research

You need to know the value of a used motorcycle before you put up your selling price. For that, you will have to do some research. Some websites provide relevant information about the market. They also provide free quotes for your motorcycle. Once you put in your information, their executives will get in touch with you with the offer.

Set up selling price in advance

Once you have an idea about the market prices, you can put a selling price in advance. Note that the buyers have a tendency to negotiate. Therefore, put the price slightly higher than the market value. This way, you will have a margin to negotiate.

Preparing in advance

You need to be well ahead in the process to get the best deal. It all starts from gathering your important documents including the title of your motorcycle, warranty papers, service, records, etc. While you may only need the title in case you are scrapping your bike, other buyers may even demand a complete list of all your documents.

You will have to ensure that your motorcycle is in presentable condition. See if there is dust on the surface. Get it clean by washing it with water and then greasing it with wax to add some shine.

Reaching buyers through advertisement

Online platforms offer the best way to sell a motorcycle. You can buy and sell motorcycles easily without any time delay. They even tell you how to sell a motorcycle quickly. All you need to do is set up your profile, add a little description and upload a few photographs. Once your profile is complete, it will be visible to the buyers who visit the websites. They will read your offer and contact you if they are interested.

Shortlisting potential buyers

Usually, the owners are overwhelmed on receiving the offers. So much so, that they readily accept the ones that come first. However, in doing so, they miss out on a more profitable offer that may show up in future. Being hasty won’t do any good to you. It’s better to spare some time to find the best place to sell a motorcycle. Though you will have to put some effort, it will be worth it when you crack a profitable deal.

Closing the deal

Once all the formalities are complete, you will then hand over your motorcycle to the buyer. But remember, don’t give up the possession until you have received complete payment, and that too in cash. It’s the safest option for you.

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