Is Selling a Snowmobile Possible

Selling a snowmobile is not something impossible today. Like every other vehicle that you own a snowmobile is also very beneficial especially during snowfall in the USA.

A snowmobile is a motorized vehicle used for winter travel and recreational activities on snow. The snowmobiles are manufactured by different brands like Polaris, Arctic Cat Snowmobiles, and Yamaha Snowmobiles.

If you own a snowmobile, it is most probably going to face technical and mechanical problem after a few years of usage. It is a troublesome job for everyone to deal with the issues of a damaged or wrecked snowmobile. At this point, The Bike Buyers come into the picture as your savior. You may be unaware of the fact that we buy all kinds of old, junk, damaged, and wrecked snowmobiles from around the USA.

During winters the snowmobiles are vitally important for you but their performance can get affected over a period of time. Having a junk snowmobile can be a huge hassle but we can help you in getting rid of that. There are plenty of places in the USA like Utah, Chicago, and Denver, Colorado etc where our offices are set up. You can choose our office in any of the above-mentioned places to sell your junk snowmobile according to your convenience.

At The Bike Buyers, we will give you a brief insight into how we work in helping you get rid of your snowmobile.

 Why Sell a Snowmobile

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If your snowmobile is not in a good working condition and you want to do away with it, we are here to buy it. It will be a costly affair to get your wrecked or damaged snowmobile getting fixed by a body shop. We accept all kinds of wrecked, damaged, and totaled snowmobile and pay you money in return. Your snowmobile might have faced accidental damages due to the occurrence of accidents or collisions. We also buy snowmobiles that are uninsured or with salvage titles.

We not only buy snowmobiles with accidental damages but with mechanical damages as well. If your vehicle does not run properly due to engine failure or any other mechanical issue, we can buy it for cash. If you are located in Chicago and cannot find the best place to sell your snowmobile, fill our Get a Quote online form today. Once you provide us with the relevant information about your snowmobile, we will strike a deal with you.

The Bike Buyers buy all snowmobiles with any kind of damages and offer you the desired amount. The cash that we will pay you will largely depend on the make, model, and condition of your snowmobile.

Your First Choice to Sell a Snowmobile

You might face a lot of dilemmas when it comes to selling your snowmobile to a trusted entity. Make us your first choice to get rid of your snowmobile, and be advantageous in the following ways:

  • Pick-Up: You get least bothered about delivering the snowmobile to us. We have made it easier by providing the same day pick-up facility. If you are in the vicinity right now get in touch with us and witness our quick service yourself.
  • Payment: Getting rid of your snowmobile will get you immediate cash in your hand which you can utilize later. We pay you the same day of our final deal. When our qualified team member reaches you to tow away your snowmobile, you receive cash instantly. You need not wait to get the amount days after you have given away your snowmobile.
  • No Towing Cost: You are more relaxed when you don’t have to spare your money in getting your snowmobile towed away by us. We have our own towing trucks that carry out this task.
  • Best Value: We are interested in buying your junk, damaged or wrecked snowmobile and offer you the best cash value. We give you a free estimate for your snowmobile and then you make the best decision.

With years of our established business in buying all kinds of running and non-running snowmobiles, we built for us a loyal customer base. Your snowmobile which helped you through tough winter times has still something to offer you. You can easily make money by selling it to us.

We are into buying all kinds of bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, Jet Skies, and Wave runner in any condition. We are into this practice for the last 25 years with 350 offices all over the USA. The Bike Buyers are your ultimate destination to sell your junk snowmobiles. Contact us today to find the best deal for your snowmobile.

Tips on Selling Your Dirt Bike

In the summer months, most riders will back down from their dirt bike – primarily due to the heat and racing throughout the year. It’s also the perfect time to ponder over questions like, “how to sell my bike or what is the best way to sell my dirt bike?”

By keeping a bike for only a year you will minimize the gap it will cost you to purchase a new one, too, so if you can, it’s not a bad option.

Majority of racers aim to sell their bikes over at the end of every season. The sole reason being that they can start the following year afresh with a new dirt bike that incorporates the latest equipment and technology.

In reality, selling your bike can be hard. Most people struggle to sell their bike for the money that they are after. If you do the hard work of placing an ad for your used or damaged bike, chances are that there are others who have posted a similar ad and are asking the same price; which makes it hard to stand out from the crowd.

Graphics of your used bike

Looks are by far the biggest factor when you try to sell your bike and graphics will make up a major part of that. Before selling your bike you shouldn’t spend a hefty amount of money on your graphics. If your graphics are mostly intact, use a pad and some contact cleaner to remove off any marks. Carefully trim off any worn edges that may be peeled with a Stanley knife. A slightly trimmed graphics will look nicer than one that’s peeling off. You may have to find the cheapest kit available to throw on before the sale that is if your graphics are really bad.

Grips on your bike

Something that should always be done due to its ease and cheapness is changing the grips before you sell your bike. You can have a bike that’s all clean and looks nice but with a set of old grips, it would look older than it really is. A fresh set of grips that cost about 15 dollars will really add to your bike’s appeal.

Air Filter

Make sure you clean your air filter and airbox before you sell your bike. This is something that could potentially save you from future hassles.


