Why knowing what is my motorcycle worth before selling it is so important?

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Selling a motorcycle is not everyone’s cup of tea and you need to have a little bit of knowledge and negotiating skills to end up getting good value for your money. People who are already in the business of trading old motorcycles have enough experience to deal with others. They have already faced enough surprises that they are very cautious while finalizing a deal. However, people who for the first time want to sell a motorcycle, do not have any expertise or prior experience. As a result, they might either be easily lured into offers that might not be profitable. Moreover, they are in a hurry of selling a motorcycle, that they easily accept whatever offer that is presented before them by the buyer. Because of all these issues, it is important on the part of the owner to have a thorough knowledge of the market price and demand of old motorcycle so that they are in a better position to negotiate. Having good knowledge of the worth of the motorcycle will solve the following purposes:

  1. Acquiring the best deal for your motorcycle:

    When you are communicating with potential buyers, make sure that you consider multiple offers so that you can choose the most profitable one. You will have to carefully analyze not only the offers but also the credibility of the buyers so that you do not end up negotiating with the scammers.

  2. Securing yourself from unheard practices:

    Sometimes dealers and buyers provide you with lucrative offers that are not familiar. In such a situation, many owners tend to get inclined towards the offers. However, there is always some catch in the offers that are too good to be true. The owners must, therefore, be very cautious while accepting such offers.

  3. Getting the best deal in exchange offers:

    You must never hurry to sell a motorcycle. Instead, you must first explore all the offers that are presented by the buyers. Sometimes, you can get a great offer on a new model especially close to a holiday. During such periods, the seller’s bank on heavy sales and they can easily provide you a new motorcycle at a low price.

  4. Being confident during negotiations:

    Negotiation is the most important step in selling a motorcycle as it will determine the amount you would be getting after the deal is closed. Having prior knowledge of the prices of used motorcycles will enable us to better negotiate with the buyers.

  5. Attaining peace of mind after selling your motorcycle:

    Once you have received cash for motorcycles, you will be at peace as you can spend that money on buying a new model. Moreover, you will be relieved as you won’t have to spend on repair and maintenance of the old motorcycle.

Know what is my motorcycle worth before selling ?

Importance of valuation of your motorcycle

  1. Avoiding selling your motorcycle in loss:

    If you have thoroughly researched and explored the current market price and demand of used motorcycles, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the buyers and up in cracking the best deal.

  2. Protecting yourself from scammers:

    There are many scammers in the market which are looking out for vulnerable sellers whom they can easily dupe with the money. They would take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the owner and would offer less money for the motorcycle. However, if the owner has already properly researched and estimated the value of the motorcycle, there is less chance of getting duped by the scammers.

  3. Getting the true price for your motorcycle:

    Once you have a thorough knowledge regarding the market price of the motorcycle, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the buyers. Once they will provide you their offers, you will easily understand which of the offers are genuine and which are meant to dupe you with money.

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Some simple steps to sell a motorcycle

what is my motorcycle worth

If you feel that your old motorcycle needs to be replaced by a new one, you must consider selling it to a potential buyer who will pay you top dollar for it. For selling your motorcycle you must adhere to the following steps:

Appraising the cost of your motorcycle

  1. Cleaning the motorcycle properly:

    A well-maintained motorcycle gives an everlasting impression on the buyer and may help the owner better negotiate on the selling price.

  2. Inspect your motorcycle and make necessary changes:

    Before the buyer comes to inspect the condition of the motorcycle, it is recommended that you get your motorcycle checked for any anomalies and get them repaired. It will help you to sell your motorcycle for top dollar.

  3. Explore prices of similar motorcycles:

    Before you enter into the negotiation with the potential buyers, you must thoroughly explore the price of your motorcycle. This would help you evaluate whether you are providing a genuine offer by the buyers.

  4. Finalize a selling price for your motorcycle:

    You must be confident enough regarding the selling price of your motorcycle which will further reflect in your negotiating process with buyers.

