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When talking selling a salvage motorcycle, people may want to know if buying one is a good idea? An informed and well thought out selling procedure at a motorcycle salvage auction could be the best thing.

There are many people looking for repairable salvage title motorcycles on sale online. If you have a motorcycle with a salvage title, you can also get rid of it easily.

You don’t need to worry about selling a salvage motorcycle through an online auction. The Bike Buyers are in the business of buying salvage motorcycles from sellers all around the country.

Whom you can contact for selling a salvage motorcycle

Selling a Salvage Motorcycle

To earn cash on your motorcycle with a salvage title, you must know people interested in buying it. The most common type of people looking for salvage motorcycles on sale are-

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts looking for unique or rare models
  • Buyers with complete knowledge on how to fix a wrecked motorcycle on their own
  • Re-sellers who buy used motorcycles and then flip them for a profit-making
  • Dealers looking for salvage motorcycles to sell for spare parts

To get maximum cash by selling a salvage motorcycle, the key is to make an informed decision on “the best way to sell a motorcycle

If you sell your motorcycle to an individual buyer he must have knowledge of fixing a salvage motorcycle. You will find plenty of non-mechanics searching for salvage title motorcycles on sale with good results.

While selling a salvage motorcycle, you have to provide all the important details including the VIN, the make, model, and year. You should provide the buyers with a summary of your salvage motorcycle condition. Potential buyers will conduct thorough research on your motorcycle before finalizing the sale.

Selling a Salvage Motorcycle

Furthermore, the interested viewers also consider some key factors when looking for salvage motorcycles on sale. They will want to get the following information-

  • Why was the salvage title issued to your motorcycle?
  • If the salvage title was issued due to damage, what kind of damage was that?
  • What would it cost to repair a salvage motorcycle?

There are three main reasons why a motorcycle gets a salvage title.

  1. When the motorcycle damage is estimated to be more than 70% of the motorcycle’s total worth.
  2. If the motorcycle was stolen and recovered at any time.
  3. If the damage caused was flood damage.

You should provide a complete history of your motorcycle to the buyers.

The Best Way of Selling a salvage motorcycle Online

Whenever you search for salvage motorcycles for sale, you will find various motorcycle auction websites. There are many different salvage vehicle auction websites available online. They have a huge inventory of salvage motorcycles for sale available for buyers.

However, the easiest way to sell your salvage motorcycle online is to Get a Quote from The Bike Buyers. You will need a title of ownership and the keys to sell your bike to us quickly.

Once you request a quote from us, we will estimate the worth of your motorcycle and make an offer. Our no-obligation offer is worth accepting to get maximum cash for your motorcycle.

We shall have your salvage motorcycle removed from your residence in less than two business days.

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