Just like the air filter, make sure to change the oil before you decide to put in on the market. On a four-stroke, throw a new oil filter in there, too. Not only are you doing the right thing but these are all great things to mention in your ad or when you’re conversing with a potential buyer. The majority of riders looking for a second-hand bike will also appreciate the fact they can ride for a while before they need to take it to the mechanic for servicing.


If your bike tires are brand new they should be at least useable. This is one thing that a potential buyer will look at before setting its value.

Chain & Sprockets

This is something that can really change the perception of the state your bike is in. One ride in some sand or mud and your chain and sprockets can make your bike look like it’s done ten times more work than it really has. If they’re really bad, find a cheap new chain and sprocket combo which can be put on; it may be the difference that influences the buyer to your bike rather than one that has an old rusted chain.

Shine it up

Once it’s ready to go, the last thing to do is hit it with a silicone spray product like Shine & Go. It will freshen everything up and while giving it a nice touch. We should always spray the bike then wipe it down with a clean rag — that way it removes of any excess spray and gets rid of the real greasy look.

You are more than likely going to need some photos of your bike to sell it, so take some time to get some good ones. Place your bike in front of a plain background and try having a good natural light on it. Don’t try to hide anything in the photos because the buyer will eventually see it. The better the photos, the more appealing your bike will look. Take a couple of detail shots, too — the more you can upload to show people the better.

Selling Location

Your address should be private at all times. Your best bet when selling a bike is to meet the potential buyer at a neutral location. Take a friend with you and don’t let the purchaser take the bike for a test ride.
We don’t recommend handing out your address — way too many bikes get stolen the night after someone’s come to look at a bike.


This is always a little tricky. You don’t want to make the buyer sound like a criminal but you need to make sure you get the funds for your bike. Cash or a bank transfer is the best bet if it’s possible. Be wary of cheques, as they can be forged and leave you with nothing.


If you want a quick sale that is to earn fast cash for your used bike, set your bike’s price two to three hundred dollars lower than others that are similar. Hopefully, that will catch the attention of buyers and then the rest of your preparations we’ve mentioned will seal the deal.

If you are looking to sell your bike for cash, it will be worthwhile to check out as they buy all kinds of used bikes whether they are used and/or damaged. The Bike Buyers provide fast cash for used motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATV etc.

Sell My Motorcycle for cash: Is It A Good Option?

Wrecked Bike

Most of us find it so painful to part ways with the things that we love. But sometimes, it can be the only thing to do. That’s so true when it comes to that old wrecked motorbike. However, Motorbike enthusiasts find it difficult to ever have that thought of should I “sell my motorcycle,” let alone auctioning it.

If it’s a troublesome motorcycle, selling it makes sense. If you are still feeling skeptical, here are a few reasons why selling that scooter, moped or motorcycle is the best move you can ever make.

You barely use your wrecked bikes on the road

Cash for Junk Motorcycles

A true motorbike aficionado knows the distress of having their bikes in the garage for a long time. The reason for this could be the cold weather, a tight schedule or simply a costly repair. Keeping it for a long time in the garage may probably not help at all as the engine could have frozen after being stored for such a long time. Therefore, “sell my motorcycle” sounds like the better option.

Saving for that getaway trip

If thinking about getting away from the hustle of city life, perhaps a holiday trip far away is a good idea. Early planning goes a long way to making it successful. You can start saving by selling all those unwanted items in your house. If you have that old motorbike or simply a rarely used motorcycle, it can add some money to your holiday spending money.

Clearing a debt off by selling a motorcycle

Debts are almost unavoidable. And using the income that you had budgeted to pay off a debt can ruin your entire budget for that month. Instead, if you have that bike which you never use or is simply too old to be revived, you can sell it and use the funds to clear your debt. The thought process to “sell my motorcycle” is one of the best solutions to clearing your debt.

An enlarged family

Back in the days when it was just yourself and your partner, it was easy to carry them on the back of your motorbike while heading out to work. But if your family has expanded, then it is not practical. You have kids that need to be dropped off to the school gate, you may also have to drop your partner at work etc. It may be time to upgrade to a family a car instead. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. A used one in good condition can as serve the purpose. Sell your bike and use the money to get yourself a car.

Embrace a safer option by

Riding your bike can be more fun, but also poses a great threat of sustaining serious injuries if involved in a minor accident. It can be as a result of a careless mistake of other road users but no one can deny that bikers are more vulnerable than car users. Therefore, you may opt to sell it and get yourself a car instead.

There are plenty of other reasons you may opt for, but the “sell my motorcycle for cash” option is the most suitable remedy.

The ultimate solution

If you are ready to sell your bike, you need not struggle to find a buyer. The Bike Buyers offers the best and simplest platform to sell your bike with ease. Regardless of the make, model or age, you can get an instant quote right away!

You don’t have to do anything either. Simply fill the simple form at with the make, model and your postal address. You will receive an estimate right away and you could have the cash in your bank account that day. The Bike buyers will come to your place and pick your bike.

Start the “sell my motorcycle” process right now and get an instant quote and cash within minutes!

