How to Sell your Motorcycle Quick and Safe

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Selling your motorcycle can be a very stressful task as you need to take into consideration many factors. You must analyze various factors in order to get a fair price for your wrecked motorcycle.

Some of the most common questions that may arise in your mind are-

  • How to sell a motorcycle quickly and safely?
  • What is the worth of my motorcycle?
  • How to negotiate the best price from the buyer?

To find the best way to sell a motorcycle, you need to seek the answers to the above questions. There are certain ways to find the answers to the above questions to sell your motorcycle in a smart way.

You can always choose middlemen to sell off your wrecked motorcycle but you will have to pay him a certain amount. However, if you take up the responsibility of selling your motorcycle on your own you can do a better job.

Out of the many options available to you, find a hassle-free way to get rid of your wrecked motorcycle. You can sell your motorcycle either offline or online.

Sell your Motorcycle: Preparing for It

  • Offline selling of a motorcycle refers to selling it to private dealers or individuals. You can put your wrecked motorcycle on sale or publish an advertisement in local classifieds. Negotiation is required when you sell your motorcycle privately.
  • The best way to sell a motorcycle is to online motorcycle buyers. You can also place an ad on the various online bike selling and buying platforms. The simplest way however to sell a motorcycle is finding The Bike Buyers and receive an instant quote from them.

Sell your Motorcycle like a Pro

Yes, you can sell your motorcycle like a pro by keeping in mind a few important points.

  • You need to do a thorough research to determine the best way to sell a motorcycle. For that, you need to focus on-
    • The make and model of your motorcycle;
    • Determine the prices of other used motorcycle on the market;
    • The demand for your specific motorcycle model in the market;
    • The price online buyers can offer you etc.

By doing focusing on the above points you will be able to fix the price of your motorcycle.

  • Next, get your wrecked motorcycle inspected by a mechanic to fix any cosmetic or mechanical damages.
  • If you have any extra accessories installed on your motorcycle you better sell them separately. You should do so because not every buyer will pay you extra bucks on those modifications.
  • Gather as much information as you can about your wrecked motorcycle. The prospective buyers will ask questions related to the condition of your motorcycle. On the other hand, when you sell your motorcycle online you have the ease of providing only the relevant information. When you fill out the online quote you need to share minimal details such as the make, model, and condition of your bike.
  • The documents related to your motorcycle are crucial to selling your motorcycle for the best price. The documents you need are- ownership proof, bike maintenance receipts, insurance, NOC
  • The final step is to choose a reputable motorcycle junkyard near you or online. Before making the final settlement make sure you get the best price for your wrecked motorcycle. Along with that, a free towing facility is also to look for.

Take up the endeavor to sell your motorcycle seriously and get the maximum cash with minimum efforts.

Top Tips on How to sell used Motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle online has many benefits for the seller, like buyers can be approached easily thus saving a lot of time. The seller can also expect a fair price for their motorcycle. This is why the best way to sell a motorcycle is online. There are a few tips that are quite helpful when one decides to sell a motorcycle online. They are as follows: Communication plays a major role: It is not just about selling a motorcycle; good communication is required almost everywhere for the smooth execution of a process. When selling a motorcycle, the motorcycle owner should communicate all important details about their bike to the buyer so that there is no confusion in the future. Being genuine to the buyer is very important. When the sellers provide every necessary detail about their bike to the buyer, then they are more confident while selling their motorcycle. Things that usually need to be communicated if selling the bike to a car buying dealership: The make, model and year of the bike Its ownership document Photographs of the bike from different angles Location of the seller Things that should be communicated when posting an ad for the motorcycle online: Motorcycle model and year Type of title you have Repair record history Damages or modifications in the bike Photos of the bike from all sides Choose a secure payment option: there are many applications available online which help you receive the payment from the buyer in the most secure way. Otherwise opting for cash payment is always the best. Work smartly: Although the online applications for transferring money is quite secure, if you are going for some other type of payment, then you should be a bit careful and perform the following things: Verify the buyer’s identity and do not proceed with the selling process unless you are pretty sure about their identity. If the payment mode is through credit card then first request the buyer to provide you their credit card statement. If the payment is made through check then unless and until the bank clears the check and you receive the money, do not give your bike to the buyer. 4. A happy buyer is what a seller needs to be happy: The seller should put in every effort that can satisfy the buyer and make them happy. An unhappy buyer can create problems for the seller. So, if a situation arises where the buyer has an issue with the bike you are selling, then politely make them understand things. Do everything that can make them happy and satisfied about what they are buying. Why a motorcycle buying company is a more secure option than individual buyers online? Selling a motorcycle online gives the seller lots of opportunities. The sellers can explore different buyers; know about their conditions for buying a motorcycle and the quote they are offering for the bike. Apart from the benefits of selling a motorcycle online, it has some security issues. There are many people who become the victim of these frauds happening online. The frauds are more prevalent in the case of individual buyers as compared to the big companies. This is because the identity of the buyer is difficult to verify in the case of an individual buyer. Moreover, unlike online bike buying businesses the individual buyers do not have customer reviews. Big companies are known by many and can be verified by the sellers themselves by visiting their local physical office and having a look at the licenses they have. In the case of individual buyers there is less scope for the seller to verify the authenticity. If you are in the US and are planning to sell your running motorcycle online then there is no better place than It offers great quotes to its clients. The company has served many satisfied customers for over 25 years. “The Bike Buyers” is a safe and secure way to sell a motorcycle.

