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You may have got bored driving your motorcycle for years and a new stylish motorcycle caught your eye. Buying that new motorcycle may seem to be luring option, but you might not have enough money to spend. Moreover, it may be a case that your garage may not have enough space for two motorcycles. In such a scenario, selling a motorcycle is the right option. You may be surprised to know that there is a number of potential buyers who might be interested in giving cash for motorcycles. You only need to explore the market, travel near your locality, ask for help from your acquaintances or surf online bike selling websites.  The problem, however, arises due to the fact that you don’t have any prior experience in selling a motorcycle and as a result, you may end up getting the unprofitable offer. Many experienced buyers know how to trick the sellers and they might be able to negotiate your motorcycle at a lower price. They take advantage of the fact that you don’t have proper knowledge regarding the price of the motorcycle. They may tell you that your motorcycle is not working properly, or your model is too old. They may also create a fuss on the mileage. As a novice, you might agree to their offer. Many times, the buyers offer you partial payment during the transaction and promise to pay the remaining amount in installments. But many of such buyers are difficult to track once you hand over your bike to them. You are only left with frustration and a few bucks in your pocket. You must also be aware of potential scammers who may try to get your bike by force and may harm you in the process. Whenever you set up a meeting point and place, always ask somebody to accompany for support. Always ask the buyers to meet at a crowded place for secure transaction. To get maximum value for your motorcycle, you need to follow simple steps that would help you in better negotiation.

Get good cash for motorcycles following these simple steps

Tips for getting top dollars by selling a motorcycle

  1. Setting the right price:

    It is highly important for you to know the right price of your motorcycle. You can search for online websites that will tell you an approximate price for your bike. All you need to do is to fill certain details regarding the model, make, mileage and other specifications of your motorcycle. If you set a very high price, you might not attract potential buyers. If the price is very low, you might end up getting too few dollars. It is important for the demand for used motorcycles. You can also take help from your friends who have experience in selling a motorcycle in helping you out in setting the correct price. 

  2. Clean your bike properly:

    Even if your motorcycle is in working condition, few touch up always catch the attention of the buyer. You can get your bike washed or clean it at your home using bathing soap or washing powder. This will not transform your motorcycle completely but will remove some dust or dirt that has been gathered on it. You can also apply some wax for giving it a shining look. 

  3. Get small repairs done:

    If your motorcycle needs small repairs such as changing of oil filter, cleaning or spark plugs, etc, then consider getting it done. Some buyers who are experienced in buying old motorcycles are always looking for fine details. You can take your bike to a professional mechanic and get the repairs done.

  4. Advertising:  

    It may sound a bit tough, but this is one of the best methods to reach out to a large number of potential buyers. If you talk to a friend, he may be able to get you one or two buyers and you might not have enough options to choose from. However, if you advertise your bike online, you may be able to connect to many buyers. After that, you can select the best offer and move forward with the transaction.

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Have you ever wondered how much nuisance is used a motorcycle for you and your society? You have been driving your old motorcycle for a while, but if you are concerned about the society in which you live, then you must give a second thought it disposing of it. However, you must be aware of its potential hazards to the environment. As a responsible person, it is our duty to protect our environment from any kind of effects by our used bike. Whenever you feel like that now your bike is quite old and has started to emit more pollutants then you must sell your motorcycle

Pollution caused by motorcycles

  1. Emissions from driving:

    You might be surprised to know that motorcycles are more dangerous for the environment than cars. The reason behind is poor pollution control standards for motorcycles as compared to cars. Even though they release less carbon dioxide, their emissions account for more greenhouse gases. Moreover, cars can accommodate a greater number of passengers and as a result, motorcycles amount for more emissions per person. Apart from carbon dioxide, they also release carbon monoxide (CO), unburnt gases (HC’s) and nitrous oxides which have a strong detrimental effect on human health.

  2. Emissions from manufacturing:

    If you thought the process of manufacturing a motorcycle does not affect the environment much, then you are wrong. The fact is that they are even worse than cars. They release more amount of carbon dioxide during their construction that cars.

Because the motorcycles amount to a large amount of pollution during their lifetime, it is the responsibility of the owner to sell a used motorcycle to a place where its eco-friendly disposal is done. Opting for eco-friendly disposal will not only help in saving the earth, but it will also give you a good feeling that you have been able to reduce your environmental footprint. The eco-friendly disposal focuses on utilizing every scrap of your motorcycle mitigating the end-of-life effect on the environment.

Making bike disposal an eco-friendly process through motorcycle junkyard

Best ways to sell used motorcycle

  1. Providing reclaimed motorcycle parts:

    Even if your motorcycle is totaled, there is still a possibility that some of its parts are still usable. Sometimes the outer of your motorcycle is damaged, but the engine still has enough capacity to run for another thousand miles. You can sell these parts to salvage yards who utilized used parts for motorcycle repair thereby lowering the demand of new parts. 

  2. Keep the body and other parts of the motorcycle out of the landfill:

    Even if the motorcycle is totally wrecked, its parts can still be used as scrap and hence putting them in a landfill is complete wastage. Moreover, these parts don’t easily decompose. The plastic parts may take more than a hundred years while the glass parts may consume millions of years to decompose. So, it is always better to sell your motorcycle to a reliable company or a person for cash than unnecessarily dumping its parts.

  3. Providing recycled parts for manufacturing of new motorcycle parts:

    Motorcycle junkyard buys old motorcycles and repairs them for future use. As a result, the demand for production of new motorcycles decreases leading mitigating the environmental footprint. Moreover, there might be still some working parts which can be used to repair other motorcycles. For example, it is quite easy to recycle old tires and other steel components of your motorcycle into new ones.

  4. Disposing of any potentially hazardous materials or parts:

    Another advantage one gets when they sell used a motorcycle to a salvage yard is that they recycle the fluids including engine oil. They also ensure that potentially hazardous materials are disposed of responsibly.

  5. Offering to repair the parts locally:

    If your company is still producing spare parts, then it is better to get your motorcycle repaired locally in case you don’t want to sell your motorcycle. It is eco-friendly in a way that your motorcycle does not need to be shipped to a remote place for repair work.

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