  5. Listing your motorcycle slightly above the actual selling price:

    Most of the buyers tend to ask for a certain discount from the owner. Since they will negotiate at a lower price, it is recommended that the owner sets the selling price slightly higher than the actual selling price needed.

Some simple steps to sell a motorcycle

Advertising your motorcycle

  1. Compile the information in the form of advertisements:

    One of the best ways to approach a large number of potential buyers when selling a motorcycle is to put up an advertisement listing a detailed description of your motorcycle. It will help the buyers know about the condition of the motorcycle even before they communicate with you.

  2. Take multiple pictures of your motorcycle:

    Pictures speak more than words. If you have a good camera and basic photography skills, it is recommended that you upload good quality pictures of your motorcycle capturing all the angles. Good pictures always attract potential buyers as they can easily understand the condition of the motorcycle.

  3. Listing your motorcycle online for selling it on your own:

    If you want to get top dollar for your motorcycle, you will have to bypass middlemen who will charge their fees for helping you sell your motorcycle. In such a scenario, the best way to list your motorcycle online and reach out to potential buyers. Most of the buyers have their profile listed online and as soon you upload the advertisement of your motorcycle; they will directly communicate with you without any haste.

Finalizing the deal

  1. Scrutinizing potential buyers:

    When you would be putting up an advertisement, you must ensure that you scan them before you finalize the deal with them. Along with potential and genuine buyers, you will be communicated with scammers as well who will try to dupe you with money. For better understanding the buyer, you can visit their website and read their descriptions.

  2. Take out time to meet potential buyers:

    Even if you have a busy schedule, you will have to take your time out for a meeting with the buyers. The buyers are interested in seeing the condition of your motorcycle and are willing to finalize the deal only after they are convinced regarding its condition. 

  3. Arrange for a test drive:

    Most of the buyers are interested in driving your motorcycle just to make sure that the critical parts are running properly. For this, you must arrange for a proper test drive for the buyer. You must make sure that the location for the test drive is not very crowded and is not accident-prone. You must also ask your friends to accompany you to the test drive to avoid any danger posed by the scammers.

  4. Accept the best offer:

    Once you have received multiple offers from various buyers, you must then evaluate them properly to get top dollars for your motorcycle.

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Tips which will make your journey to sell your motorcycle easy

Tips makes your journey to sell your motorcycle easy - The Bike Buyers

Once you feel that your old motorcycle does not serve you as it used to in the past, you must consider selling it to a potential buyer. It will not only get you rid of your old motorcycle but will also provide you with money to buy a new one.

Steps to effectively sell a motorcycle

Here are the following steps you must need to adhere to while selling a motorcycle
Research online regarding the market demand and price range of your motorcycle: Since you might be new in the business of selling a used motorcycle, you must make sure that you have properly researched online regarding the market demand and price of used motorcycles.

Tips makes your journey to sell your motorcycle easy - The Bike Buyers
Properly understanding the condition of your motorcycle:

Before you put your ad online or contact buyers personally, you must make sure that you have checked that all the parts of your motorcycle are working properly.
Get your motorcycle properly cleaned: Even if your motorcycle is in good condition, you must make sure that it is properly cleaned when it is presented to the buyer. The first impression is the last impression, and the buyer may agree to pay top dollar for your motorcycle.

Check whether your motorcycle is in proper running condition:

Since the buyer is already paying a good amount of money for your motorcycle, he won’t be interested in spending on the repair work afterward. The buyers are willing to pay for the motorcycle that is already in proper running condition. Make sure to check on your own by riding your motorcycle a few miles to get an idea about the condition of your motorcycle.

Check if your motorcycle needs any kind of replacement:

In case any part of your motorcycle is not functioning properly, you must consider getting it replaced before you sell your motorcycle. Even though you will have to spend some of your money on the repair work, it will always help you in cracking a good deal later on.

Negotiating with the buyers:

Once the buyers start communicating with you, your negotiation skills will come handy in selling your motorcycle for top dollar. You must have a thorough knowledge of the details of your motorcycle and its market price for better negotiation.

