The motorcycle market is increasing daily; many people want to sell their bikes for an upgrade or a different model. Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure you get the best price on selling your motorcycle. Here is your guide on how to sell a motorcycle for cash in 2022. 

This blog post will outline some of the most effective ways to sell your chopper and what you can do to make sure your motorcycle sells quickly. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade your ride or want a quick and easy sale, read on to discover tips for fetching a top-dollar price while selling your motorcycle for cash in 2022. 

Tips to Sell a Motorcycle for cash in 2022 

Tips to Sell a Motorcycle in 2022

Here’s a list of steps to sell a motorcycle in 2022 for a fair, legal, and hassle-free deal.

1. Research Current Motorcycle Values and Set a Fair Price: 

The best way to ensure no one takes you for a ride while selling a motorcycle is to do extensive research. You need to check your bike model’s current market price and look at several online and offline listings to see how much other sellers are asking for similar models. 

After completing your research, it’s time to contrast and compare prices to reach a fair valuation for your bike. This step is necessary as, without proper industry research, you may sell your bike at a loss or quote too high a price that turns genuine buyers off. 

2. Prepare Your Motorcycle for Sale:

Sprucing up your old bike can help fetch a higher price for it on the market. After all, potential buyers are likely to pay more for a bike that looks well-maintained and in good condition than something that looks like an old piece of junk. 

Your bike needs to look its best when viewed by buyers, so more than a simple wipe-down is required. You need to go in for a deep clean and remove all the dirt from your bike’s surface while also attending to these overlooked areas:

  • Grime under your seat
  • Rust clinging to the metal or chrome surfaces
  • You can also touch up your bike’s paint job to improve its appearance.
  • Alternatively, you can make your bike’s faded paint job shine by rubbing compound on it to bring out its original finish.
  • If your bike is still running, try capturing its performance in a sales video you can share with prospective customers.  

3. Get Your Paperwork in Order:

Selling a motorcycle

Another crucial step to ensure that you get a fair price while trying to sell a motorcycle is ensuring that the bike’s papers are in order. 

Here’s a list of the essential documents you need to secure:

  • Title:

The bike title is the most vital piece of paper during a sale as it determines your motorcycle ownership. Each bike sold through the official channels has a VIN and title document. These two details are essential for a bike to be issued a legal license plate. 

The title also contains details like the bike’s model’s year, make, model, and VIN. Last but not least, it includes the details of the name and address of the bike owner. 

A title document is easy for buyers to verify details about the bike before purchase and bolsters your credibility. 

If you, as the seller, are on the bike without any lien on the title, you are then selling your ride becomes a piece of cake. You and the buyer need to sign the title in the specified areas, and it’s done.

  • Bill of Sale: 

A properly-filled bill of sale protects both the seller and the buyer. 

It legally transfers the bike ownership for the time between the sale and its registration under the new owner’s name at the DMV.

Please ensure that you have two copies of the bill of sale and that both the seller and the buyer sign them. Keep one copy with yourself and give one to the buyer for their peace of mind. 

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):

Every street-legal bike has a VIN. You can also mention it in your ad or listing, as it makes it easy for interested buyers to verify your motorcycle’s details and get an insurance quote. You can find your VIN in your insurance paperwork or title document. 

4. Advertise Your Motorcycle Across Avenues:

Sell a motorcycle

The best way to ensure you reach plenty of potential buyers is to post an advertisement for your bike. You can go ahead and explore placing an ad in traditional avenues like the local newspaper or classifieds section if you like. 

However, the best way to ensure that your ad reaches the maximum no. of customers possible is to post it online on relevant platforms. While it may take some time to research the best online portals for selling your bike, a digital ad will cost you less while providing access to a more extensive network of buyers.  

5. Meet Potential Buyers:

It would be best if you met with potential buyers to show them the bike and answer their questions. 

For some sellers, it’s essential to know that the person buying their bike will treat it with care and do their utmost to maintain it in its pristine condition or restore it to its former glory. 

I want to point out that meeting potential buyers will help you verify their credibility and intentions regarding your bike. 

6. Negotiate the Final Sale Price: 

You can never strike a good deal without a rousing negotiation. So be prepared for a bit of back and forth between you and potential buyers during the early stages. 

While it’s always polite to accommodate your buyer’s requests, you also need to stand firm on not negotiating beyond a particular standpoint. 

An ideal negotiation is where you, as a seller, make small concessions that mean little to you while the buyer gets something that means a lot to them. 

If you plan to give up bike riding, you can add a few accessories at a bargain price to sweeten the deal. 

7. Celebrate a Successful Sale:

After the negotiations have ended and the necessary papers have been signed, all that is left is celebrating a successful sale! Just make sure that your payment has come through first!

However, so that you know, you need to keep the registration and number plate with you to avoid future liability whenever you sell a motorcycle. It’s up to the new owners to register the bike under their name at the DMV and get a unique license number and registration. 

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sell a motorcycle

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