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Keeping an old motorcycle in your garage will only add to your never-ending troubles. Time and again you would have to spend your hard-earned money on its useless repairs. Besides, your motorcycle will create a mess in your garage which will be unpleasant for you and your neighbours. Moreover, leakage of toxic gases and fluid will pose danger to your health as well. However, if you manage to sell your motorcycle, you will get rid of all your troubles.

Besides, you will be able to extract enough money to spend on buying a new motorcycle. Another benefit of selling a motorcycle is that you would be saving the environment. If you try to dispose of it on your own, there is a possibility of ruining the environment. Since the body of a used motorcycle is covered in rust and other toxic substances, it can be harmful to the surroundings. However, if you sell your motorcycle, the buyer will take care of its disposal. Since most of the buyers have an experience of disposal, they make sure that they do not contaminate the environment. This way, not only you would be saving the environment, but you will also be saving a lot of your effort and money.

What is the process of selling a motorcycle?

Being prepared in advance:

  1. Washing the motorcycle: If your motorcycle has been lying useless in your garage for a long time, it would have gathered dust and dirt. No buyer wants to pay for an unkept motorcycle. Make sure that you wash your motorcycle with water and put some grease on its surface to give a decent shine.
  2. Getting your motorcycle repaired: You will need to gather all the important documents and manuals before you communicate with the buyer. Having prepared in advance will leave a good impression on the buyer. Moreover, you will have to look out for minor repairs and consider getting them done by a professional mechanic.
  3. Researching online: Before you sell your motorcycle, make sure that you are well informed about the market of used motorcycles. For that, you will have to visit the website providing relevant information on the prices of used motorcycles. Once equipped with the information, you will be in better condition to negotiate with the buyers.
  4. Having a pre-set selling price: When you sell a motorcycle to a buyer, they will bargain. It’s in their blood. No matter what price you set, they will try to bring it down. To make sure that you do not accept an unprofitable offer, set the selling price slightly higher than your expected one. It will provide you with a margin to negotiate.

Proper communication:

  1. Buyer’s evaluation: Dealing with professional buyers is always recommended as being an owner you won’t have enough experience to understand the manipulations of the scammers. Besides, professional buyers will provide you with the best possible offers and even assist you in the transaction process. You will, therefore, have to evaluate the buyers by going through their profile and client reviews. Even though you will have to spend some of your precious time, it will still be worth the effort.
  2. Meeting in person: Even in times of technological advancements, meeting in person is the best way to finalize the deal of selling a motorcycle. Face to face conversations tend to mitigate any confusion and you are better able to communicate with the buyer.
  3. Arranging a test drive for the buyer: Most of the buyers ask for a test drive before they finalize the deal. For that, you will have to select a place free from the crowd for arranging a test drive. However, since these locations might be deserted, ask someone to accompany for support. If the buyer turns out to be a scammer, he may try to harm you in case you are alone.
  4. Asking the buyer to pay the amount in cash: Once your deal to sell your motorcycle is finalized, make sure that the buyer pays you the entire amount in cash. Usually, the owners are in a hurry to sell a motorcycle and accept partial payments from the buyer. However, such buyers seldom show up in future leaving the owner dejected and frustrated.

Why should I conduct online research?

  1. You would be in a better condition to evaluate the buyers: Prior knowledge will help you in identifying the metrics needed to evaluate the credibility of the buyers.
  2. Your negotiation process will become convenient: Online research would provide enough information on market prices of used motorcycles and the process to sell a motorcycle. As such, you will already have a checklist of do’s and don’ts before you enter into the negotiation process.
  3. Protecting yourself from scammers: Having a thorough knowledge before selling a motorcycle will help you identify fake buyers who would try to manipulate you with low offers. This way would be protecting yourself from getting duped by cunning buyers.

Why should I get my car valued?

  1. Offer evaluation: Knowing the worth of your motorcycle, you will be better able to make out whether the amount put forward by the buyer is genuine or not.
  2. Buyer’s identification: Any buyer providing false prices can easily be identified if you have an idea of your motorcycle’s value. Just by conversing with them for a while, you can make out whether they are providing correct information or misleading you with false details.
  3. Obtaining best value: When you will be finalizing the right buyer, there will be a high chance that you end up receiving a profitable offer. Professional buyers do not want to disappoint their clients and as such provide them with the best value for their motorcycle.

Earning top dollar from selling a motorcycle is not a big deal if you contact the right company. A professional company will offer you the best value for your car. is one such company that offers high-quality services to its clients.

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