selling a motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle is always better than keeping it useless in your garage. Why? Because keeping it only adds to your never-ending troubles while selling it off will earn you a decent amount of money which you can spend on buying a new model. Checking for regular repairs, messing your garage, and spending your hard-earned money on the maintenance of your old motorcycle-only elevates your stress levels. However, if you sell your motorcycle, then you can easily mitigate all the troubles associated with it. Even if you don’t have prior experience of selling a motorcycle, you can still earn top dollar if you follow expert guidelines and conduct prior online research.

What steps will I have to take to sell a motorcycle?

Doing all the preparatory work:

  1. Getting your motorcycle washed and cleaned: The first impression is the last. When you present your used motorcycle to the owner, you must make sure that you have properly cleaned and removed the dust from its surface. A shining motorcycle would make the buyer happy and he may easily accept your demands. You can also get it washed and waxed to make it even better.
  2. Check for repairs and get them done: Even though you are selling a motorcycle that is worn out, the buyer still expects it to be in a decent condition. As such, you must look for minor repairs and get them done. These small repairs might cost you a bit, but then, you would be in a better situation to negotiate with the buyers.
  3. Conduct prior online research: Since most of the owners do not have enough experience in selling a motorcycle, they can easily be manipulated by experienced buyers. The buyers try to take advantage of a lack of knowledge of the owner and present them false prices. It is therefore recommended to conduct online research before you sell your motorcycle. All you would be required is to visit some online websites dedicated to providing information on selling a motorcycle.
  4. Putting up a selling price in advance: If you have conducted some research online, then you would have a fair idea regarding the market price of used cars. As such, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the buyer. As most of the buyers tend to bring down the price a little bit, it is, therefore, advisable to put the selling price slightly higher than your expectation. This would provide you with a margin to negotiate.

Having a thorough communication with the buyer:

  1. Carefully evaluate the offers and the buyers: When you would be putting up an advertisement to sell your motorcycle, you would be contacted with a large number of buyers with multiple offers. If you make your decision in haste, you might end up accepting an offer that is not very valuable. However, if you carefully evaluate the buyers by visiting their websites and reading their descriptions and reviews, there is a high chance that you crack a profitable deal.
  2. Set up a meeting with the buyer: Even though with the technological advancements, communication between the owner and buyer has become a lot more convenient and quick. However, meeting in person and understanding each other’s requirements is always better. It is easier to discuss and clarify any doubts when both parties talk face to face.
  3. Make provisions for a test drive: Most of the professional buyers especially the individuals request a test drive. This provides much more confidence and clarity regarding the condition of the motorcycle. You must try to arrange the test drive in a location which is less crowded to avoid any kind of accident. However, since such locations are usually deserted, they might not be safe. Any scammer in pursuit of duping you can even threaten you physically. To avoid any such kind of mishap, ask some friends to accompany you for the test drive.
  4. Accepting payment in cash: Once you have finalized the deal, you must make sure that the buyer pays you the entire amount in the form of cash and on the spot. Some of the buyers ask you to accept a partial payment and promise to pay you the rest of the amount in installments. Since most of the owners are in a hurry to sell a motorcycle, they readily accept the offer. However, such buyers seldom turn up after the deal leaving the owner dejected and frustrated.

Is there any need to do prior online research and what are its advantages?

  1. Helps in evaluating the buyers: When you would be researching online, you would understand the characteristics that are exhibited by professional buyers. With such information at hand, you will be able to identify the fake ones by examining the way they communicate and negotiate.
  2. Helps in the negotiation: When you have an idea regarding the process and documentation of selling a motorcycle, you will be prepared before-hand to counter the manipulations of the buyers. As such, you will be better able to negotiate them at your expected price.
  3. Secures you from scammers: Since you would be able to identify the credibility of the buyers, you will be protected from the fake ones. Once you are well informed, you won’t be accepting offers that seem too good to be true.

Benefits of valuation

  1. Helps in evaluating the offers: The best way to evaluate an offer is to compare it with the market price. With the information on the value of your motorcycle in your hand, you will easily identify which offers are genuine and which ones are fake.
  2. Helps in identifying the right buyers: The same way you evaluate the offers, you can also evaluate the right buyers. Dealing with professional buyers is always a better experience for the owner.
  3. Helps in cracking a profitable deal: Since you would be shortlisting the best buyers and the best offers, there is a high probability that you end up receiving top dollar for your motorcycle.

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