It finally happened. A new bike caught your eye, and suddenly that once-wonderful motorcycle that occupied your attention for years has turned into a source of funds for the next one. Or maybe that new bike means the garage space allotted to motorcycles has been exceeded and one of the less-loved machines has to go. Whatever the reason, you have suddenly become a used-bike salesperson. So how to sell a used motorcycle and how do you proceed from here?


Much of what you do to sell your bike will depend on what you can reasonably sell it for. If you want to sell a bike for cash you need to set a proper price tag to it which should lucrative enough to host the buyers and profitable for you as well. You can look at the price guide “blue books,” but they have a variety of shortcomings, including a lack of regional bias. It’s better to do more specific research. If you know you will be selling a bike in the future, do the research in advance. Using local classifieds, internet sites, national motorcycle classifieds. You should see also what local dealers have in their used inventories. When the time comes to sell a bike for cash, contact these sellers, especially those in your area, since the popularity of some models varies by region.



Have you customized your bike? If you want to know how to sell a used motorcycle, you should know the answer to the previous question well. Assuming the customized pieces fit well and still has a clean finish, most quality billet trinkets, and other minor changes will probably be slightly positive. But major changes can go either way. Those aftermarket pipes may be too loud for a potential buyer. That custom seat may look too uncomfortable or too fat to a buyer’s eye. The same is true for most changes that affect function. Some buyers will love them, but they are just as likely to put off more potential buyers. Ideally, the original parts are neatly stored away.

Custom paint—If you sell a bike for cash then assuming the paint is in good condition, professionally done and not composed of something like Civil War battle murals or naked women with lots of piercings—can be a slight asset if it has broad appeal. If the custom paint is too unique, however, you should lower the price. Also, if you have a helmet painted to match, you should be prepared to include it.

Try to view your bike through the eyes of someone who has no emotional attachment to it and look for aspects that could be flaws in his eyes; then, set a target price that reflects its true value. This should be below your asking price (what you plan to sell for after some haggling), but still slightly lower than that of the priciest comparable bikes advertised in your area. Make sure your target price justifies selling it—you may, not make enough to get that next bike.

Mechanical Considerations

If you know how to sell used motorcycle then probably the mechanical considerations are of utmost importance. If the bike is running well, a fresh set of spark plugs is still good insurance. If the oil or other fluids are even slightly dirty, you should change them. The air filter should be clean, and all the controls should be properly adjusted per the manual. If the engine is a bit rough, give it a tune-up. If the problem is more significant—low compression, for example—you’ll have to decide whether you want to repair it or knock a big chunk off the price. If the rest of the bike is pristine and it’s a desirable model, you could recoup your repair costs.

