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Since you don’t have enough experience in selling a motorcycle, you need to be prepared in advance so as to crack a profitable deal. Here are some tips that you can adopt:

Getting motorcycle and documents ready

Cleaning the dirt on your motorcycle

A well-maintained motorcycle leaves a good impression on the buyer and he may agree to pay top dollar for it. All you will need to do is properly wash your motorcycle so that all the dust is removed. This way, your motorcycle will look clean and pleasing to the buyer.

Look out for repair requirements

Since the buyer will want that your motorcycle is in good working condition, make sure that you get minor repairs done. If the buyer feels that some of the parts of your motorcycle are not in proper working condition, he may not pay you top dollar.

Conduct market research on a used motorcycle

Before selling a motorcycle, make sure that you have conducted proper market research on the price and demand for used motorcycles. If you are properly informed, you will be in better condition to negotiate with the buyer and finalize a profitable deal.

Fix a selling price with some margin

Make sure that you fix your selling price slightly higher than your expectations. This way you will have enough margin for negotiation.

Communicating with potential buyers and locking the deal:

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Identifying genuine buyers

You must make haste when you sell your motorcycle. Since you have been frustrated with your old motorcycle, you tend to sell it in a hurry. As a result, you end up accepting a non-profitable deal. If you keep patience and contact multiple buyers, you will have various options to choose from. Once you have received all the offers, you must then evaluate the credibility of the buyers. One way is to read all the descriptions on the buyer’s website. You can also get an idea of their credibility by reading client reviews that have been posted on their website. If you finalize a deal with a genuine buyer, there is a high chance that you end up with a profitable deal.

Meet the buyers in person

Even though significant information can be shared through online platforms or via phone, you still need to meet the buyer in person to finalize the deal. When a buyer meets you in person, you can easily make out whether he is genuine or not. Moreover, meeting in person helps in a better negotiation process.

Arrange for a test drive

Before the buyer finalizes the deal, he will want to take a test ride of your motorcycle. You must, therefore, make arrangements making sure that the area for the drive is not accident-prone. Make sure that you ask someone to accompany you for safety purposes.

Get paid in cash

When you have finalized the deal of selling a motorcycle, make sure that the buyer pays you the entire amount in cash on the spot. By doing so, you will be able to receive instant cash that you can spend on buying a new car. Do not accept any offer from the buyer in which he promises to pay in installments. Once the buyer has taken away your motorcycle, it is very difficult to track and contact them. If the buyer offers you payment in the form of a cheque, make sure you have checked all the credentials.

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