sell a motorcycle

If you have an old motorcycle lying useless in your garage, then there is no point keeping it. You will only be adding your troubles. The best way is to sell your motorcycle to potential buyers. This way, you will be relieved from all the stress and also earn a decent amount of money from the sale. All you have to do is to connect with interested buyers through online portals and start your negotiations.

Steps to sell your motorcycle

The process of selling a motorcycle is very straight forward. Though the steps are many, they are simple.

Online advertisement

You start with posting an ad on an online portal. For that, you will have to upload a few pictures of your motorcycle and add some description. Eventually, interested buyers would approach with offers.

Evaluate the buyers

Once you receive multiple offers, sit back and check their credibility. You can visit the buyers’ website and read client reviews.

Start the negotiation

After choosing the buyer, you will then have to put your price. Make sure that it is slightly higher than what you expect. The buyers tend to bring down the value and a higher selling price would provide you with a margin to negotiate.

Receive the payment

Make sure that the buyer pays you the entire amount at the time of delivery. Do not accept any offer of partial payment. Cash in hand is the safest option.

Inform your insurance company

Once you receive the money, inform your insurance company about the sale and ask them to stop your future premiums. Also, contact the local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. This way, you won’t be liable for your car in future.

How do I get maximum value for the motorcycle?

Be ready in advance

As a first-time owner, you might not be having enough experience to deal with the buyers. As such, you prepare yourself in advance. Here is a checklist of what you have to do before you sell a motorcycle:

Wash your motorcycle

It won’t take much of your time. All you will have to do is to clean the motorcycle with running water and afterwards apply some wax to add the shine. This will remove any dust present on the surface. A clean motorcycle will leave a nice impression on the buyer.

Get the repair work done

If your motorcycle requires minor repairs, then get them done. Though it will cost you a bit, eventually it will boost your negotiation power. You will be able to convince the buyer easily at your desired price.

Do some research

The best way to be prepared in advance to have a thorough understanding of the industry. That can be achieved by doing some online research. You can visit websites which provide relevant information on used motorcycles.

Put selling price in advance

The buyers tend to bring down the price. As such, you will find it difficult to deal with their manipulations. It’s therefore advisable that you put the selling price slightly higher than your desired amount. This way, you will get enough margin to negotiate.

Communicate clearly

Having proper communication with the buyer is the key to a profitable deal. Though it takes some time, it well worth the effort.

Check the buyer’s credibility

If you have any doubt about the buyer, ask them questions. Ask them to provide their legal documents. If at any point you feel that the buyer is trying to hide information, cancel the deal. Professional buyers never shy away from revealing their identity. It’s the scammers that conceal their personal information.

Talk to the buyers in person

Talking in person is important as face to face interactions clear many doubts. Schedule a meeting with the buyer and put forward all the terms and conditions before-hand.

Schedule a test drive

The buyers sometimes want to test your motorcycle before they finalize the deal. You must therefore arrange for a test drive at a safe location. However, since such locations are deserted, ask some of the friends to accompany you as a safety measure.

Ask for payment in cash

Once the deal is finalized, ask the buyer to pay you the amount of cash. Do not accept any offer of partial payments. The buyers seldom turn up to pay the remaining amount once the deal is closed.

Why should I research the market?

It’s difficult for an owner to understand the process of selling a motorcycle. Without any experience, you cannot close a profitable deal. As such, you need to put some effort into research. You can visit websites that provide relevant information on the market for used motorcycles. There are many benefits of market research:

Buyer evaluation

As you would be better informed about the prices, you will be able to identify the right buyer. If you receive an offer which is lower than the market price, you can assume that the buyer is trying to fool you. In short, your evaluation skills get boosted.

Better negotiation

Having relevant knowledge about the market will help you understand the manipulations of the buyers. You would not be carried away by their false promises.

Safety from scammers

As you will be able to identify the right buyers, you would be safe from all the scammers. Though they might try to influence you, your research efforts will always guide you in the right direction.

Why should I get my motorcycle valued?

You cannot calculate the price of your motorcycle on your own. You need a professional to do it for you. Some agencies provide you with such services. The valuation of the motorcycle helps in many ways:

Offer evaluation

You can easily compare the offers you receive from the buyers with your motorcycle’s value and discard all the fake ones.

Checking the credibility of buyers

Any buyer offering lower prices can easily be identified.