These steps will make you a master in how to sell a used motorcycle and if you ever sell a bike for cash you won’t have any problems. You can also visit The bike Buyers, they offer the best deals for used motorcycles and have a hassle-free process and with such ease, you will be able to sell a bike for cash.

Sell your Motorcycle: Preparing for It

Important Points to Consider when Selling a Motorcycle

A time will come when you need to sell your motorcycle. The reasons to sell a motorcycle vary individually. Selling a used motorcycle can be stressful but with preparation, you can get through it easily.

Preparing to sell a motorcycle is not only cleaning and washing it. There is something more to it which can add value to your used motorcycle.

sell used motorcycle - THEBIKEBUYERS.COM

Selling your motorcycle to a well-established motorcycle buying a business is the best option. It saves time and extra costs incurred on you when selling your motorcycle privately. Because your motorcycle is of no use to you, selling your motorcycle needs priority.

Sell your Motorcycle: Preparing for It

You can find various online bike buyers offering a free quote to buy used motorcycles.

Important Points to Consider when Selling a Motorcycle

There are many things that you can do to sell your motorcycle privately. But when you sell your used motorcycle to the bike buyers you can sell it “As-Is”.

sell your motorcycle

You can consider some of the following aspects of selling your motorcycle for self-contentment-

  • Determining your Motorcycle Worth- The most important thing you need to do when selling a motorcycle is determining its worth. The make and model of your bike may be old enough to interest potential buyers. The condition of your motorcycle also helps in evaluating the worth. You can do research on other motorcycles of the same make and model to get the value. You can also take help of online value calculator websites to estimate the value of your bike.  
  • Arranging the Documents- The transaction cannot take place until and unless you have proper documents available at hand. The important documents you need to sell your motorcycle include the title, the bill of sale or the registration. You make the selling process straightforward by providing these documents when closing the deal. You shall also keep intact all the service receipts of your motorcycle. A well-kept and maintained motorcycle increases its resale value.   
  • Working with the Buyers- When selling your motorcycle to the bike buyers, you need to deal with honesty. Transparency is the key to making any business transaction successful and fair. If you are honest enough while filling your online quote you will a fair price. On the other hand, if you provide vague information to get more money you will receive less. Once you get the quote, the representative of that particular bike buying company shall visit you. The representative carefully inspects the motorcycle to complete the verification procedure.

sell a motorcycle, what is my motorcycle worth, sell used motorcycleMake sure you consider the above points in order to avoid any scams so common these days. Also, it is your duty to act truthfully during the whole process of selling your motorcycle.

You will get a fair price for your used motorcycle based on its condition. And not just a used motorcycle, you can sell any motorcycle whether working or non-working easily to online junkyards.

The junk motorcycle market is gaining more popularity with each passing day. You can now find numerous motorcycle junkyards operating online to ease the process for sellers.

To sell your motorcycle for the best price, choose The Bike Buyers.   


Find the Best Way to Sell a Dirt Bike

Find the Best Way to Sell a Dirt Bike

There might be several reasons to sell your dirt bike. The first reason being it has turned into a wrecked bike due to rough usage for years. Secondly, you are planning to buy a new bike and are falling short of some cash. Selling your motorcycle which serves no purpose can get you extra cash.

Where to Sell your Dirt Bike

The best way to sell a dirt bike is when you can derive the most cash from it. Selling a dirt bike involves-

  • Searching for the best way to sell a dirt bike. You can sell your motorcycle to individual buyers or to a motorcycle junkyard.
  • You want to sell your dirt bike for top dollar. The best way to sell a dirt bike for top dollar is by selling it to online motorcycle buyers.
  • The paperwork is a crucial part of selling your motorcycle. To prevent yourself from future liability you need to sell your motorcycle with proper documentation.

If you are unsure where to sell your motorcycle, visit The Bike Buyers and know the best way to sell your dirt bike.

The Paperwork needed to sell your Dirt Bike

Where to Sell your Dirt Bike

There are different ways to sell your dirt bike to earn extra cash. Your first choice is always to find potential buyers by putting your bike on sale. Many online channels have also begun to buy and sell old and used dirt bikes. Both the above methods do not give you a guarantee that you will find potential buyers. Also, it takes time to settle the deal with any single buyers out of so many. You cannot even expect top dollar for your dirt bike when you sell it privately.