Setting up a meeting with the buyers:

There is no better way of communication than face to face meetings. For that, you will have to take your time out from your busy schedule to meet with the buyers. You must in advance, plan for a meeting with the buyer. However, you must make sure that you select a safe place such as the town square which is crowded. Meeting at remote locations can make you vulnerable to scammers who may even cause you physical harm and dupe you with money.

Arranging a test drive for the buyers:

The best way to lock your deal to arrange for a test drive for the potential buyers. If you are confident that your motorcycle in good running condition, you can always be sure that the buyer will agree with the offer once he test-drives your motorcycle.

Finalizing the deal:

Once the buyer has accepted to pay money for your motorcycle make sure that you put forward your demand for cash on the spot. Do not accept any payment in installments. If you are accepting the payment in the form of a check, do remember to go through all the credentials and bank details of the buyer.
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Best way to sell a motorcycle for top dollar

Best way to sell a motorcycle

With so many buyers available online and offline selling a motorcycle is not at all difficult today but getting top dollar for it requires a little bit of effort. There is a systematic approach to sell a motorcycle for top dollar. This approach has various steps. If all the steps are carried out by the motorcycle owner systematically then nothing can stop them from getting good cash for motorcycles. Here is the way through which motorcycle owners can get top dollar for selling their motorcycles:

  1. Tune-up your motorcycle:

    It is really important to clean and fix small damages on your bike. Sometimes small touch-ups can bring a lot of difference in the looks of your bike. If the bike repair cost is not very high then go for it, as it will help a lot in demanding a better price from the seller while selling it.

  2. File up your motorcycle servicing records:

    The servicing records are proof that you have taken timely care of your motorcycle. Moreover, these records also tell about the types of services and repairs that are done on the bike. The seller can show these records to the buyer when meeting in person; in case online means are used by the seller then they can upload their servicing documents. 

  3. Put efforts towards marketing part:

    Just putting an ad online or keeping a “for sale” board against your motorcycle is not enough to get to the buyer of your choice. Do everything that can make more buyers approach you. Be genuine and descriptive when posting an ad for your bike. Do your research about the type of buyer you want to sell your bike to. In case you choose to sell your motorcycle through an ad posting website then give honest details about:

  • How long you have owned the motorcycle 
  • Type of title the bike has
  • Details about any modifications done on the motorcycle 

Best way to sell a motorcycle

  1. Advertise about the customizations you had done on your motorcycle which improved its performance:

    Never forget to mention anything that can fetch you some more money from the buyer. If you have spent a good chunk of money to get your bike customized and work more efficiently then there is no point in leaving it when providing a description of the bike.

  2. Carefully inspect your bike and see if there are any accessories that you can sell separately:

    The sellers should inspect their bikes and see if there are any accessories on the motorcycle which they can sell separately for more money. Otherwise, it is totally the seller’s choice. 

  3. Instead of asking for a pick-up, offer free motorcycle transport:

    When you sell a motorcycle through online means then you might receive offers from the buyers who are not from your state. In such cases, the seller can act smartly by offering free transport to the buyer and including that charge in the selling price of the bike. 

How to approach the best motorcycle buying company online?

There are certain things that will help the seller in approaching the best bike buying company online. These things are as follows:

  1. A company that had a good reputation
  2. A company that has a good amount of experience in this field.
  3. A company that has great customer reviews.
  4. A company whose office you can physically approach and verify things. 
  5. A company that offers a simple, easy and secure way to sell a motorcycle

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Various phases involved in the process of selling a motorcycle

Various phases involved in the process of selling a motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle might not be something exciting for the seller. Many of us get attached to the vehicles we use and it is difficult to part away from them easily. Apart from this, it requires effort to make a motorcycle marketable. To accomplish any process in the most efficient way there are phases that need to be covered one by one. In the same way, selling a motorcycle also involves some phases. Every phase has its own importance and following these phases systematically helps us to get to the best way to sell a motorcycle.

