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Selling a motorcycle is not everyone’s cup of tea and you need to have a little bit of knowledge and negotiating skills to end up getting good value for your money. People who are already in the business of trading old motorcycles have enough experience to deal with others. They have already faced enough surprises that they are very cautious while finalizing a deal. However, people who for the first time want to sell a motorcycle, do not have any expertise or prior experience. As a result, they might either be easily lured into offers that might not be profitable. Moreover, they are in a hurry of selling a motorcycle, that they easily accept whatever offer that is presented before them by the buyer. Because of all these issues, it is important on the part of the owner to have a thorough knowledge of the market price and demand of old motorcycle so that they are in a better position to negotiate. Having good knowledge of the worth of the motorcycle will solve the following purposes:

  1. Acquiring the best deal for your motorcycle:

    When you are communicating with potential buyers, make sure that you consider multiple offers so that you can choose the most profitable one. You will have to carefully analyze not only the offers but also the credibility of the buyers so that you do not end up negotiating with the scammers.

  2. Securing yourself from unheard practices:

    Sometimes dealers and buyers provide you with lucrative offers that are not familiar. In such a situation, many owners tend to get inclined towards the offers. However, there is always some catch in the offers that are too good to be true. The owners must, therefore, be very cautious while accepting such offers.

  3. Getting the best deal in exchange offers:

    You must never hurry to sell a motorcycle. Instead, you must first explore all the offers that are presented by the buyers. Sometimes, you can get a great offer on a new model especially close to a holiday. During such periods, the seller’s bank on heavy sales and they can easily provide you a new motorcycle at a low price.

  4. Being confident during negotiations:

    Negotiation is the most important step in selling a motorcycle as it will determine the amount you would be getting after the deal is closed. Having prior knowledge of the prices of used motorcycles will enable us to better negotiate with the buyers.

  5. Attaining peace of mind after selling your motorcycle:

    Once you have received cash for motorcycles, you will be at peace as you can spend that money on buying a new model. Moreover, you will be relieved as you won’t have to spend on repair and maintenance of the old motorcycle.

Know what is my motorcycle worth before selling ?

Importance of valuation of your motorcycle

  1. Avoiding selling your motorcycle in loss:

    If you have thoroughly researched and explored the current market price and demand of used motorcycles, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the buyers and up in cracking the best deal.

  2. Protecting yourself from scammers:

    There are many scammers in the market which are looking out for vulnerable sellers whom they can easily dupe with the money. They would take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the owner and would offer less money for the motorcycle. However, if the owner has already properly researched and estimated the value of the motorcycle, there is less chance of getting duped by the scammers.

  3. Getting the true price for your motorcycle:

    Once you have a thorough knowledge regarding the market price of the motorcycle, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the buyers. Once they will provide you their offers, you will easily understand which of the offers are genuine and which are meant to dupe you with money.

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