The best way to sell a dirt bike is selling it to online motorcycle junkyards. By online motorcycle junkyards, we mean companies that buy old and used motorcycles with an online presence. These online businesses are well established and have branches spread across the country. All you need to do is fill the online quote available and wait to receive your offer. Your dirt bike shall be picked free of cost within a day or two. You get paid for your dirt bike on the spot.

Find the Best Way to Sell a Dirt Bike

The Paperwork needed to sell your Dirt Bike

The most important aspect of selling your motorcycle or any other vehicle is the availability of the paperwork. In order to get the best price for your dirt bike, you need to complete the paperwork in advance. The most important document required at the time of final sale is the title of ownership. You should always have the title of your bike. If you bought it from any previous owner you should get the title transferred in your name. The paperwork needed to sell your motorcycle is different for different states. Check the local DMV to get information about the required paperwork to sell your dirt bike in your state.

If you sell your dirt bike with proper paperwork you will surely get the best price for it.   

Sell your Dirt Bike for Cash or Check  

The most desirable payment mode when selling your dirt bike is either cash or check. However, the better of the two is cash because there are no risks involved. The best part of selling your dirt bike to the bike buyers is you get paid on the spot.

You must ensure you not only get paid for your dirt bike but are also released from any future liability. This way you have peace of mind and the process is also hassle-free.

Sell your dirt bike for top dollar today.   

Sell My Motorcycle: The Superbike Owner Dilemma

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You don’t often find a superbike on the road that easily because these motorcycles are costly and only enthusiasts buy them. But the main challenge for superbike owners after a few years is to maintain the motorcycle or either to sell the motorcycle for cash. These enthusiasts often being bikers are very much into the motorcycle market scene. They know about the machine that is why they give out so much cash for a motorcycle. These bikes are fast, really fast, full of technology and can cost up to 80k and even more. The Ducati’s 1299 Superleggera will cost you 80k and is a fine example of how these motorcycles can eat up your life savings.

Sell my motorcycle for cash

Once you buy a motorcycle you can’t use them for a daily commute, or only for weekend and fun rides just for the pleasure of it. People get unsatisfied with the machine and after a few years then they look for places that buy bikes. There are many places that buy bikes out there but if you have superbike things might get tricky. But you don’t have to worry as The Bike Buyers are here for you. We buy any bike no matter the condition, model or make. Being in the business for 30 years and having 350 offices across the USA we are a trusted name in the industry. You can count on us if you are willing to sell the motorcycle for cash.

Sell my motorcycle for cash

These superbikes are optimized for supreme acceleration, and they are mass centered, they have mad braking skills with exceptional cornering capabilities. They are made keeping only one thing in mind “Speed”. Almost all superbikes have extensive liquid cooling systems and smart composite materials to improve cooling and heat transfer while in operation. They use super light materials such as carbon fiber to reduce weight. Combustion efficiency is achieved by employing iridium spark plugs in conjunction with refined fuel injection systems. Also, advanced engine firing systems are used to improve the smoothness of energy transfer to the road. Modern superbikes use dual-clutch transmissions for maximum performance. These work by having two clutches instead of the usual one sharing the gearbox, with each clutch attached to half the number of total gears. In essence, this means that when the bike is in a certain gear the next gear is also selected by the second clutch. Consequently, when the rider changes up a gear and the first clutch is disengaged, the second clutch can instantly engage the next year, providing a super-fast response time.
Due to the compact, advanced design of the superbike dual-clutch transmission, most systems on the market use wet multi-plate clutches. Wet clutches involve submerging the clutch components in a lubricating fluid to reduce friction and limit the production of excess heat. This is due to the fact that wet multi-plate clutches use hydraulic pressure to drive the superbikes gears. This works as when the clutch engages, hydraulic pressure from its internal piston forces its series of stacked plates and toothed friction discs against a fixed pressure plate. In turn, the friction discs mesh with the splines on the inside of the clutch drum and the force is transferred from drum to gear set.
Super Bikes are awesome, why would one want to sell their motorcycle for cash. SuperBike owners are of various types and the dilemma one wants to sell the motorcycle for cash can be of various types:
Often superbike enthusiasts put their life savings into a superbike and then go broke after some years. That is when the realization strikes and they try to sell the motorcycle for cash.
Wealthy people buy these superbikes for the pleasure and fun of it, they drive it for a couple of years and then when they see a new option in the market they sell the superbike for cash.
People sell the motorcycle for cash because these are superbikes and they go on sale for much more money no matter how old.
The maintenance cost of these bikes becomes absurd after a certain period of time which no one wants to entertain thus they go off selling these superbikes.
If you are out of the dilemma and sure to sell a motorcycle for cash, certain points might be of help as these superbikes are very costly and the second-hand price is often not known to people and you might be ripped off.

