selling a motorcycle

If you have a used motorcycle lying useless in your garage, then it’s quite certain that it has become a burden on your wallet. Time and again you have to take your motorcycle for repairs, and even after spending your hard-earned money, you are still not able to receive the expected performance. As a result, you only get more frustrated. Moreover, since the motorcycle is not in use, it starts creating a mess in your garage. There is leakage of toxic liquid and gases which might result in health problems for you. To get rid of all the nuisance, you must consider selling your motorcycle. Not only you will be relieved of all the stress and financial burden, but you will be able to earn top dollar which you can spend to buy a new one.

Since there are many people who are in need of a motorcycle and can’t spend enough money to buy a new one, you will always find a large number of potential buyers. To reach out to such buyers, you will have to put some efforts like posting an online ad or contacting the buyers on a personal basis.

How can I earn top dollar by selling a motorcycle?

  1. Proper research: Before you enter into negotiations for selling a motorcycle, you must make sure that you have a thorough knowledge regarding the market prices and demand for a used motorcycle. Since you don’t have any prior experience in this business, there is a high chance that the buyer may take advantage of your lack of information and dupe you of your money. They may even try to lure you by offering fake prices. However, if you are prepared beforehand, you will be able to evaluate whether an offer is genuine or not.
  2. Clean your motorcycle: Before you sell a motorcycle, make sure that you have properly cleaned all the parts and given it a complete wash. Any buyer will be attracted to a well-kept motorcycle. If your motorcycle is dirty, the buyer might not be willing to accept a high price for it. A well-maintained motorcycle gives the impression that all the parts are working properly.
  3. Check for repair requirements: While selling a motorcycle, you must make sure that you have thoroughly done the proper inspection. If your motorcycle requires a small number of repairs, then it is better that you get them done. If the condition of your motorcycle is good, then there is a high probability that the buyer agrees to pay top dollar for it.
  4. Get the final payment in cash: When you have finalized the deal, make sure that the buyer pays you the entire amount in the form of cash only. It will serve two purposes. Firstly, you get instant cash in your hand which you can use in buying a new car. Secondly, you won’t get frustrated by delayed payments since you have received the entire amount. Sometimes the buyers offer partial payment and promise to provide the rest of the amount in installments. Do not accept any such offer from the buyers. Once the buyers have taken away your car, it becomes very difficult to contact them for pending payments. In case the buyer is providing the amount in a check, then do remember to check all the credentials to avoid any kind of confusion.

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