Various phases involved in the process of selling a motorcycle

These phases are as follows:


good research before proceeding with the actual process always yields better results. It makes our minds clear about the track we need to move on. So, when motorcycle owners decide to sell their motorcycles they should do the market research in the first place. This will help them in calculating their motorcycle valuation. Moreover, they will know which kind of buyer they should approach to get the value they desire for their bike. The sellers should also investigate the laws followed in their state to sell a motorcycle. Following a legal way to sell the motorcycle will keep the seller from future troubles.

Getting the bike ready for sale:

Now the seller knows how to get started with the selling process. In this phase, the seller prepares the bike for selling, not just by getting the bike washed and cleaned but also by organizing the necessary documents of the motorcycle required for the selling process. The motorcycle title and registration are the two very important documents and without these documents selling a motorcycle is quite difficult. In case the sellers lose any of these documents then they should contact the DMV and get a duplicate of these documents issued.

Taking photographs of the motorcycle from different angles:

In case the seller decides to sell the motorcycle online then it is quite necessary to upload clear and good pictures of the motorcycle from different angles.

Negotiating and finalizing the deal:

When the seller finds the buyer of their choice then the last step is to negotiate the price with them. If both the seller and the buyer reach an agreement then the deal is finalized and the motorcycle is sold.

What is the difference between selling to a motorcycle buying company and selling it to a motorcycle junkyard?

The main difference between selling a motorcycle to a dealership or to a motorcycle junkyard lies in the value of the motorcycle these places offer. When we sell our motorcycle to a motorcycle junkyard then we get paid for only the metal present in the bike. The junkyards will not pay the seller extra for any technologically sound part in the bike or for any modification done on the bike to improve its efficiency. Every vehicle that is brought to a junkyard is stripped and the raw material taken out is used to make products. On the other hand, a company that is into motorcycle buying a business will consider everything good that exists in the motorcycle you are selling and provide you with the quote accordingly.

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How to choose the best season for selling a motorcycle?

Are you still wondering about getting rid of your motorcycle? Do you still feel frustrated about seeing your old motorcycle lying useless in your garage? Don’t worry. You always have the option to sell your motorcycle to prospective buyers. Although the demand for used motorcycles exists all around the year, there are some seasons when it spikes up. If you plan in advance and try to put an offer during that time, there is a considerable chance that you end up getting top dollars by selling motorcycle. The entire year can be split into four major seasons including summer, spring, autumn, and winter. It is advisable that you choose the ideal time to sell your motorcycle. However, if you wish to get rid of your motorcycle immediately, then the best bet is to list it and put on sale at that very instant. In doing so, you will receive instant cash which you can utilize in buying a new model. It must be noted that you might end up getting less cash. If you don’t have an urgent need for cash and can wait for some time, then you will need to analyze which season best suits you to put your motorcycle on sale.

Selecting the appropriate season to sell your motorcycle

Summer is usually the motorcycle riding season and there is a high probability that you crack the best deal. Usually, the weather is warm and cloudy which makes it perfect for driving. As a matter of fact, most of the buyers search for used motorcycles during summers. Some of them also upgrade their motorcycles by getting basic modifications. If your motorcycle has some running parts, then it might be useful to such buyers. However, if you are selling your motorcycle in summers, make sure that you buy a new one otherwise you would be losing the best part of the year to ride.

Spring comes just before the summers, and many people tend to buy during this time to avoid the summer rush. If you have already listed your motorcycle on sale, there is a reasonable chance of getting a good price for your motorcycle. It will also give you a chance to use your money to buy a new model for summers. If you plan in advance you can end up getting the best deal both in terms of price and fair buying.

If you wish to ride your bike for the final time, then you can sell it by the time autumn sets in. In such a case, you will have to put your motorcycle for sale as soon as possible. If you make any delay, it will be very difficult for you to sell your motorcycle. Most of the bike riding fraternity tend to hibernate during the autumn season, and you may not find any potential buyer.

The worst time to sell your motorcycle is during winters. Until and unless you are in dire need of money, you must never plan of selling it in winter. If there is no other possibility, you can ship your motorcycle to a place where either the winter has still not set it, or spring has just arrived. If you are selling a motorcycle during winters, make sure that you buy a new one to avail exciting winter deals.

