sell a motorcycle

If you have an old motorcycle lying useless in your garage, then it will only add to your never-ending troubles. Firstly, it will create a mess in your garage which can be dangerous to your health. Secondly, you will have to spend your hard-earned money on its regular repairs. However, if you decide to sell your motorcycle, you will get rid of all the troubles. Besides, you will receive cash in hand from the deal which you can, later on, spend on buying a new motorcycle.

What procedure will I have to follow sell a motorcycle

The process of selling a motorcycle is straightforward and becomes convenient if you follow basic steps.

Preparing the motorcycle and important documents:

Cleaning the motorcycle

When the buyer comes to visit your location, you must make sure that your motorcycle is presentable. All you would be required is to wash your motorcycle with water to remove the dust and apply some wax on the surface to provide a shine to it.

Getting your motorcycle repaired

In case your motorcycle needs little repairs, then get them done. It might cost you a bit, but it will help you attain higher value for your motorcycle.

Conducting market research

Having prior knowledge before you sell your motorcycle always helps in the negotiation process. Since you will have an idea regarding the price, you will easily make out whether the offer presented by the buyer is genuine or not.

Pre-determining the selling price of the motorcycle

Since most of the buyers have a habit of negotiating on the price set by the owner, it is always better to place a margin before-hand. If the owner has an idea regarding the market price, he can set the selling price slightly above the expected price.

Communicating and negotiating with the buyers:

Properly evaluating the buyers

Before you sell a motorcycle, you must make sure that you are dealing with a genuine person. In case you agree to negotiate without proper evaluation, you might end up getting duped by scammers. Such buyers tend to provide you lucrative offers and later on trick you and take away your hard-earned money. Even if it seems a bit tiring, you must always put some serious effort into gauging the credibility of the buyers.

Meeting with the buyer in person

It’s better to discuss the terms and conditions of the deal face to face instead of calls or emails. Meeting in person enables a better understanding of the person to whom you are transacting.

Arrange a test drive for the buyer

Most of the buyers are interested in gauging the running condition of the motorcycle and might ask for a test drive. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to arrange for a safe place for a test drive before you sell your motorcycle. However, you must ask someone to accompany you for support as going alone to a deserted place might not be a safe option.

Ask the buyer to pay you the amount in cash

Many buyers tend to offer partial payment at the time of delivery of the motorcycle and promise to pay the rest of the amount in installments. Usually, the owners are in a hurry to sell a motorcycle and often agree to such demands put forward by the buyer. However, this proves costly and frustrating for the owner as such buyers seldom show up in the future.

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