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No matter how firm a price you set when selling your used motorcycle you will have to negotiate. If you know your motorcycle worth and are confident of getting a better price, negotiate with the buyers.

The best way to sell a motorcycle is by estimating its worth prior to selling it. The easiest way to estimate the worth of your used motorcycle is by requesting a quote from online motorcycle buyers. All you need to do is fill the form available on The Bike Buyers website. One of the motorcycle buying experts will revert back with an offer based on the valuation of your used motorcycle.

Tips to Haggle when Selling Used Motorcycles Offline

Sell used motorcycle

If you choose to sell your used motorcycle to individuals or private dealers you need to put some extra efforts. To sell your used motorcycle at a higher price, you will have to haggle with the buyers offering a lower price.

It is important to plan the process in advance to sell your used motorcycle for the most money. Remember a few points to prepare yourself for negotiation required to sell a used motorcycle effectively-

  • Know the Value of the Modifications: Understand that the modifications in your motorcycle may not be accepted by the buyers. Not all buyers would show interest in buying a used motorcycle with so many aftermarket accessories. Remember a motorcycle close to the stock the more value it endows. You can easily sell removable modifications and realize some of their value.
  • Be ready to Negotiate Low Offers: You shall never expect a higher price from the buyers as they want to save a buck or two. Negotiate the price of your used motorcycle with buyers by pointing out the features that are worth paying for.
  • Understand the Working of KBB: KBB is the most sought-after website to know your motorcycle worth. If your used motorcycle is old, rare or modified the KBB value might not be applicable for it. It would now be difficult for you to sell your motorcycle at a desirable price.
  • Keep the Price Firm: The buyers will try hard to make you sell your used motorcycle at a lower price than you expect. You have to be firm when pricing your used motorcycle for the buyers. Price your used motorcycle higher so that even after all the negotiations are done, you are at again.

The Best Way to Sell a Used Motorcycle

If you don’t have time to spare in order to sell your used motorcycle privately you can opt for an easier method. Without moving from your place and giving any extra time you can sell your used motorcycle online. You do not even need any negotiation skills to extract a higher price. When you sell a used motorcycle to online bike buyers you receive a fair price offer.

The process of selling your used motorcycle is easy, quick, and safe. As discussed above you can fill out the online quote that takes a few minutes. You receive an instant offer without any compulsion to accept. But the offer is genuine and profitable that you cannot think of declining it. You get a free pickup facility and on-the-spot payment which is all you need to sell your motorcycle hassle-free.