sell my motorcycle

Many people ask this question, “Is it wise to sell my motorcycle or should I keep it?”. Well, selling your scrap motorcycle is the better option of the two. There is no point in keeping a junk motorcycle in your garage.

Here are top reasons why you should consider selling junk motorcycles:

sell my motorcycle

You rarely drive it

Keeping your junk motorcycle for long in your garage does no good to it. Its engine gets jammed and the oil dries up.

Eventually, you will have to take it to the mechanic for repairs. The bigger the repairs, the higher the cost will be.

Clearing your debt

Junk motorcycles can be a good option to clear off your pending debts. Selling them would help you earn a decent amount of money. You can use it to settle off your liabilities.

A safer option

It’s not safe to drive a damaged bike on the road. The chances of an accident are very high. The bikes are more vulnerable to cars and a small careless mistake can lead to a fatal situation. It’s, therefore, better to sell your old motorcycle and buy a new one.

Top Tips on Selling your Motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle can be a tough experience for a first-time seller. Especially, if he or she lacks basic knowledge of market prices and buyers. But don’t worry. You can still manage to crack a profitable deal. Simply follow the tips that experts recommend.

Here are top tips to sell junk motorcycles

Be informed

It’s better to get a basic understanding of the market prices and demand for junk motorcycles. You can get free quotes for your motorcycle from various websites by simply filling in few details. This will help you to evaluate the offers from the buyers. As you will have an idea about your motorcycle’s worth, you will be able to identify which offers are genuine.

Also, you will be able to set a selling price in advance. Usually, the buyers tend to bring down the price of the motorcycle. A slightly higher selling price will give you a margin to negotiate with them.

Be patient

Rushing into the deal won’t help you. Be patient and evaluate all the buyers and their offers carefully.

Prepare your documents before you sell your motorcycle

Get everything in place, especially the important documents like the title, warranty cards, service records, etc. You will need them during negotiations. In case you have lost any of your important documents, contact the concerned body for the same.

For instance, you can contact the local department of the motor vehicle to get a duplicate title. In case you have lost your insurance papers, you can contact your concerned company to issue you duplicate ones.

Get your motorcycle ready

See if your motorcycle needs minor repairs. Visit a professional mechanic for inspection. Minor repairs won’t cost you much. It will increase the value of your motorcycle.

Communicate properly

Communication is the key to earn a good deal. You need to discuss all the terms and conditions of the sale beforehand. This will avoid any confusion in the future.

Can I sell my motorcycle without a title?

what is my motorcycle worth


It’s understandable if you have misplaced your title. Keeping track of your documents for so long can be difficult. Many people find it difficult to locate their documents at the time of sale.

Though there can be multiple reasons for losing it, it’s still not permissible to sell junk motorcycles without the title. However, some states give the seller some time to provide the title. This way, they get enough time to negotiate with the buyers.

Besides, it’s difficult to convince people to buy a motorcycle without a title. They may be wary of untitled motorcycles and may presume them to be stolen.

And it’s reasonable to be cautious about it. Buying a stolen motorcycle can be a headache afterwards.

You will need the title to transfer your ownership to the buyers. If you have lost your title, you can contact your local department of the motor vehicle and ask them to issue you a duplicate one.

Where can I sell my motorcycle?

selling a motorcycle

There are multiple options for you to sell junk motorcycles. Let’s read them in detail

Car enthusiasts

These people are motorcycle lovers and go to any extent to modify it. It’s fairly easy to convince them to pay top dollar. However, these buyers are less in number and difficult to identify.

Second-hand buyers

People who have a tight budget prefer buying old motorcycles. It costs them less and they can afford it. Though they may have to spend some money on the repair work, it’s still cheaper than buying a new one.

Junkyard shops

These companies buy junk motorcycles with ease. All they ask for is your title to ensure that you are the owner. They will pick your motorcycle from your location and pay you the amount in cash on the spot.

Motorcycle dealers

Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to spare for selling your motorcycle. In such a case, you can contact professional dealers who will help you out in the sale.

They connect you with the buyers, get you a profitable deal and carry out all the formalities. All you have to do is pay them some fees for their services.

How to sell my motorcycle online?

sell online

Online selling is simple as you don’t have to go anywhere. Simply, search websites that connect buyers and sellers. There you will find options to set up your profile.

Once you have provided your description, you will find plenty of buyers visiting your profile. The interested ones will contact you with their offers.

There are only three steps and you are ready to go

Filling in your details

You will have to submit your bike details by filling up the online form. The website will provide you with an instant quote for your junk motorcycle.

Free inspection

You will receive confirmation about the inspection from the valuator. He or she will visit your place for a free inspection and let you know about the final price.

Receive payment

Once the valuator approves your bike, you will receive instant payment on your bank account. The company will take care of your document formalities.

Earning top dollar from selling a motorcycle is not a big deal if you contact the right company. A professional company will offer you the best value for your car. is one such company that offers high-quality services to its clients.

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