what is my motorcycle worth

There comes a time in the lifespan of every motorcycle when you need to part ways with it. It’s understandable that selling your beloved vehicle can be challenging both in the sense of handling all your emotions attached with it and also to deal with the stress of researching, preparing and negotiating. It is highly important that you conduct proper research before communicating with potential buyers who are interested in buying a used motorcycle.

It will not only help you understand the market for used motorcycles but will also get you an idea regarding its approximate value. You can explore the market value of your motorcycle by searching in local classified ads and online websites especially dedicated to motorcycles. In case you have a customized bike, it may be difficult for you to get the right price. In such a situation, you will need to apply your own judgment or consult an expert for advice.

You may need to find out whether your model is popular or not among the buyers. It is always easier to negotiate on the price of popular models. You must also check the condition of the motorcycle and get it repaired in case of minor scratches or small dents. You can also get it to paint and waxed in order to give it a presentable look. In the process of preparing your bike, you will need to get it inspected from a professional mechanic. Some of the preparation processes can be started at home.

You can start by cleaning the body and outside parts of the motorcycle. Avoid cleaning inside or complicated parts as you may end up damaging the wires and other sensitive parts. You can also remove the dust and grit from the tires. The in-depth cleaning can be later on carried by professional cleaners. After getting your motorcycle cleaned, make sure that all the parts are in working condition. Check for any leakage in the pipes and get them repaired to avoid any mishap. This whole process might cost you a bit, but it will help you earn more in selling a motorcycle.

Steps to sell your motorcycle easily

Three steps to get top dollars by selling a motorcycle

Appraising the cost:

If you take some of your time and effort in cleaning your bike thoroughly, you will be able to attract more potential buyers and it will be easier to sell your motorcycle. Proper inspection of any damages or dents will help you understand which parts of the motorcycle need minor repairs. Check the battery if it’s working properly. Look for any possible leaks and get them repaired. There are many websites which can give you an idea regarding the prices of similar bikes. You can also look for online advertisement and compare the prices offered by the sellers. You can then determine the value of your motorcycle from the information available.

Advertising the motorcycle:

If you want to reach out to a larger pool of potential buyers, you can consider advertising your motorcycle online. All you need to do is to make an account, fill in the details of your motorcycle and upload quality pictures in order to attract more buyers. Always take the pictures in broad daylight covering all the required angles. If possible, click the photos from a high-quality camera instead of a mobile. Make sure that you are clear and transparent while describing the specifications and condition of your motorcycle.

Sealing the deal:

Buyers who ask you about the basic information already listed in the advertisement are probably not very serious in buying a used motorcycle. Make sure that you entertain only those buyers who are having the cash to offer and willing to negotiate. You must also be cautious about potential scammers who may offer you partial payment at the time of delivery. These types of buyers are usually difficult to track once the deal is over.

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