After exploring all the four seasons, you must analyze your situation and decide what will work best for you. You must select the option that is most logical and sensible.

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Tips to sell a motorcycle

Various phases involved in the process of selling a motorcycle

Most of the motorcycle users have a common problem of not being able to get rid of their old model and feel frustrated seeing it lying useless in the garage. Used motorcycles are a nuisance for owner both in terms of maintenance costs as well as unpleasant appearance. The more you keep your motorcycle lying useless, the more it gets degraded. There is no point of keeping it with you as over time its value will keep on depreciating. The best way is to sell it to a person who is interested in buying used cars. You may find it a bit difficult initially as you won’t be having any prior experience in sell used motorcycle. However, with some planning and research, you can make the whole transaction process a lot easier.

Things to prepare for selling motorcycle

  1. Prepare all the necessary documents: Before you decide to put an offer to sell used motorcycle, make sure that you have all the required documents along with you. These documents include title, repair records, warranty, registration, etc. Potential buyers will ask you to show them these documents as they would want to make sure that you are a genuine seller and there are not fake records of your motorcycle.
  2. Clear your schedule from all pending engagements: For selling motorcycle, you will have to take our time from your busy schedule for searching potential buyers and negotiating with them. The buyers will communicate you as per their convenience which might affect your routine work. In such a scenario, you will have to fix a certain time and place for all the transaction work. Your time and effort are worth spending as you will be able to sell used motorcycle for top dollars if you are able to convince the buyer and negotiate at a higher price.
  3. Prepare your bike: Before you meet the buyer, make sure that your motorcycle is in good condition. If you don’t want to spend money on its repairs, you can at least spare some of your time in cleaning it from outside. Washing your motorcycle will remove the dust gathered on the body which will give a good impression to the buyer. You can also apply some wax after washing to give your motorcycle a shining look.
  4. Finalize meeting point: It is important that you finalize your meeting point and time with the buyer to avoid any kind of delays and confusions. Make sure that you select a safe place for meeting in order to prevent any kind of scam. The best places for the meeting are public ones as no one will try to harm you in a crowded area. If possible, you can ask one of your friends to accompany for support.
  5. Arrange for test rides: Most of the buyers want to test the condition of your motorcycle before they agree on finalizing the deal. You must plan in advance appropriate time and safe place for a test drive in order to prevent any kind accident. Before you hand over your motorcycle to the buyers for a test drive, make sure that they have a genuine license. Also, ask them to sign an undertaking to make sure that you are not responsible for any mishap during the drive.
  6. Ask for instant cash: Make sure that the buyer pays you full amount at the time of handing over your motorcycle. Sometimes the buyers offer you a token amount and promise to pay the rest in installments. Do not accept such offers and it is very difficult to track the buyers after they take away your motorcycle.

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Get good cash for motorcycles following these simple steps

How can I make money by selling a motorcycle?

You may have got bored driving your motorcycle for years and a new stylish motorcycle caught your eye. Buying that new motorcycle may seem to be luring option, but you might not have enough money to spend. Moreover, it may be a case that your garage may not have enough space for two motorcycles. In such a scenario, selling a motorcycle is the right option. You may be surprised to know that there is a number of potential buyers who might be interested in giving cash for motorcycles. You only need to explore the market, travel near your locality, ask for help from your acquaintances or surf online bike selling websites.  The problem, however, arises due to the fact that you don’t have any prior experience in selling a motorcycle and as a result, you may end up getting the unprofitable offer. Many experienced buyers know how to trick the sellers and they might be able to negotiate your motorcycle at a lower price. They take advantage of the fact that you don’t have proper knowledge regarding the price of the motorcycle. They may tell you that your motorcycle is not working properly, or your model is too old. They may also create a fuss on the mileage. As a novice, you might agree to their offer. Many times, the buyers offer you partial payment during the transaction and promise to pay the remaining amount in installments. But many of such buyers are difficult to track once you hand over your bike to them. You are only left with frustration and a few bucks in your pocket. You must also be aware of potential scammers who may try to get your bike by force and may harm you in the process. Whenever you set up a meeting point and place, always ask somebody to accompany for support. Always ask the buyers to meet at a crowded place for secure transaction. To get maximum value for your motorcycle, you need to follow simple steps that would help you in better negotiation.