Getting the best deal

Correct evaluation of the buyers and the offers will eventually land you with the most profitable offer.

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If you want to buy a new motorcycle or you just want to get rid of your old motorcycle for cash then you can sell your motorcycle.  Selling a motorcycle is quite an easy and hassle-free task if you follow the right process for it. The seller should examine the buyers very carefully before finalizing the deal.  One can easily sell a motorcycle following some simple steps which come under these three phases of selling a motorcycle:

  1. Calculating the selling price for the motorcycle:

    It is the first and the most crucial phase of selling a motorcycle. Since keeping the motorcycle on sale for the genuine price keeps the seller confident and safe from scams therefore, it is a quite crucial phase. To accomplish this phase the seller needs to follow the following steps:

  • Making the bike presentable and clean:
  • Assessing all the damages in the bike and noting them down:
  • Setting the selling price for the motorcycle:


  1. Advertising the motorcycle for sale:

    Now that the seller has taken a step forward towards selling the bike, it is time to advertise the bike for sale to get potential buyers. So, for doing so, the seller needs to do the following:

  • Keep all the documents related to the bike and its detailed description ready
  • Capture good photos of the bike from different angles
  • Post the ad for the bike online
  • Get the ad published in the newspaper
  • Contact a motorcycle dealer who is into a bike buying business


  1. Finalizing the deal:

    The final phase is where the seller decides to whom they want to sell their motorcycle and moves forward with the selling process. The systematic approach to complete the final task requires the following steps:

  • Carefully examine the buyer
  • Do not complete the deal if you have a doubt or noticed something odd
  • Accept the best deal and wave goodbye to your motorcycle


Documents the seller would need to sell their motorcycle

Paperwork is very important in every area. This keeps us away from future troubles. When we decide to sell our bike it is very necessary that all our documents are in place. Let us see what are the major documents required for selling a motorcycle:


1.Vehicle ownership document or title:

This document is proof that the vehicle belongs to the person trying to sell it.

2.Contract or agreement of sale:

This document prevents any future problems from the buyer as well as from the seller’s side. The agreement of sale also proves that the bike no longer belongs to the sellers and they are not liable for anything that happens with the bike.

3.Sale holding agreement:

This document is mainly required when you are selling your bike to an individual buyer. In case the buyer wants the bike but does not have the whole amount to pay the seller for the bike then the buyer can ask for holding the sale by depositing some amount and signing the agreement.

4.Test drive agreement:

In case the seller is offering a test drive to the potential buyers then test drive agreement is a must. Getting this agreement signed by the buyer before giving them your vehicle for a test drive will protect the seller in case any accident happens during the test drive or if the buyer gets caught by traffic police for not following the rules etc.

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Obtaining maximum cash for a motorcycle when it comes time to sell it is everyone’s top priority. There are many things that can affect the cash you get for your wrecked motorcycle. The regular maintenance of your bike can turn out to be profitable in the future. If you have a well-maintained motorcycle, you can receive a decent amount for that.

Get license junkyards

To get top dollar for your motorcycle, you should search for licensed motorcycle junkyards. These motorcycle junkyards operate professionally by maintaining the laws established by the government. If you want to sell your motorcycle in a legit and quick way, search for authorized bike buyers. The motorcycle buyers estimate the bikes worth based on its exact condition. You are free from stress related to whether or not you are getting an accurate amount for your used motorcycle.

Winter is around the corner and so it’s vacation time for motorcycles of all sorts. Not riding your bike throughout the winter is good from your safety’s perspective. While on the other hand, the cold weather conditions can affect your motorcycle functioning due to not being used.

Maintenance of your motorcycle ensures it’s safe and secure and ready to ride again after the winter. In the meantime, if the thought of selling your motorcycle strikes, you can sell it.

Let’s discuss some of the easy winter maintenance tips that you can follow

Cleaning and washing your motorcycle assures that no contaminants will get onto it. Make sure you put wax on the painted surfaces and polish all the metal surfaces of your motorcycle.

Changing the oil and filters of your motorcycle is a health maintenance tip to be followed this winter. This would assure that you will start off with new oil next season.

You can either fill or completely drain the motorcycle’s tank according to your need. It is easier to fill the tank as your motorcycle will be kept indoors throughout the winter. Fuller tanks prevent the inside from getting rust as it leaves little air space for oxidation.