  • Request a copy of the buyers Driver’s License to verify their identity
  • If they are using a credit card request a printed copy of their credit card statement.
  • If you accept a cashier’s check, make sure you have given your bank enough time to clear the check as you would any check before releasing the bike. Phony cashier’s checks have become a more common instrument for many cybercriminals in the recent years.
  • Avoid doing business with a buyer that doesn’t want to speak to you by phone, this is a sign of a buyer that wants to hide his identity.
  • Be wary of buyer who insists on using a site for escrow, besides Fraudulent buyers have been known to set up phone sites that look real but disappear after you have released the bike to them.

Sell your Motorcycle for the Best price

If you are having a tough time selling your motorcycle, The Bike Buyers are here to ease your tension. We offer the best cash for motorcycles that are used, broken, crushed or wrecked.

To get the best price for your wrecked motorcycle, you need to put in some extra effort. However, we are there to simplify each and every step involved in selling your motorcycle.

You have many other options available to sell your motorcycle privately but they are time-consuming. When you decide to sell your used or wrecked motorcycle you want the job done at the earliest. The Bike Buyers can provide you the best services when it comes to selling your motorcycle quickly.

Sell motorcycle for best price

Factors Affecting the process of Selling your Motorcycle

There are numerous factors that affect the overall worth of your wrecked motorcycle. These factors also determine the cash you will receive when you sell your motorcycle to a motorcycle junkyard.

  • The condition of the motorcycle:

    The most important factor that affects the cash you are going to get for your motorcycle is its condition. A well-maintained and functional motorcycle will get you more cash from individual buyers. If you have a wrecked motorcycle or in the similar condition, it is better to sell your motorcycle to a motorcycle junkyard. To get the best price you can get a routine check on your motorcycle and find out the problem areas. If the damages can be fixed it will add to your cash. However, if your wrecked motorcycle is beyond repair sell it to the bike buyers.

  • The demand for the motorcycle:

    The higher the demand for your particular motorcycle the greater the price. If your motorcycle is a popular model high in demand you can expect top dollars for it. A highly sought-after model will positively impact the worth of a motorcycle. You may find a lot of buyers rushing in to offer good cash for your motorcycle. But you should take every step carefully when selling your motorcycle privately. There are many fraudulent people around to buy used motorcycles and put them to illegal use. It is always best to opt for the safest method of selling your motorcycle.   

  • Unnecessary modifications:

    Because you loved your bike so much that you got it heavily modified. Not all buyers will be interested in buying your modified motorcycle for extra cash. You, on the other hand, can make extra cash from your motorcycle by selling those accessories separately. Sell those extra parts or accessories to the local motorcycle junkyards. In addition, you will get the amount for the worth of your motorcycle without those modifications.

If you want to sell your motorcycle without getting involved in the aforementioned haggles choose us. We guarantee the best price for your motorcycle along with a free pick-up service.

The Right Time to Sell your Motorcycle

There is no science to this, but the motorcycles sale is affected during the winter season. You won’t find many people riding bikes during this time of the year. As discussed above some bikes are in demand around the year.

The bike buyers work throughout the year to buy a motorcycle in any condition whether running or non-running. Even if you have a dirt bike or a salvaged motorcycle standing in your backyard contact us today. We will pay a better price for your salvage motorcycle than the insurance company.

