salvaging a motorcycle

The process of selling a motorcycle is not as difficult as it may seem for a person with little experience in the business. Since your motorcycle is already in bad condition, you don’t have anything to lose. However, you must not miss out on the opportunity to get top dollars if you can. For this, you will have to conduct proper market research regarding the price and demand for a used motorcycle. You will have to communicate with multiple buyers through the online website or personally visiting their shops. Once you have received multiple offers, then properly evaluate them and select the most profitable one. After that, you have to negotiate with the buyer over the price and close the deal. A detailed description of the entire process is provided below:

Preparing your motorcycle and documents:

sell a motorcycle

  1. Getting your motorcycle cleaned from dirt:

    Make sure that you have cleaned all the dirt from your motorcycle before presenting it before the junkyard buyer. It leaves a good impression and you may end up getting top dollars.

  2. Properly inspect your motorcycle to identify any repair work requirements:

    You must thoroughly inspect your motorcycle to identify any major fault and get it replaced. Buyers tend to reject the offer if they find a significant defect in your motorcycle.

  3. Explore the market for used motorcycles:

    Proper research and exploration of the market of used motorcycles equip you with enough knowledge to effectively negotiate with the buyers.

  4. Have a predetermined price in mind:

    Before you enter into the negotiation with the buyers, do remember to get your motorcycle valued and set a price that is slightly above your expectations.

Negotiating with the buyers and finalizing the deal:

sell a motorcycle

  1. Carefully evaluate all the potential buyers:

    Usually, the owners are in a hurry to sell their motorcycle and get instant cash. They usually don’t want to put much effort into searching potential buyers and carefully evaluating them. As a result, they end up accepting an offer from the very first buyer who approaches them. Usually, the buyers are highly experienced and try to negotiate with the owner at a lower price. This way, the owner is not able to get top dollars by selling a motorcycle. It is recommended that the owner contacts multiple buyers and get various quotes from them. Having multiple quotes in hand, the owner will be in a better position to accept the most profitable one. The careful evaluation also helps the owner to identify potential scammers who may try to due him of money.

  2. Communicate with the buyers and arrange for the meeting:

    Communication is the starting step in the entire negotiation process of selling a motorcycle. You will have to provide all the details of your motorcycle to the buyer. In return, the buyer will present you with quotes and other details. Some of the owners tend to finalize the deal online or through phone only. However, it is better to meet in person first. It helps in better communication between the owner and the buyer and the deal can be finalized afterward.

  3. Make arrangements for providing test drive to potential buyers:

    Once the buyer agrees to meet in person, the owner then has to arrange for a test drive. While arranging for a test drive the owner must select a location that is accident-prone. Moreover, since such locations are far away from the main city, it is not safe to go alone along with the buyer. The owner must ask someone to accompany him for support.

  4. Ask the buyers to pay the amount in cash only:

    Before you sell a motorcycle to the buyer, make sure that they have paid all the money in cash and on the spot. Do not accept any partial payment from the buyer. Once they take away your motorcycle, it becomes very difficult to locate and contact them. If you are accepting the payment in cheque, do remember to go through all the credentials.

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