selling a motorcycle

There is no point in keeping in your old motorcycle in the garage useless and spending your hard-earned money on its repair and maintenance. It only adds to your never-ending woes and growing frustration when even after the repair work, your motorcycle still does not work properly. It is understandable that it becomes difficult for the owner to part with the motorcycle, however, a time comes when it is always better to part with it.

You might wonder, how can a motorcycle that is of no use to you help you earn a good amount of money? The reality is that if you put sincere efforts, then you can attain top dollars for your motorcycle. Before you even enter into the process of selling a motorcycle, you must have done the proper groundwork. It includes thorough research of the market demand and prices of used motorcycles. It helps you acquire knowledge about the used motorcycle industry and you will be in a better position to negotiate. There are many kinds of buyers who are interested in providing you top dollars when you sell your motorcycle to them.

These include individual buyers, junkyard shops and dealers. People who don’t have money to buy a new motorcycle are interested in spending it on a used one. Even after the repair work, it still comes under their budget. If you are able to negotiate properly with individual buyers, then you can earn top dollars by selling a motorcycle. Junkyard shops, on the other hand, do not provide you top dollars, but the process is a lot simpler and convenient. Selling a motorcycle through dealers is least profitable, but then you don’t have to worry about any formalities and transaction tussles.

What steps I have to take to sell a motorcycle?

selling a motorcycle

Acquiring knowledge regarding the market price and demand for used motorcycle:

Being informed is the key to attain top dollars while selling a motorcycle. Usually, the owners do not have any prior experience in this business. As a result, they fall prey to lucrative and fake offers provided by the buyers. When the owner is well informed, he will be able to identify genuine buyers and evaluate the most profitable one.

Getting your motorcycle ready:

Even though your motorcycle is old, it won’t do any harm to you if you put some effort into getting cleaned and greased. A well-maintained motorcycle gives a good impression on the buyer and he may agree with your negotiated price.

Consider getting minor repairs if required:

If your motorcycle requires basic repair and maintenance work, then get it done before you enter into the negotiation with the buyer. Even though the repair work will cost you some money, but you will then be able to demand a higher price for your motorcycle. Overall, it will compensate for your repair expenses.

Accept payment in form of cash only:

Before you hand over your motorcycle to the buyer, make sure that he has paid you the entire amount in cash. Many buyers tend to offer you partial payment with the promise of paying the rest of the amount in installments. However, such kind of buyers is difficult to contact once the deal is finalized. It is hence better to ask them for complete payment. By doing so, you will be saved from any kind of fraud and will get enough money to spend on buying a new motorcycle. In case the buyer offers payment through cheque, do ensure that all the credentials are genuine.

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