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Given a choice, would you choose wastage over profit? Not even once. The same goes for keeping a motorcycle and selling a motorcycle. Keeping only adds to your never-ending woes. Selling a motorcycle helps you earn top dollar. While keeping it would add burden to your wallet, selling it will make it heavier. The choice is yours. The reason why most of the buyers are skeptical over selling a motorcycle is that they don’t have any prior experience and are not about its value. However, even a naïve person can earn enough money if he is prepared in advance. Prepared in terms of knowledge of the market. Prepared in terms of the negotiation strategy. Prepared in terms of understanding the procedures and formalities of transactions. Besides, if you sell your motorcycle and earn top dollar from it, you will have enough cash in your hand which you can spend on buying a new model. Even if buying a new motorcycle is not falling in your budget, selling a motorcycle might solve the purpose.

Steps to selling a motorcycle

As mentioned above, understanding the process to sell a motorcycle is one of the keys to a successful negotiation. Having a fair amount of ideas regarding the formalities will help you prepare in advance. Here are listed some important steps that you will need to carry out when selling a motorcycle:

Getting your motorcycle and the documents ready:

  1. Get your motorcycle cleaned and washed: It just requires a light wash and slight rubbing and bingo! Your motorcycle is shining. Even if it requires a bit of your effort, it doesn’t go in vain. A well-maintained motorcycle leaves a lasting impression on the buyer.
  2. Arrange for the repairs: If you feel that your motorcycle needs basic repair works, then get them done. Nobody likes to buy a motorcycle which is not working properly even if it is a used one. Although it might cost you a bit, it will compensate later on in the negotiation process.
  3. Properly research the market for used motorcycles: A well-informed owner is a good negotiator. If you feel that you can just contact a buyer and start negotiating, then give it a second thought. The negotiation process is highly tiring and difficult. However, if you are prepared in advance, it becomes a lot easier.
  4. Set a selling price before-hand: All buyers tend to bargain a bit. It’s in their nature. Don’t worry about it. Simply put your selling price slightly higher than your expectation. This will provide you with enough margin during negotiation.

Properly negotiate with the buyers:

  1. Check the credibility of the buyers: If you don’t want to fall in the trap of the scammers, then you must be very considerate about evaluating the credibility of the buyers. You can either read their profile description or thoroughly analyze client reviews.
  2. Arrange a face to face meeting: Best negotiations are made in person and hence, you must arrange a face to face meeting with the buyer. This way, you will discuss the important terms and conditions of the transaction process.
  3. Make arrangements for a test drive: The buyers are usually interested in getting a feel for your motorcycle. For that, you will have to arrange a test drive for them. Selecting a place for the test drive is highly important. You must finalize a spot that is accident-free. However, such places tend to be deserted. Any scammer might take advantage and may try to threaten you. As a thumb rule, ask some of your friends to accompany you for support.
  4. Accept payment in cash: Once you have closed the deal, the buyer will pay you the amount either in cash or via some other method. However, even if the buyer insists, only accept the payment in cash. Besides, ask the buyer to pay the entire amount on the spot. While you may be in a hurry to sell your motorcycle, small last-minute haste can cost enough money to rue in the future. Most of the buyers, who promise to pay the amount in future seldom show up leaving you frustrated with partial money.

So, if you still feel that you cannot earn enough money by selling a motorcycle, shed the idea. Contact the buyers immediately to start your transaction process.

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