Bike Damaged in a Crash? Here’s What you can Do

Wrecked Bike

Nothing beats the feeling of riding your motorcycle on the open road. But in spite of your best plans, the road may still have traffic – or other hazards that cause your bike to crash; some situation could arise where all your skills can’t prevent an accident. There’s no need to panic if you do have an accident. You just have to know what to do. Follow these tips and you should be ok:

  • Check yourself. Check for obvious signs of injury, bleeding, fractures and so on. See if your helmet is in place. Whether you are hurt or not, make sure to get off the road. If you’re unable to stand up, ask a passerby to help you. If you have anyone with you, see if they are ok as well.
  • Call for help – whether it’s 911, friends or family – don’t delay that call. Don’t panic – stay calm till help arrives.
  • If you’re relatively unhurt try to assess the damage to your bike. If it’s bad, don’t panic thinking how will I even sell my bike now? Relax. Take as many pictures as you can from different angles. Usually, photos taken with Smartphones contain metadata and GPS coordinates of the photo’s location. This will be useful later on so that you can locate the exact spot later if required.
  • If you were involved in a collision with another vehicle, get their complete contact information. Check the phone number they give you by calling it immediately. This is especially important if you are not in your hometown or state.
  • If there are people around who actually saw the whole thing happening, take down their contact info and their statements – it may come in handy later.
  • Immediately call your insurance provider as well. Whether or not you may need them to pay the other party may be found at fault) make sure you inform them of the crash.
  • If you don’t already have one, get yourself a motorcycle lawyer as soon as you can. This way, even if the matter gets dragged to the court, you have a lawyer who is familiar with the intricacies of the case representing you.
  • Even if you feel that you were at fault, do NOT, under any circumstances, admit it to anyone; remember you are not legally required to do so.

Of course, it goes without saying, that if you get injured you need to follow the doctor’s orders completely.

If your bike is completely damaged in the crash, you can sell it to companies who buy scrap motorcycles; you will get a much better price than if you take it apart and sell the parts individually. We buy bikes regardless of the condition they are in; call on 877-751-8019 now to know more!

Prevent Damage to Your Bike in a Crash with Frame Sliders

If you’ve ever crashed your bike you know that it does not come cheap! With some sports bikes, just tipping them over in your garage may be enough to total them; of course, if this happens, you can always sell your motorcycle for cash and minimize your financial loss. So you need to give your bike some extra TLC to make sure that does not happen.

Riding a motorcycle is actually, physics. Momentum is made of speed and the mass of the moving object. When there is a collision, the change in momentum is measured to show how much force acts on the moving object – in this case you and/or your bike – to determine the extent of damage. Collision force = Change in Momentum/duration of the collision.

What is a frame slider?

While there are different designs of frame sliders, cylindrical ones are most common, and are usually made of hard plastic, nylon or aluminum. Ideally, they are mounted at the firmest part of your motorcycle chassis – usually, where the frame and engine meet.

How does a frame slider help?

A frame slider delays the time needed for the collision to complete and spreads out the impact force by allowing the bike to kind of slide to a stop, seemingly as in slow motion. This has two advantages: it lowers the force of the impact, and it reduces the total force your bike absorbs in a few important ways. Since the sliders are firmly attached to your bike’s frame or engine block, they protrude outwards and take the first hit in the event of the bike falling.

Frame sliders are especially useful when you’re riding the bike at low to medium speeds, or if it gets knocked over accidentally when stationary. Though it may not provide a great deal of security when riding at high speeds, it will still provide some kind of protection.

Of course, there’s always the chance that in spite of this protection, your bike gets badly damaged in a crash. In such a case you can still make some money from your bike.

At The Bike Buyers, we buy motorcycles in any condition – even if it’s not in a working condition. If you’ve got a bike that’s junk now, just give us a call at 877-751-8019. We will take a look at it, quote you a price and pick it up too!

Awesome Tips for Off-road Riding

Now You Can Make Money off your Damaged Bike – Here’s How

If you own a motorbike, it is quite likely that one point in time, you will have to face the situation of what to do with your bike since it is damaged. It need not be your fault; however, it is a machine, and after years of use, it’s inevitable that it stops being of use. You may be able to fix it, but it may need you to invest too much money, and it may not be worth it in the long run. While you may think that it is just a piece of junk now, you will be surprised to know that you can still make money off it or put it to some good use.

Motorcycles to Buy

Motorcycles to buy is very common question ask by the sellers. We are providing the best cash for your motorcycle. If you are going to sell your motorcycle for cash then the bike buyers is the right place where you can get the real worth of your motorcycle. We buy motorcycles for cash and also provide same day motorcycle removal service.

Cash for ATVs

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you can also say quad, quad bike, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler. Many companies these days buying and selling Atvs for cash. You just have to contact them for make a deal. You have to just search these websites through the internet. Hundreds of result will be in front of you. Chose one of them which suit you according to situation.

Sell My Harley for Cash

Harley Davidson bikes are much loved by their owners; they are big and shiny and they make riders feel like superstars in movies! But there are times when said owners will want to get rid of their bikes; maybe they want comfier bikes or their achy old bones just cannot handle Harleys anymore.