Fill out our online available form to know the worth of your motorcycle instantly.

Sell my Motorcycle: The Easy Way Out

Sell My Motorcycle - The Bike Buyers-Pompano Beach FL

Selling your motorcycle can easily help in getting quick cash whenever you need. There is a number of options available for you to get cash for your motorcycle. When you need cash quickly, selling your motorcycle to the bike buyers is the best option. We buy all kinds of junk, wrecked and used motorcycles at great prices.

When you have found us to sell your motorcycle you need not look any further. We believe in instant cash payments to help you sell your used motorcycle.

We have won the trust of our hundreds of sellers in the following ways-

• We pay the best possible cash for motorcycles of all makes and models.
• We pick-up your used motorcycle on the same day.
• We will pick-up your motorcycle from the location of your convenience.
• We are helping our customers sell their motorcycle for almost 25 years.
• Getting the best offer is easier than ever with our “Get a Quote
• We buy motorcycles, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and ATVs in any condition.

To believe in our tremendous services you need to sell your motorcycle to us.

Sell My Motorcycle - The Bike Buyers-Pompano Beach FL

“Sell my Motorcycle” – Say it and we do it!

Yes, it is as simple as that to sell your motorcycle. Unlike other means that you prefer to get cash for your motorcycle, follow these steps:
 Information Upload: By filling our free quote you upload the necessary information about your motorcycle. At first, you enter your personal details followed by the manufacturing details of your motorcycle. Then you shall share the details about the condition of your motorcycle and few pictures of it. Make sure to provide full information to get an instant offer.
– Getting Instant Offer: We offer the best cash for motorcycles so there is no room left for bargains. Still, you are not compelled to accept our offer. Only when you are satisfied with our offer you shall accept it. Our cash offers are undeniably acceptable.
– Final Pick-up and Payment: Once you accept our offer we come to pick-up your motorcycle and make the payment. Share your ownership proof to complete the task of selling your motorcycle legally.

We ensure the deal is settled within one day of your approaching us. One of our knowledgeable buyers will be appointed to carry forward the process of selling your motorcycle smoothly.

Easy Way To Sell Motorcycle

Sell your Motorcycle in any Condition

  • Selling your motorcycle to us saves you from extra efforts you put in while selling it privately. Regardless of your reason to sell your motorcycle or its current condition we pay you top dollars. You should not bother about how old or damaged your motorcycle is when you sell it to us.
  • You own a wrecked Harley Davidson or a BMW motorcycle poorly damaged, we are ready to take them away. Buying broken and damaged motorcycles from anywhere in the USA is the bike buyers business. You can contribute to growing our business by selling your motorcycle.
  • Whether you find us online or through a call, we provide the best way to get cash for your motorcycle. We always look forward to offering a fair price to our sellers. To know the worth of your motorcycle you can use Kelly Blue Book.

We are waiting for your positive response to our services by choosing us to sell your motorcycle.

“Sell Motorcycle For Cash” Top Tips

If you are reading this then probably you have made up your mind to sell your old motorcycle. It’s a good thing as you might want an upgrade or probably thinking of switching to four wheels, but you are probably clouded with questions wondering:
• How to sell my Motorcycle?
• Where to sell my motorcycle?
• What is the best way to sell a motorcycle?
• How to get top cash for motorcycles?

There is a huge market out there for the used motorcycles as the industry has been booming over the years and the number of new bikes is rising by the day and thus giving way to the unexplored used motorcycle industry.

If you look at the statistics above for US market, you can understand how exponential is the data for the motorcycles that have come underused category over the period of 6 years. You might be thinking how hard could it be to “sell my motorcycle”, but get your facts correct as it can get really tricky. Here are some of the tips which will help you.

Top Tips To Sell A Motorcycle With Ease

 Research: To begin the process, you must have prior knowledge related to a lot of things so that is related to your bike and regarding selling your bike. Some of the points you must know about are:
 The specifications of your bike, such as engine, suspension, electronics, brakes etc.
 Is the current model of your motorcycle still in production?
 What is the current demand of the model of your motorcycle in the market?
 What are other people offering for the same model of motorcycle that you have? Just to get an idea while setting a price for your own machine.
 The current condition of your motorcycle.
 Custom and aftermarket parts details as they can increase the value.
 Looks: No one is going to like a dirty motorcycle. Make sure that while putting your motorcycle on sale you clean and wax your machine well so that it looks appealing. It will portray to the potential buyer that the bike has been well taken care of.