Get good cash for motorcycles following these simple steps

Tips for getting top dollars by selling a motorcycle

  1. Setting the right price:

    It is highly important for you to know the right price of your motorcycle. You can search for online websites that will tell you an approximate price for your bike. All you need to do is to fill certain details regarding the model, make, mileage and other specifications of your motorcycle. If you set a very high price, you might not attract potential buyers. If the price is very low, you might end up getting too few dollars. It is important for the demand for used motorcycles. You can also take help from your friends who have experience in selling a motorcycle in helping you out in setting the correct price. 

  2. Clean your bike properly:

    Even if your motorcycle is in working condition, few touch up always catch the attention of the buyer. You can get your bike washed or clean it at your home using bathing soap or washing powder. This will not transform your motorcycle completely but will remove some dust or dirt that has been gathered on it. You can also apply some wax for giving it a shining look. 

  3. Get small repairs done:

    If your motorcycle needs small repairs such as changing of oil filter, cleaning or spark plugs, etc, then consider getting it done. Some buyers who are experienced in buying old motorcycles are always looking for fine details. You can take your bike to a professional mechanic and get the repairs done.

  4. Advertising:  

    It may sound a bit tough, but this is one of the best methods to reach out to a large number of potential buyers. If you talk to a friend, he may be able to get you one or two buyers and you might not have enough options to choose from. However, if you advertise your bike online, you may be able to connect to many buyers. After that, you can select the best offer and move forward with the transaction.

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Making bike disposal an eco-friendly process through motorcycle junkyard

what is my motorcycle worth

Have you ever wondered how much nuisance is used a motorcycle for you and your society? You have been driving your old motorcycle for a while, but if you are concerned about the society in which you live, then you must give a second thought it disposing of it. However, you must be aware of its potential hazards to the environment. As a responsible person, it is our duty to protect our environment from any kind of effects by our used bike. Whenever you feel like that now your bike is quite old and has started to emit more pollutants then you must sell your motorcycle

Pollution caused by motorcycles

  1. Emissions from driving:

    You might be surprised to know that motorcycles are more dangerous for the environment than cars. The reason behind is poor pollution control standards for motorcycles as compared to cars. Even though they release less carbon dioxide, their emissions account for more greenhouse gases. Moreover, cars can accommodate a greater number of passengers and as a result, motorcycles amount for more emissions per person. Apart from carbon dioxide, they also release carbon monoxide (CO), unburnt gases (HC’s) and nitrous oxides which have a strong detrimental effect on human health.

  2. Emissions from manufacturing:

    If you thought the process of manufacturing a motorcycle does not affect the environment much, then you are wrong. The fact is that they are even worse than cars. They release more amount of carbon dioxide during their construction that cars.

Because the motorcycles amount to a large amount of pollution during their lifetime, it is the responsibility of the owner to sell a used motorcycle to a place where its eco-friendly disposal is done. Opting for eco-friendly disposal will not only help in saving the earth, but it will also give you a good feeling that you have been able to reduce your environmental footprint. The eco-friendly disposal focuses on utilizing every scrap of your motorcycle mitigating the end-of-life effect on the environment.

Making bike disposal an eco-friendly process through motorcycle junkyard

Best ways to sell used motorcycle

  1. Providing reclaimed motorcycle parts:

    Even if your motorcycle is totaled, there is still a possibility that some of its parts are still usable. Sometimes the outer of your motorcycle is damaged, but the engine still has enough capacity to run for another thousand miles. You can sell these parts to salvage yards who utilized used parts for motorcycle repair thereby lowering the demand of new parts. 

  2. Keep the body and other parts of the motorcycle out of the landfill:

    Even if the motorcycle is totally wrecked, its parts can still be used as scrap and hence putting them in a landfill is complete wastage. Moreover, these parts don’t easily decompose. The plastic parts may take more than a hundred years while the glass parts may consume millions of years to decompose. So, it is always better to sell your motorcycle to a reliable company or a person for cash than unnecessarily dumping its parts.

