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How to sell my motorcycle for the same price? A common question of all the bike owners. Getting the same price for a new motorcycle after a few months is near impossible. Even if you haven’t driven your motorcycle much, no one would be willing to buy it at the price of a new model. When people can buy a new model, why would they risk buying from you? Only in special circumstances when the model you purchased is out of stock and the buyer desperately wants it, you may be able to sell it at the same price.

However, if you buy a second-hand motorcycle, then there is a chance that you may be able to sell it at the same price. The value of a used motorcycle does not depreciate quickly.

Should I keep or sell my damaged motorcycle?

sell a motorcycle

If you have a junk motorcycle lying in your garage, you may be aware of the trouble it causes. Time and again, you have to spend on its useless repairs. Also, leaking oils and gases leaves your garage in a mess. In such a situation, it’s always better to get rid of all your troubles by selling your motorcycle to a junkyard shop! It’s always a win-win situation for you as along with parting with your old motorcycle, you will get some cash in return.

How can I sell my motorcycle if it’s damaged?

selling a motorcycle

Selling a damaged car won’t be difficult if you can find the right buyer. If you are considering selling it to an individual buyer, then you have to be very sure about its condition. Your motorcycle should be in running condition with all its parts working properly.

The buyer may even want to test drive your motorcycle. In that case, you need to clean it to remove the dust and put some oil on its parts. You will also have to find a clear place for the test drive.

When your motorcycle is fully damaged, and there is no chance of it getting better, scrapping it is the best option. Junkyards will readily pay you cash for it.

Go online and search for the best site to sell motorcycles. See if the website is offering free quotes or not? Also, check out the models they are accepting. Make sure that they are serving your area. Once you have identified such sites, go through their profile and read their reviews. If you find them genuine, call them or fill out a query form to get their response.

Where can I sell my motorcycle?

selling a motorcycle

There are various options including individual buyers, junkyard shops and bike dealers. It all depends on how much time you want to spare and what value you are expecting from the deal. If you want to sell your motorcycle to individual buyers, you may have to spare some time identifying the potential options and then put some effort into negotiating with them over your desired price. On the other hand, if you wish to scrap your car, you can find plenty of junkyard shops either in your neighborhood or by visiting websites that provide relevant information. Car dealers are for those who are too busy to even spare a day to explore potential buyers. The professional dealers have strong networks with the buyers and help you connect with them in no time. However, they charge some fees for their service. In terms of value, selling to individual buyers is the best option. Looking at convenience, junkyard shops and professional dealers are a better choice.

How can I get the maximum value for my damaged motorcycle?

sell my motorcycle

Getting a good value for a used motorcycle is not difficult if you follow what the experts recommend:

Start with market research

You need to know the value of a used motorcycle before you put up your selling price. For that, you will have to do some research. Some websites provide relevant information about the market. They also provide free quotes for your motorcycle. Once you put in your information, their executives will get in touch with you with the offer.

Set up selling price in advance

Once you have an idea about the market prices, you can put a selling price in advance. Note that the buyers have a tendency to negotiate. Therefore, put the price slightly higher than the market value. This way, you will have a margin to negotiate.

Preparing in advance

You need to be well ahead in the process to get the best deal. It all starts from gathering your important documents including the title of your motorcycle, warranty papers, service, records, etc. While you may only need the title in case you are scrapping your bike, other buyers may even demand a complete list of all your documents.

You will have to ensure that your motorcycle is in presentable condition. See if there is dust on the surface. Get it clean by washing it with water and then greasing it with wax to add some shine.

Reaching buyers through advertisement

Online platforms offer the best way to sell a motorcycle. You can buy and sell motorcycles easily without any time delay. They even tell you how to sell a motorcycle quickly. All you need to do is set up your profile, add a little description and upload a few photographs. Once your profile is complete, it will be visible to the buyers who visit the websites. They will read your offer and contact you if they are interested.

Shortlisting potential buyers

Usually, the owners are overwhelmed on receiving the offers. So much so, that they readily accept the ones that come first. However, in doing so, they miss out on a more profitable offer that may show up in future. Being hasty won’t do any good to you. It’s better to spare some time to find the best place to sell a motorcycle. Though you will have to put some effort, it will be worth it when you crack a profitable deal.

Closing the deal

Once all the formalities are complete, you will then hand over your motorcycle to the buyer. But remember, don’t give up the possession until you have received complete payment, and that too in cash. It’s the safest option for you.

Earning top dollar from selling a motorcycle is not a big deal if you contact the right company. A professional company will offer you the best value for your car. is one such company that offers high-quality services to its clients.

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