 Photos: If you want to get a little fancier you can plan a photo shoot for your motorcycle. Detailed photos attract more buyers. They tend to give more detailed insight into your machine and also have a visual appeal. It shows that as a seller you are serious about what you are doing.

 Prior Inspection: One of the most important points of all that you should do before thinking to sell a motorcycle is getting it checked/inspected by an experienced mechanic. You wouldn’t want to sell a piece of junk to someone who comes to you after a few months complaining. Make sure to keep in mind that well maintained bikes attract more prospective buyers and it’s not just looks but the complete machine as a whole.

 Documents: Making sure that you have a complete set of documents needed before you want to sell a motorcycle is very important. Some of the important documents are:
• Ownership document
• Insurance papers
• Service manual
• Receipts related to the maintenance of the motorcycle
• NOC(No Objection Certificate)
• Extra set of keys

 Extra accessories: Most of the bike owners have an extra set of accessories installed on their motorcycles such as panniers, Tank bags, GPS devices, Top box etc. It’s not sure if these accessories would be wanted by the buyer. Make sure you remove them and present the stock bike. Later you can negotiate with the buyer and lure him to buy the extra accessories and you can get extra cash for that as well.

 Online marketplace to sell Motorcycle for cash: Aside from the pain of directly dealing with potential buyers of your motorcycle, there are many online marketplaces that buy bikes. Make sure to contact a trusted dealer. The bike buyer is the perfect place that buys damaged, wrecked or used motorcycles all across the USA with 350 offices and has been around for 25 years in the business. They also provide free tow away services making it easier for you.

 Promoting the positive aspects: There are lot aspects to a motorcycle that are unique. Make sure you have proper knowledge about them as it will help in promoting your bike to a prospect. It might not seem like an important point but when you will be going to deliver a sales pitch it will prove crucial.

 Negotiating: After you have done it all and put all your points on the table for the prospective buyer, it is very important that you negotiate smartly. It is necessary that you know the expectation and requirements of the buyer and know how much money he has to splash. Try to dig in more to determine the points that can motivate him and then convey related things about your motorcycle to him.


Off-road recreational vehicles can provide a fun way to explore the countryside. One popular model is side-by-side, also commonly referred to as the UTV (Utility Task Vehicle). They are different from All Terrain Vehicles i.e. ATV’s, as the name suggests side-by-side; they have side by side seating positions, seat belts and comes factory equipped with ROPS (roll over protection system). They weigh well over 1000 pounds and are more than 70 inches in width which makes them different from other off-road recreational vehicles. They are illegal to ride on roads as there is no registration class for these vehicles. That is why they are famous for off-road trails, beaches etc.

In addition to recreational purposes, these vehicles can be useful for work outdoors as they have a large rear cargo carrier that can help in hauling items. UTV’s can be very sporty too as the likes of Kawasaki Teryx, Arctic Cat Prowler, Polaris RZR and the new Can-Am Commander are performance packed with costly mod options. Riding these off-road monsters is like sensing an adrenaline rush through your body but at the same time, it is very risky. UTV’s are often ridden in difficult terrains and if you don’t drive carefully there is always a chance of an accident; wrecking or damaging the UTV in the process. UTV is a rare machine, you don’t often find it on a road and so are the parts and the cost incurred, so thinking about repairing the UTV is a bad idea and the best you could do is sell it for a fair price. Places like California, Idaho, South Dakota, Minnesota, Arizona, and Washington are filled with adventure trails and accidents often occur. The wrecked UTV just sits there rotting people don’t know what to do with them. They don’t that they can sell the damaged UTV for cash.

Sell damaged UTV for cash

But it is very difficult to sell these vehicles for cash. Buyers typically want to see how bad the damage is and get an idea of what is salvageable or the cost to repair the side-by-side. There are limited buyers present in the whole of the country and you are just sitting there in California looking at a dealer from Washington and stressing about a number of points such as:

 How much will I get paid for my Damaged UTV?