  3. Providing recycled parts for manufacturing of new motorcycle parts:

    Motorcycle junkyard buys old motorcycles and repairs them for future use. As a result, the demand for production of new motorcycles decreases leading mitigating the environmental footprint. Moreover, there might be still some working parts which can be used to repair other motorcycles. For example, it is quite easy to recycle old tires and other steel components of your motorcycle into new ones.

  4. Disposing of any potentially hazardous materials or parts:

    Another advantage one gets when they sell used a motorcycle to a salvage yard is that they recycle the fluids including engine oil. They also ensure that potentially hazardous materials are disposed of responsibly.

  5. Offering to repair the parts locally:

    If your company is still producing spare parts, then it is better to get your motorcycle repaired locally in case you don’t want to sell your motorcycle. It is eco-friendly in a way that your motorcycle does not need to be shipped to a remote place for repair work.

If you are planning to take a step towards saving the environment and you sell your motorcycle then do visit thebikebuyers.com today. The company offers free towing facility anywhere in the USA. The customers are offered good value for their motorcycles by the company. 

Steps to sell your motorcycle easily

what is my motorcycle worth

There comes a time in the lifespan of every motorcycle when you need to part ways with it. It’s understandable that selling your beloved vehicle can be challenging both in the sense of handling all your emotions attached with it and also to deal with the stress of researching, preparing and negotiating. It is highly important that you conduct proper research before communicating with potential buyers who are interested in buying a used motorcycle. It will not only help you understand the market for used motorcycles but will also get you an idea regarding its approximate value. You can explore the market value of your motorcycle by searching in local classified ads and online websites especially dedicated to motorcycles. In case you have a customized bike, it may be difficult for you to get the right price. In such a situation, you will need to apply your own judgment or consult an expert for advice. You may need to find out whether your model is popular or not among the buyers. It is always easier to negotiate on the price of popular models. You must also check the condition of the motorcycle and get it repaired in case of minor scratches or small dents. You can also get it to paint and waxed in order to give it a presentable look. In the process of preparing your bike, you will need to get it inspected from a professional mechanic. Some of the preparation processes can be started at home. You can start by cleaning the body and outside parts of the motorcycle. Avoid cleaning inside or complicated parts as you may end up damaging the wires and other sensitive parts. You can also remove the dust and grit from the tires. The in-depth cleaning can be later on carried by professional cleaners. After getting your motorcycle cleaned, make sure that all the parts are in working condition. Check for any leakage in the pipes and get them repaired to avoid any mishap. This whole process might cost you a bit, but it will help you earn more in selling a motorcycle.

Steps to sell your motorcycle easily

Three steps to get top dollars by selling a motorcycle

  1. Appraising the cost:

    If you take some of your time and effort in cleaning your bike thoroughly, you will be able to attract more potential buyers and it will be easier to sell your motorcycle. Proper inspection of any damages or dents will help you understand which parts of the motorcycle need minor repairs. Check the battery if it’s working properly. Look for any possible leaks and get them repaired. There are many websites which can give you an idea regarding the prices of similar bikes. You can also look for online advertisement and compare the prices offered by the sellers. You can then determine the value of your motorcycle from the information available.

  2. Advertising the motorcycle:

    If you want to reach out to a larger pool of potential buyers, you can consider advertising your motorcycle online. All you need to do is to make an account, fill in the details of your motorcycle and upload quality pictures in order to attract more buyers. Always take the pictures in broad daylight covering all the required angles. If possible, click the photos from a high-quality camera instead of a mobile. Make sure that you are clear and transparent while describing the specifications and condition of your motorcycle.

  3. Sealing the deal:

    Buyers who ask you about the basic information already listed in the advertisement are probably not very serious in buying a used motorcycle. Make sure that you entertain only those buyers who are having the cash to offer and willing to negotiate. You must also be cautious about potential scammers who may offer you partial payment at the time of delivery. These types of buyers are usually difficult to track once the deal is over.

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