selling a motorcycle

Keeping your motorcycle lying useless in your garage causes far more trouble than the effort you have to put in selling it off. Besides, when you sell your motorcycle, you will not only be relieved from all the stress, you would also be able to acquire a decent amount of money from the sale which you can spend on buying a new motorcycle. Even if you don’t go ahead with the sale and try to dispose of your motorcycle by dumping it somewhere, you would be again be landing into trouble. This way you would be spoiling your neighborhood and could be questioned by the authorities. On the other hand, if you sell your motorcycle to a buyer, it will then be his responsibility to dispose of it safely. Since these buyers are highly experienced in this business, they know how to dismantle the useful parts and dispose of the scrap without spoiling the environment.

What is the process to sell a motorcycle?

Don’t get stressed by learning about the process. You must only concentrate on one step at a time. If you follow the process, there is a high chance that you end up cracking a profitable deal. Even if you are in a hurry, don’t make any decision in haste. Have patience, give yourself some time and you would manage to convince a buyer to pay you top dollar for your old motorcycle.

Make all the preparatory work:

Giving your motorcycle a proper wash

The first impression is the last. If the buyer finds your motorcycle covered in dust, he might not agree with your desired price. You must, therefore, put some effort it getting it a wash to clean the dust.

Check for minor repairs and get them done

If your motorcycle requires a minor repair, then get them done. The reason is, no buyer wants to pay for a defective motorcycle. However, if the damage is severe, then it’s better to sell your motorcycle as scrap.

Research the market for used motorcycles

As most of the owners do not have prior experience of selling a motorcycle, it’s always better to carry out some research on the market price and demand. This way, the owner will be better prepared to negotiate with the buyers.

Put up a selling price slightly higher than your desired amount

Most of the buyers tend to negotiate and bring down the selling price. Since they are highly experienced in the art of negotiation that it becomes very difficult for the owner to demand the desire price. The owner, therefore, needs a margin to negotiate which can be maintained if the selling price is slightly higher than the desired one.

Make sure that you communicate with the buyers:

Carefully evaluate the buyers

Buyer’s evaluation is the most important part of selling a motorcycle. If you deal with professional buyers, there is a high probability that you end up cracking a profitable deal. However, if you fail to evaluate them and fall into the trap of scammers, then you will end up losing your precious money.

Try for the in-person meeting

Communication is always better when performed in person. After a brief talk, ask the buyer to meet you in person to discuss the details of the transaction and negotiate on the price.

Prepare for a test drive for the buyer

You must prepare a test drive for the buyer so that he can get an idea about the condition of your motorcycle.

Accept only cash payments

Cash payments are always safe as compared to other modes of payments. Usually, the clients are in a hurry to sell a motorcycle and readily accept any offer put forward by the buyers. But such kind of a deal can result in a loss for the client. It has to be understood that the buyers are only interested in the deal until and unless they don’t have possession of the motorcycle. However, once you sell your motorcycle to them, they do not turn up to pay the remaining amount. As such, accepting full payment in cash is the safest bet.

What are the advantages of prior research?

It helps you in buyers’ evaluation

Being informed is the first step to get a profitable deal. The reason is, you would be able to filter out the scammers from the buyers’ eventually shortlisting only the genuine one. This way, you would only receive genuine offers.

It makes the process of negotiation a lot easier

Once you are well aware of the process of selling a motorcycle, you will know how to proceed forward with the transaction. You have a fair idea about the buyer’s manipulations and how to tackle them. You will also be able to assert your desired price during the negotiation process.

It protects you from fake buyers

As you would be filtering out the fake offers, you will be able to protect yourself from scammers who may try to dupe you of your money.

What are the advantages of getting your motorcycle valued?

It aids you in offer evaluation

Just like the buyer’s evaluation, it becomes easier to evaluate the offers once you have an idea of the market value of your car. You can easily compare the prices

It helps in the identification of genuine buyers

Once your motorcycle is correctly valued, you can easily identify whether the buyer is presenting the right offer or not. With this, you can make evaluate the credibility of the buyer easily.

It helps you in attaining a profitable deal

As you would only accept the offers that are close to the market value, you eventually end up cracking a profitable deal.

Earning a good value by selling a motorcycle is only possible if you transact with a professional buyer. They offer you the best prices and eventually, you end up getting a profitable deal. One such company is which offers high-quality services to its clients. With years of experience, it has developed a strong reputation in the market.

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