 The UTV is really totaled; will the dealer really buy it?

 Is the process authentic/legal?

 How do I get to haul my UTV to the dealer?

The Bike Buyers has answers to all the questions. We are present all around the country and it doesn’t matter if you are in Idaho, Minnesota, Arizona or Washington; making your life easy by providing an instant offer, picking up the UTV and handing you a check on the spot, all done the same day in most cases. Visit our website to fill out the “GET A QUOTE” form and you are ready to go. Once a quotation price is agreed from your side we will send out our certified representatives to your location for towing the UTV/or you can drop your UTV at our location. We will hand you out a check on the price we agreed before taking over the UTV. The check can be cashed the same day. There are no obligations or hidden costs, we pay what we quote.

Selling your wrecked or damaged UTV or Side-by-side just got easier and faster with the help of The Bike Buyers. Customers can sell a wrecked or damaged side-by-side (UTV) in any condition, any make, any model, anywhere in the US. We purchase all wrecked or damaged side-by-sides, motorcycles, choppers, scooters, sports bikes, jet skis, sport touring, dual sport, dirt bikes, ATV even Harley Davidson, BMW and custom trikes! We have been helping riders sell their unwanted vehicles for over 25 years. With 350 offices throughout the USA, we have an office near you so go ahead and call The Bike Buyers at 877-751-8019 to get an offer and check today.

Steps to Sell a Used Motorcycle

You can easily sell your used or wrecked motorcycle if you are aware of the simple process. Simply putting an ad in the newspaper or selling your motorcycle through online sellers is risky nowadays. You display all the relevant information about your wrecked motorcycle online which might catch the attention of illegal buyers. Choosing the Bike Buyers to do away with your wrecked motorcycle is the best way to sell your motorcycle. We provide safe and secure services to our customers who want to sell their used motorcycles.

Easing the Process of Selling Used Motorcycles

The process of selling your used motorcycle can run very smoothly if you follow a few simple steps given below-

  • Knowing your Motorcycle Worth: Before you start searching for motorcycle junkyards you must evaluate the worth of your wrecked motorcycle. Your motorcycle valuation will depend on the following factors such as
    • Make/Model/Year
    • Mileage
    • Mechanical Issues
    • Prominent Damages
  • Selling Parts Separately: To make the most money for your wrecked motorcycle, consider selling some parts or accessories separately. The extra parts or accessories that you got installed on your bike may not be of any use to the motorcycle junkyard. So it is a good option to remove the add-ons and sell them separately. Although if you want to sell your motorcycle with the accessories make sure the parts are original. Only then can you expect some value for those parts.
  • Cleaning: If your used motorcycle is in a working condition the motorcycle junkyard may sell it after buying from you. So try to keep your used motorcycle in a good condition. Keep it clean and lubricated. You can also expect good cash for your used motorcycle if it is in good working condition. However, if your motorcycle is not in perfect shape or badly damaged or crushed you need not worry. We buy motorcycles even if they are poorly damaged.
  • Legal Documentation: The most important pre-requisite for selling your used motorcycle is the title of the ownership. In some cases, buyers might ask for safety certificate as well. If available you should also have finance details, remaining warranty, and service or maintenance records. Availability of legal documents frees you from any future liability of the vehicle you sold.

 Quick Steps to Sell your Used Motorcycle

We make the whole experience of selling your used motorcycle unproblematic. Follow these simple steps to sell your wrecked motorcycle quickly-

  • Fill our Get a Quote online form by providing relevant information about your used motorcycle. You can also call us or contact us at any convenient time.
  • Our representative will get back to you most probably on the same day with an offer price. We show up once you agree to our offered price and are ready to get your wrecked motorcycle picked up.
  • You hand over the important documents and the keys to our representative and he makes the check payment on the spot.
  • You can drop your motorcycle yourself at our local office or we shall send our team member to pick up your wrecked motorcycle at the earliest.

Selling your used motorcycle has just got easier and faster with The Bike Buyers at your service.