sell a motorcycle

With so many junkyard buyers available online and offline, the process to sell a motorcycle is not at all difficult today but getting top dollar for it requires a little bit of effort. There is a systematic approach to sell a motorcycle for top dollar. This approach has various steps. If all the steps are carried out by the motorcycle owner systematically then nothing can stop them from getting good cash for motorcycles. Here is the way through which motorcycle owners can get top dollar for selling their motorcycles:

  1. Tune-up your motorcycle:

    It is really important to clean and fix small damages on your bike. Sometimes small touch-ups can bring a lot of difference in the looks of your bike. If the bike repair cost is not very high then go for it, as it will help a lot in demanding a better price from the seller while selling it. You can also wash your motorcycle with water and polish it to add some shine. This will further enhance the overall appearance of your motorcycle.

  2. File up your motorcycle servicing records:

    The servicing records are proof that you have taken timely care of your motorcycle. Moreover, these records also tell about the types of services and repairs that are done on the bike. The seller need to show these records to the buyer when meeting in person; in case sellers use online means, then they can upload their servicing documents. 

  3. Put efforts towards marketing part:

    Just putting an ad online or keeping a “for sale” board against your motorcycle is not enough to get to the junkyard buyer of your choice. Do everything that can make more junkyard buyers approach you. Be genuine and descriptive when posting an ad for your bike. Do your research about the type of salvage yard buyer you want to sell your bike to. In case you choose to sell your motorcycle through an ad posting website then give honest details about:

  • How long you have owned the motorcycle 
  • Type of title the bike has
  • Details about any modifications done on the motorcycle 

sell a motorcycle

  1. Advertise about the customization you had done on your motorcycle which improved its performance:

    Never forget to mention anything that can fetch you some more money from the salvage yard buyer. If you have spent a good chunk of money to get your bike customized and work more efficiently then there is no point in leaving it when providing a description of the bike.

  2. Carefully inspect your bike and see if there are any accessories that you can sell separately:

    The sellers should inspect their bikes and see if there are any accessories on the motorcycle which they can sell separately for more money. Otherwise, it is totally the seller’s choice. 

  3. Instead of asking for a pick-up from junkyard buyers, offer free motorcycle transport:

    When you sell a motorcycle through online means then you might receive offers from the salvage yard buyers who are not from your state. In such cases, the seller can act smartly by offering free transport to the salvage yard buyer and including that charge in the selling price of the bike. 

How to approach a junkyard buyer online to sell a motorcycle?

There are certain things that will help the seller in approaching the best bike buying company online. These things are as follows:

  1. Junkyard buyer that has a good reputation
  2. A company that has a good amount of experience in this field.
  3. Great customer reviews.
  4. Companies whose office you can physically approach and verify things. 
  5. A salvage yard that offers a simple, easy and secure way to sell a motorcycle

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