selling a motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle is not an easy task especially when you don’t have any prior experience. You may have to do it all yourself to get the best value for it. You might also have to safeguard yourself from scammers who may dupe you with your money. But even after all these tussles, if you manage to get top dollar for your motorcycle, you will be highly satisfied. You can either trade in your motorcycle or sell it on your own. Personal efforts are time usually time-consuming, but they are worth the rewards. Moreover, there is less chance of getting duped by middlemen if you personally contact the buyers. There are certain points you need to keep in mind which will help you sell your motorcycle smoothly without a problem.

Important tips for selling your motorcycle

  1. Setting the right price: It’s important to set the right price of your motorcycle for getting the best deals. The price must not be very high, otherwise, it will turn off potential buyers. You must always research online regarding the market prices of used motorcycles. It will help to get a better idea to set the offer price.
  2. Cleaning your motorcycle: Even though the buyers know that your bike is old, still they would want it to be in good condition. The best way is to get your bike washed and oiled before you present it to the buyer. You can also apply some wax to give it a shining look.
  3. Contacting dealers: You can always look for nearby local junkyards who are interested in buying used motorcycles. You can also ask your acquaintances who have prior experience of selling motorcycles to help you communicate with them.
  4. Posting advertisement: If you want to reach a large number of buyers, you will need to post an online advertisement mentioning the details of your motorcycle. You will need to describe its make, model and other specifications. Most of the websites ask you to upload good quality pictures of your motorcycle so that the potential clients are able to have a look at its condition.
  5. Fielding the calls: Most of the buyers who are interested in buying a used motorcycle first ask you to lower the price of your motorcycle. In such a situation, do not readily agree to their demands. First, you must contact multiple buyers and then decide if there is the scope of selling the motorcycle at the current price.
  6. Meeting potential buyers: For negotiating the offers, you will be required to personally meet the buyers as they would be interested in checking out the motorcycle. Always remember to prepare your bike advance before the meeting.
  7. Test drive: Most of the buyers are interested in a test drive before they finalize the deal. You must make sure that the buyers have a proper driving license. Before you hand over your motorcycle to the buyer for a test drive, ask them about signing an agreement so that you don’t run into trouble in case the motorcycle meets with a mishap. The place of the test drive must be traffic free to avoid any kind of accident. You must ask someone to accompany you for support.
  8. Finalizing the deal: The final stage of the selling process is closing the deal. It requires submitting all the documents along with the motorcycle and getting the cash for it. Some of the buyers offer partial payment and agree to pay afterward. However, you must never accept such offers as most of the buyers do not turn up after the deal. To ensure a safe transaction, you must ask them to provide you with instant cash.

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