sell a motorcycle

To sell a motorcycle for maximum value, you need to look for certain things that will make your task easier. You don’t have to be an expert to earn a profitable deal. A sound research and proper organization would be sufficient for you. Here are few top tips for your consideration:

Do thorough research

Market knowledge is important, especially when you sell a motorcycle for the first time. Doing research is the most essential part of your sale. You need to know what are the prices for used motorcycle? Which places are more suitable for selling a motorcycle? You can also get motorcycle bike value from websites. They offer a free quotations. All you have to do is provide some information about your motorcycle including its make, mileage, etc. You will then get an approximate value in a few seconds.

Set selling price in advance

If you know your motorcycle bike value, you can then put the selling price in accordingly. Make sure that your selling price is slightly higher than the market price. That way, you will have a margin to negotiate with the buyers.

Evaluate the buyers

Don’t rush to sell your motorcycle for cash. The buyers won’t run away. You will find plenty of them. Take your time to evaluate the buyers and their offers. Shortlist the ones you find genuine.

Steps to sell a motorcycle

sell a motorcycle

The process of selling a motorcycle is simple. You don’t have to be an expert to get the best deal. Here are few important steps to selling a motorcycle:

Prepare your documents

Get your documents ready before you sell your motorcycle for cash. These documents would include the title, warranty papers, service records, repair slips, etc.

Prepare your motorcycle

You need to get your motorcycle in shape before you meet the buyers. Give it a quick wash. This way, all the dirt will be removed and the body will start shining. Check if your motorcycle needs repair. Get them done if the cost is not very high. However, if the damage is severe, and repair work will cost you a lot, then opt for selling your motorcycle as scrap.

Look out for potential buyers

See around your locality if you can find junkyard shops. You can also contact the buyers through online platforms. Set up your profile, add some description and upload a few good quality pictures. Interested buyers will see your ad and will contact you with their offers.

Arrange a meeting

If you have contacted the buyer through an online platform, then you need to meet in person to discuss the deal in detail. Though initial conversation can be done through messages, calls or emails. Final dealing can only be done face to face. You are better able to communicate the terms and conditions of the sale when you meet in person. Also, you can arrange for a test drive for the buyer. This will give him or her a better idea about the condition of your motorcycle.

Get paid in cash when you sell a motorcycle

Ask the buyer to pay you in cash only. If you accept any other mode of payment like check or draft, then do check their credentials properly. However, the safest option is getting cash in hand only. Also, do not accept any offer of partial payment. Many buyers offer payment through installments. They provide you with a percentage of the final amount at the time of delivery and promise to pay the remaining amount in future. Though such offers are attractive as they help you get rid of your car quickly. But in the long run, they are risky. The buyers seldom turn up to pay the amount after they take away your car. This would leave you frustrated and angry.

How long does it take to sell a motorcycle?

sell a motorcycle

There is no fixed timeline. Sometimes it may take weeks and months, and sometimes you may find a potential buyer within a day. It all depends on the demand and your search. However, if you put in the genuine effort, then there is a chance of getting the sale quickly. Start looking for genuine buyers near your locality. If you are lucky enough to find one, then it’s a piece of great news. By physically visiting their shop you can have a better idea about their credibility. As you will be meeting in person, you can discuss the terms of sale as well. However, if there is no shop near your home, you can then put up an online advertisement. Through an online platform, you will be able to contact multiple buyers in no time. You will have more options to choose from.

Should I let a potential buyer test drive my motorcycle?

Test drive is important if you wish to close the deal quickly. The buyers usually like to test drive your motorcycle before they buy junk motorcycles. They want to know if the parts of the motorcycle are working properly or not? Also, they would like to feel the balance. Sometimes, the motorcycles are working properly but their balance is off and hence can be dangerous to drive them on the road. If the buyer feels that the motorcycle is in good condition, then you have a chance of locking the deal on the spot.

How to protect yourself when you sell a motorcycle?

sell a motorcycle

When you post your ad, you will get plenty of offers to buy junk motorcycles. Some offers would be genuine while some would be fake. Don’t let scammers fool you. Be prepared to avoid any mishap. If you do your homework properly, you can protect yourself from such vices. Therefore, you need to be aware of whom you are making the sale. For that, you will have to put some effort into evaluating the buyers. You can visit their website and read out their information. See if the description seems genuine or not. Also, you can read client reviews posted on their websites. If you are still uncertain, then drop them a message. You can get an idea about their professionalism by the way they communicate. Also, you need to compare the offers with the market prices. If you have done some search and have an idea about your motorcycle’s value, then you can easily make out whether an offer is genuine or not.

How to sell my bike in scrap?

If the condition of your motorcycle is very bad, then the only option left with you is a scrap motorcycle. No person would be willing to buy it second hand. The only potential buyers for your bike would be junkyard shops that easily buy scrap motorcycles. They don’t mind if your motorcycle is damaged. All they are looking for is the metal part. They get it dismantled and use it for other purposes. Simply contact a junkyard buyer and inform them about your motorcycle. Usually, the scrap motorcycle prices do not vary much and therefore you won’t have to negotiate with the buyers.

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