Add the fuel stabilizer to your motorcycle tank to keep the gas protected against stalling and separating.

The next thing to do is to drain the carburetor from your motorcycle so that the fuel doesn’t evaporate. You can follow the manual’s directions to disconnect the fuel line and drain the carburetor.   

Get your motorcycle tires inspected and inflated for the winter. The tires that are in good condition and properly inflated will help them remain healthy. Winter is also a great time to replace your motorcycle tires in case they are worn out.

Cover your bike with a breathable cover which will protect it from dents and dings.

You should make sure your motorcycle’s battery is conditioned and charged. To do so, you can use a battery charger to keep the bike’s battery charged.

Maintenance of your motorcycle can help you a lot in getting maximum cash at the time of selling.

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Why is it necessary to conduct research before you sell a motorcycle?

No matter the reason why you want to sell your motorcycle, you are definitely looking to obtain the best price. For this purpose, you should consider the following tips.

Know your motorcycle

Knowing your motorbike well is essential for determining the right price, as well as for gaining the trust of the potential buyers. If someone who is interested in your motorcycle seems to know more about it than you, he will definitely have some doubts about buying it. Most probably, he will question your credibility and the way in which you maintained your bike. Let’s face it, how can he believe that the motorcycle was well cared for if you don’t even know how often you should change the oil for that particular model? There is also another possibility; if the potential buyer notices that the motorcycle is in a good condition, but you don’t know too much about it, he will probably lead the negotiation for its price, outlining all its defects and minimizing the strong points.

Use advertising

Advertising means a lot more than TV ads, and you can use this technique for increasing the number of potential clients. This way, you will be able to choose the right customer for you. Since some potential clients will try to lower the price you asked, it is always a good idea to have more people interested in your motorcycle. Post the ad on social media, specialized websites and tell your friends that you want to sell your motorcycle.


Since space isn’t such as an issue with motorcycles, it’s easy to clean and detail them at home.

  • Rinse your bike with cool water to remove loose dirt.
  • Clean plastic components first using a soft sponge or cloth and a mild detergent, and then wash the rims (don’t wash the chain).
  • Rinse thoroughly; detergent residue can corrode alloy parts.
  • Dry the motorcycle and lubricate the drive chain.
  • Start the motorcycle and let it run for several minutes – be sure to test the brakes before driving.
  • Remember to clean any original parts you have lying around so that potential buyers can view them if necessary.

Make it shine

A good first impression is always important, and motorcycles are no exception. If the vehicle will be full of dust and dirt when someone comes to see it, the potential buyer will assume from the start that it is not well-maintained and it’s not worth the money. If you polish it before, and you take care of the minor damages that can be repaired immediately without high costs, the chances of selling your motorcycle for a good price will increase considerably.

Consider selling some accessories separately.

If your motorcycle is laden with accessories, it’s sometimes a better option to remove them and sell them separately. Chances are you’ve accessorized your motorcycle in accordance with your needs and personal tastes, and not every buyer will appreciate it as you do. According to experts, if you plan to sell your bike with accessories, it’s best to make sure the original parts (e.g. exhaust pipes, racks, bars, mirrors) are included or at least available in case the buyer wants them.

Don’t invest in mods

If a new layer of paint is required, don’t hesitate to do it. It will be a good investment that will boost your chances of selling your motorcycle for the best price. Don’t be afraid of buying some wax, either. However, the temptation of making modifications will be higher the moment you start preparing it for the selling process. But this is definitely not a good option, not to mention it may be really expensive. Mods will determine the buyer to believe that the motorcycle is not reliable enough, and it needed some adjustments. Moreover, the modifications you make may not please and satisfy the new owner’s needs. Allow him to customize the motorcycle as he wishes.

Allow test rides, but not for everyone

Test rides can convince the potential customer to buy your motorcycle, but if you allow anyone to ride it, the motorbike may suffer damages. These damages will cost you for sure, and might even bring down the selling price or, worse, ward off customers.


When selling a motorcycle, negotiation is generally unavoidable. Negotiation tactics are important, and some basic rules to remember are:

  • Decide on a bottom price.
  • Don’t make the first move – if the buyer wants to negotiate, encourage them to name a price first.
  • Don’t let low offers put you off – provide a counteroffer.

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