Sell a motorcycle

You will never regret your decision to sell a motorcycle. It’s always a win-win situation for you. Keeping a motorcycle useless in your garage only adds to your never-ending woes. It only creates a mess and spoils the environment. Also, you have to spend your hard-earned money on its repairs. Secondly, selling a motorcycle will help you earn top dollar. Many buyers are willing to pay you a good amount of money for it. All you will have to do is find the right person to buy it.

Important steps for selling a motorcycle

Research well

Though your motorcycle is wrecked, it can still help you earn a profitable deal. So why rush to sell it? First, get informed about the process. Study a bit about the market and the process. You can also get online quotes matching according to your motorcycle’s description.

Find the right buyers

The market is flooded with a large number of buyers. You can’t simply sell your motorcycle to anyone. There are scammers as well. You have to be patient. Sit back, and evaluate. Read their profiles and client reviews.

Put up an advertisement

You are not getting the buyers by simply sitting at home. You have to put in some effort. Start with an online ad. Make a profile, put up some quality pictures of your motorcycle and add a little description. Interested buyers will see your profile and contact you with their offers.

Evaluate the offers

Don’t get too excited when you receive an offer. You will get plenty of them. Match the offers with the market value. If you feel an offer is apt, then you can put it in your list. Do this for all the offers and then finally select the most profitable one.

Meet in person

The best deals are closed when communicated in person. Ask the buyer to visit your place and offer them a test ride. You can discuss any queries or demands. This will avoid any confusion.

Get the payment

Once you lock the deal, ask the buyer to pay you the amount in cash. Usually, buyers tend to offer partial payments. They promise to pay the remaining amount in instalments. But they always delay the payments leaving you frustrated. It’s better to get the entire amount in hand in the form of cash at the time of delivery.

Earn top dollar when you sell your motorcycle

Keep yourself prepared

Preparation is the key. You need to get all your documents ready. This would include the title, service records, warranty, etc. The documents will come in handy during negotiations with the buyer.

Wash your motorcycle

A nice wash will remove the dust from your motorcycle. It won’t take much of your time, but it will be enough to put a good impression on the buyer. You can also apply some wax on the surface to add shine. Remember, small steps are the key to a profitable deal. The buyers might look at finer details and might agree to pay you the desired value if they are happy.

Get repairs done

Motorcycles being kept in the home for a while get rusted. As such, they need repairs. If the amount of damage is less, then you can consider getting it repaired. It won’t cost you much. However, if the repair costs are high, then you can sell your motorcycle as scrap.

Get informed

Rushing into the deal is not a wise decision. First, you must equip yourself with relevant information about the market. This way, you will have a better idea of the price of your motorcycle. You can visit websites that provide such data and provide you with an estimate of your motorcycle’s value.

Set selling price in advance

Once you know the value of your motorcycle, then you can set your selling price in advance. Usually, buyers tend to negotiate. They try to bring down the price of your motorcycle. You can set the price slightly higher than the actual value. This will provide you with a margin to negotiate.

Communicate clearly

Clarify all your doubts with the buyer. Ask anything you feel is not clear to you. It’s better to discuss all the terms and conditions of the sale before-hand to avoid any confusion in the future.

Research before you sell a motorcycle

Understand the buyers

Getting to know about the buyers will help you a lot. Online research will provide you with information about the kind of buyers present in the market. You can then try to contact those who seem to be genuine and interested in the deal. You can also explore the demands put forward by the buyers. For instance, what specifications they are looking for in the motorcycle, how much money they are offering, etc.

Better negotiation with buyers

Most of the owners do not have any prior experience of selling a motorcycle. As such, it becomes difficult for them to deal with seasoned buyers. They take advantage of the lack of information of owners and manipulate them. However, if you have gathered relevant information in advance, you will be better equipped to negotiate with them.

Protecting yourself from scammers

If you rush into the deal, then there is a chance that a scammer might dupe you. You have to give yourself some time to think and evaluate. Online research will help you in identifying fake buyers.

Get your motorcycle valued

Better offer evaluation

You will have multiple offers to choose from. Once you have an idea about the market price, you will easily identify those offers which fall in the range.

Buyer’s evaluation becomes easy

The buyers are highly experienced and can manipulate you easily. With little or no experience, it becomes difficult for the owner to know whether they are genuine or not. However, if you have an idea about your car’s value in advance, you can easily make out which buyer is trying to bluff you.

Earn top dollar from the deal

If you know the right value of your motorcycle, you can ask the buyer to finalize the deal for that amount. You won’t be duped by fake offers.

Earning top dollar from selling a motorcycle is not a big deal if you contact the right company. A professional company will offer you the best value for your car. is one such company that offers high-quality services to its clients.

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